Where Gun Rights Advocacy Needs To Go Now That NRATV is No More


NRA Shutdown Production of NRATV Programs
NRA Shutdown Production of NRATV Programs

Fayetteville, AR – -(AmmoLand.com)- The NRA has decided to stop production of new content on NRATV, and while shows prior episodes will supposedly remain available, the link, www.nratv.com/series, only leads to the NRA’s main page. This is the outgrowth of fights within the NRA and between that organization and Ackerman McQueen, an advertising agency that ran the NRA’s channel.

I have from time to time I have had words to say about what is going on with the NRA, and I am not alone in noticing. When one of the hosts, Dana Loesch, aims at the children’s television program, Thomas & Friends, for including a train from Kenya—how can there be diversity among trains that have no ethnicities, she asks—things have strayed a bit off the topic of promoting gun rights.

Now I am understanding of efforts to tie the Second Amendment together with other subjects, since gun ownership is not the only thing that we gun owners do, and exercising gun rights does invite a comprehensive mindset of independence of thought and suspicion of people who would call themselves our betters. It is true that not every gun owner sees things in this manner, but it is a way of thinking that once adopted tends to spill over into other areas of life beyond our personal armories. But anyone who’s read my articles will not be surprised to see me write here that attacks on a kid’s show for its effort at diversity is counterproductive to what should be the primary purpose of something like NRATV, namely bringing in new supporters of gun rights.

The way forward ought to be obvious. For one thing, if videos on YouTube are any guide, producing reasonably professional content is not so expensive. Certainly not the millions that NRA was spending with Ack-Mac.

And while that particular site has had a tense relationship with channels that talk favorably about guns, Full30.com exists among others as an alternative. And YouTube still has good programming in support of the Second Amendment, through promoting the selling of relevant products or showing viewers how to make their own is out of bounds, according to the community guidelines, as vague as they can be. But if we want to reach people who are not traditional gun owners, we have to go where they are.

More than that—and on the theory that a broken record is right in at least two articles, or some such saying—as I’ve said before, we need to be doing the opposite of attacking diversity, whether in trains or human categories. We need people across the political, sexual, and gender spectra. We need people without regard to who their ancestors are. We need young people. And we’re not going to gain supporters of gun rights across the demographics if we maintain the attitude that gun ownership is for white men who also buy collectible coins and a particular set of herbal supplements—the impression I get by reading the advertising in gun magazines.

I see comments here and elsewhere that imply when they don’t state explicitly, that we don’t need liberals, gays, Arabs, and the like in the gun community. Given the political and demographic realities of America, I can’t imagine believing that we can afford to write off any group. And I don’t accept the hopelessness found in claims that we can’t win over new people to solid support of gun rights. If NRATV is to be replaced—and it needs to be—a new inclusive vision is a way to go.

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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So, the writer is advocating acceptance and support of anyone and anything so long as we can advance gun ownership, and/or support of the 2nd Amendment? The ends justify the means in other words. I couldn’t DISAGREE more. The subject here seems to be that we should do anything, no boundaries, no limits and no consequences in order to achieve the goal. What is missing in the article, as with so much in todays’ U.S.A., are principles. The author is suggesting that we should overlook, ignore or just forget about principles. Those listed as his target groups to “recruit” (liberals… Read more »

Chip Saunders

Taking the author’s comments on the gun community’s lack of diversity;…as a life-long native of Arizona, who’s family was established here before statehood, I have from my living in close proximity to the Mexican ancestry community been saying for decades that the NRA and the 2nd Amendment family of activists has been foolishly ignoring the natural allies that recent legal immigrants COULD and SHOULD be. In a nutshell, my argument is that there is no class of citizens who ought to naturally understand better than anyone else how central to freedom ownership of firearms is than those who have come… Read more »


Very well said.

Michael J

Gun Owners of America TV.

john k

The operative word is- ‘Merica. Choosing a different label to cause division is the problem. No one cares what you eat or wear or who you sleep with (as long as it’s not animals or children). What people DO care about is being FORCED to comply with or pay for things they disagree with, particularly when it compromises their (and their nation’s) safety, solvency, security and solvency. Folks confuse license and liberty. It’s about showing respect for America’s foundational principles and her people’s traditions. All else fails the sniff test.

rich z

Just look at the history of Europe & the USSR . We surely are headed in that direction .

n r ringlee

We must get away from the false dichotomy of Republican/Democrat, Left/Right in this country. I say this is a false dichotomy and have said so for 45 years for one simple reason. We have two progressive parties in America. One is a pre-New Deal progressive party and the other, the democrats, have morphed in to a New Left, neo-marxist party. But both deny our principles of founding: individual liberty. Individual liberty is the stated purpose of our nation and not bllod and soil, a particular faith or any specific ideological group. We are a nation based upon an idea and… Read more »

Bruce Dzamba

The gun-haters love people like you who suggest leaving the NRA!

Ej harbet

The nra isn’t a god protecting our constitution, its a currently crippled organization run by a pack of crooks.
Here and there it pays lip service to the 2nd amendment, since it is run by crooks it will be shut down by its chartered
State of new york and everything we invested in it will be taken,for this i blame wayne la Pierre and his cronies and sincerely hope they serve time for their crimes

Ej harbet

Couldn’t agree more sir! Promoting and defending constitutional liberty makes me a man of no party.

Dan Fryling

The 2nd amendment is absolutely the right of all Americans and that should always be the message. The NRA needs to get completely back on track and promote just that.

Bruce Dzamba

You mean they aren’t? How do you figure?


I feel like I have expressed this same idea until I’m blue in the face. Good article with a poignant message. The line between left and right is not so clear, both sides confuse the “peoples rights” the working class not the ruling class. Both sides are fighting for what they believe are the peoples rights, but are at the same time greatly influenced by the ruling classes’ manipulation. The ruling class have raveled up their issues on both red and blue sides The 2nd is the working classes power to over throw the ruling class.The people forget why they… Read more »


Nice article. We MUST get away from the notion that the 2nd Amendment is a conservative and or Republican value. People from the LGBT community for example are being increasingly welcome in the 2A community and that is a perfect example of how gun rights can grow. Now understand that most LGBT rights organizations are liberal and increasingly taking on other issues like immigration and abortion on the liberal side, let’s not be like them as it alienates. Understand the fact that many individuals that happen to be LGBT are not spoken for and should not be defined by the… Read more »