Adaptive Tactical Solutions Launches the Freedom Follower AR-15 Auto Mag Release

Adaptive Tactical Solutions Freedom Follower AR-15 Auto Mag Release
Adaptive Tactical Solutions Freedom Follower AR-15 Auto Mag Release

San Diego, CA – -( Adaptive Tactical Solutions, Inc. has just released their new patent pending Freedom Follower, AR-15 automatic magazine release system (on last round fired) which comes in both non-restricted capacity configuration for 30 round body magazines, and restricted capacity for 10 round body magazines.

Adaptive Tactical Solutions Freedom Follower AR-15 Auto Mag Release

The Freedom Follower is designed to operate seamlessly in your Gen, 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 Magpul magazines for use in your mil-spec AR-15 rifle. The system includes the Freedom Follower, proprietary ambidextrous magazine release and modified timing bolt catch.

Through years of testing Freedom Follower achieves auto magazine release by actuating our proprietary ambidextrous magazine release when the magazine runs dry. A spring-loaded button exposes itself at the moment the magazine is empty actuating the proprietary magazine release automatically dropping the magazine for you. This timing is precise, the moment the magazine begins to leave the magwell it still has the job of locking your bolt back. We have designed that seamless timing into the Freedom Follower system to retain full function of your mil-spec AR-15, with no permanent modifications to either your rifle or your magazines.

Many customers, including competition shooters, training instructors, and law enforcement have already benefited from testing the Freedom Follower. Many law enforcement organizations and competition shooters have recently expressed heavy interest in Freedom Follower as the product will enable them to more aggressively engage their rifle platforms as it frees them from having to manually eject mags.

Below are Video links to the Adaptive Tactical Solutions Freedom Follower in action:

Freedom Follower is an innovative product driven by the need of many whom desire expedient magazine changes. Freedom Follower is available for immediate purchase at

Adaptive Tactical Solutions

Adaptive Tactical Solutions, Inc. and Freedom Follower are registered trademarks of Adaptive Tactical Solutions, Inc.

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I can see use for this for competitive shoot but that’s about it. Train the way you fight muscle memory! Love to see a person who has been using these mags for years then they get there hand on a regular magazines as that last round goes off and the bolt holds open and they wait for there magazine to fall and it never does.


You are right. There should be a warning on them that they are not to be used by Marines. I would also say former Marines; but, we all know that those creatures do not exist.


Don’t worry. The Anti-Gun Nuts will soon start screaming that this accessory will just make it easier to perform mass murders. Just like they did when they discovered the bump-stock existed. They’ll demand that it be banned.

American Patriot

Just don’t mention the Binary triggers…..& don’t use the supplied plate.

Operator Z

Cool idea but I like to train as I would fight. Imagine picking up a different gun and wondering why your empty mag doesn’t pop out on its own. I’ll stick with the old mag release button.


No thanks —–>


So they developed a device that throws your gear away for you. How could anyone possibly want such a thing? In the Marines, they taught us to retain our mags. I carried a pouch on my gear with the specific, express purpose of dumping my spent mags in it. There was no other use for that pouch. And now someone wants me to pay money for a device that makes magazine retention an impossibility. They want me to take money that could be spent on ammo, or beer, or other things that I like, and give it to them in… Read more »


Here’s a novel idea: just pick em back up after the smoke clears.


You understand that more than half the country is not in the military right? There are plenty of people at the competition level and 3 gun that this matters to. Also if you’re defending your home your magazines will be waiting for you at the end of the fight should you win the battle.


Take that you California kunts!!

Boris Badenov

Did I miss where it said that there is no way to drop the mag with the mag release? Because if that is the case we can raise the middle finger to the Kommies in Sack-0-Tomatoes.


That is interesting.


The only interesting thing is that they think anyone will be dumb enough to buy this. It’s very literally a device that throws your gear away. It’s something that can make your rifle work less well, and even if it works optimally, it offers zero benefit while getting rid of equipment that you will definitely want later. In the Marine Corps, they teach you magazine retention. Don’t just toss your spent mags out, because you’re going to need them again later. Now, I’m not really up to date on the latest theories from the mall ninja community, but whatever those… Read more »


Marines operate on a different level than Civilians. what you have in the field stays with you on the battlefield thus your need to retain it. At a timed competition where seconds matter this is not the case. Magazines get dumped all the time at the shooting range to be picked up later. You’re not losing anything nor throwing them away for any reason.


You reinforce the experience I had with a couple of squads of Marines during AIT at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama circa 1973. Thanks for the memories. LOL.

Matt in Oklahoma

You know how to tell who’s a marine?
You don’t they tell you
Over and over and over ….


You can tell who was not a Marine also!,

Matt in Oklahoma

Because there are two names on the birth certificate?



Matt in Oklahoma

Your mission is way different from others marine.
Gunfights aren’t all the same either.