Britt Longoria Named Blaser USA Diplomat

Britt Longoria Named Blaser USA Diplomat
Britt Longoria Named Blaser USA Diplomat

USA – -( Britt Longoria has been named the first Blaser USA Diplomat; Blaser’s new ambassador program, named after the first gun produced by Horst Blaser in 1957.

Storyteller, adventurer, entrepreneur, conservationist, philanthropist and hunting advocate, Britt Longoria exemplifies the passion and innovation that are among the principles of Blaser USA.

As a lifelong sportswoman, Britt has harvested 26 species of game birds and over 130 species of big game on six continents. In addition to being an SCl Record Book holder, Britt trains bird dogs, has her pilot’s license, owns and operates Rock Environmental, an international nonprofit and development consulting firm, and Hawkhurst South her luxury shawl company. Britt currently serves as the Executive Director of Trinity Oaks, an outdoor nonprofit based in San Antonio, Texas

Be sure to keep an eye on Blaser USA’s social media pages to follow Britt’s latest adventures with her R8 Ultimate!

Instagram: @blaser_usa & @brittlongoria

Britt Longoria
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Well, she very pretty, and intelligent( as she has a rifle over her shoulder!,glad to see someone at least close to our way of thinking getting that position. OT: I am tired of hearing NRA members, and other 2A supporters saying they believe in the right, but they do not think Americans NEED, or should have AR’ or AK’s, boneheads!. I may not like WHAT you own, does that mean YOU don’t need it?.(Look at VA and what’s going on there, and say that stupid mantra. We are in this together if we win it’s together, it we lose it’s… Read more »

late for supper

You can hate my weapon and I can hate yours and we can still get along with the disagreement. Welcome.