An Open Letter To The GOP On Gun Control


Protest Speak Out Shout Activist Gun Ban Assault Weapon iStock-468765816
Protest Speak Out Shout Activist Gun Ban Assault Weapon iStock-468765816

USA – -( Dears Senator/Representative:

Every time a tragedy happens, you steal a slice of our rights. A silver here, a shaving there. The result is always the same. We lose our rights for meaningless laws that will not make anyone safer or criminals less dangerous. You sell our right as a PR stunt to win votes.

Fine, we all accept that sometimes that needs to happen. But how about you include OUR needs and wants as part of your bipartisan compromise. How about us (The 120,000,000 American gun owners) get our needs addressed. How about we cut a deal?

Background Checks: Sure on all sales of new or used firearms. But we want national insta-check. We want what you originally promised us. That at any gun store or police station, we can walk-in and clear the transfer in 10 minutes. You can still give a gun to a family member or lend a gun to a friend for a day’s  shooting. If we do this, we want an end to waiting periods too.

You want Red Flag: We agree, but there MUST be safeguards. Phony claims must be prosecuted; guns confiscated for legitamte claims may be held no more than 60 days. The purpose of Red Flag is to keep people safe not to punish gun owners. In that 60 day period, you’ll have time for a proper hearing. Penalize any State that exceeds these limits with real consequences.

We want CCW reciprocity. Complete a 16-hour course (The new NRA CCW course will do thank you), and you can carry anywhere in the country.

Declare all AR variants firearms ”in common use.” Better yet simply define in common use as any firearms with 1 million or more in use. End waiting period for firearms.

Any illegal alien who tries to buy a firearm should be jailed and then deported.

So – Stop selling us down the river with the assumption we’ll always be there for you, we won’t. We did not come out for Bush 41, McCain or Romney. Sell us out and well stay home in November 2020.

Got it? Give back some rights and protections for those that you bargain away.

Gun control is about scaring suburban women into voting for democrats. Renovation of the gun laws is about modernizing how guns are managed in our country.

Don McDougall

After thoughts:

I know some of you will say no compromise, no surrender. The fact is we can do two things. Get a balance of things we want or lose it all. You blast the NRA when they build compromises, but there is a simple fact. We can get more than we give. We might with this battle, but unless we forge some common ground, we will lose the war. We need more youth shooting, more support for The Friends of the NRA. We need more high school programs and college scholarships. We need to teach the 2A to the next generation.

Right now Wayne LaPierre is the “Mad King” dismantling the NRA so to cling to power while our rights burn. (I had a Nero comparison but went with G.O.T. instead.) We’re on our own. This will be Wayne’s legacy, as the man who sold out American gun owners for his own wealth. He will burn in hell for what he’s doing. I am comforted by the knowledge that in the end, we are all dust.

Here is the site to be able to e-mail your representative, you can use the letter above as a model or write your own. Be polite and professional. At the end of the day, we have the constitution and the people on our side. Do not let cowards give away our rights. To do that, YOU personally must get active. God bless you and god protect our republic.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Don, Don, Don…How can you say the *Republicans* are shaving away at our rights when your own argument cedes to gun control? “Only” 60 days for confiscation? How about if when I file an ERPO, we “only” lock up the person subject to the order for 60 days? Would you buy off on that? *Any* suspension of rights relying on ex parte hearings in which the defendant doesn’t even know it is occurring much less get a chance to defend himself in court is an unconstitutional violation of due process under the Fifth Amendment. And you propose making “universal background… Read more »


Up until this column, I thought perhaps Don was on our side.
Now it appears he agrees with Harold.
We would all be better served if he and Harold were reaching out to the anti-gun people and urging them to compromise.
We are being forced into a corner.
The left have told us for a long time-” No means No”.
Now they do not see our” No” as having meaning.
Could that be because of voices “on our side” are calling for more compromise ?


Don, as others have noted, we’ve compromised enough. Look up Lawdog’s explanation of how we started out with a large, beautiful, luscious cake, and compromised it away, one half at time (1/2, 1/4/ 1/8…) never getting anything in return, until now all we have is a plate of crumbs and a few smears of icing. Now it’s the other side’s turn to compromise. Article I, Section 8, Clause 16: Congress is delegated the power to ” To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia”. I propose a federally funded high school militia course, explaining the history, philosophy, and law… Read more »


Donald, I need your and Harold Hutchison’s mailing addresses so I can ship you both a case of condoms so you can go f*** yourselves. Then I’m going to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to confiscate all electronic devices that give you access to the internet and then ship you two the f*** out of our country!

Henry Bowman

“I know some of you will say no compromise, no surrender. The fact is we can do two things. Get a balance of things we want or lose it all. ”

So give away our rights, or lose them…..Wow, no wonder Conservatives are seen as losers, when you accept the premise of the enemy you always lose.

How about we fight to restore our rights and start by not listening to surrender cucks like you…


Now hold on a minute who in the hell said McDougalls’ of conservative?

Chris Mallory

Of course he is a “conservative”. Conservatives are the most useless people to walk the planet. What have they conserved? The border? The national demographics that made America great? The Boy Scouts? Our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th 8th, 9th and 10th Amendment rights? Marriage? The “conservatives” could not even conserve the Lady’s Room. About the only things the “conservatives” seem interested in conserving are the profits of defense contractors and the welfare gravy train hauling American tax money to Israel.

Henry Bowman



I hate to agree with the compromise you are talking about and if we got everything you outlined and including some version of the Hearing Protection Act removing all SUPPRESSORS and SBR’s from the NFA and make the purchase no different than buying a gun using the New Background Check system you outlined!!! If we have to make a public deal on Background checks or Red Flag Laws (including jail for false claims) it would be worth it!!!!



Go find another country to live in that will put up with your pansy-assed bullshit!


Don, I appreciate the thoughts but I think the Marxists have worn you down. They are good at wearing people down and creating confusion. The Framers were smart enough to keep the statements of the Bill of Rights very simple and direct to maintain a clear boundary. Now the boundary is being diffused through deceit and manipulation. It’s all a part of their Marxist tactics. Study history and their tactics taught by their leaders and founders especially Lenin, Gramsci and Alinsky. They aren’t compromising at all except in the verbal presentations where it is a feint to take another inch… Read more »


Just read George Orwell’s – ‘Animal Farm’ or H.G. Well’s – ‘The Time Machine’?


@USA The 2A isn’t gun control, its government control.


Don, you have rattled our cages before with talk of the great NRA and everyone told you what they thought of that. Now you are trying to soft sell us into giving rights away to Red flag and eventual registration. I feel you do belong with the NRA and LaPiere because you think the same. What you have written is your opinion, only. If you approach any political party with the “we” side of your surrender then it may be taken as all gun owners approve and, if you read the comments here, you will know that the “we ”… Read more »


AGAIN, we see a person who believes the government is master. Rather than do his Constitutional Duty, he pleads with the tyrannical government for relief from the unconstitutional gun control laws. ALL GUN CONTROL LAWS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Americans kneel and lick the hand of the tyrant every time they obey these unconstitutional ‘gun control laws’. Kneel and obey, slave! The COWARDICE of the American People is why we have illegal aliens invading the U.S. and voting in our elections. Why we have unconstitutional ‘gun control laws’. Why we have communist and muslim anti-America activists in our country and our government.… Read more »


Hey Don, Nice giveaways, but what are we really getting in return? Zilch, nadona, 0. We already have background checks and the failure rate is atrocious. How about NICS sends out a prohibited list to gun dealers. If you’re on the list, you don’t buy. If you’re not on the list, you buy and get your gun right away. Simple and easy. “Red Flag” laws are by their nature unconstitutional. There can be no safeguards when the initial premise is we take what is yours and you prove we’re wrong. Besides, they don’t seem to work. The US Supreme Court… Read more »

Chris Mallory

Who makes your list? How do you find out if you are on it? How do you get off of it? I don’t see any mention of “lists” in the 2nd Amendment.