No Policy Is Too Extreme For Radical Progressives If It Serves Their Agenda

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Nearly 900 city inmates may be freed even before bail-reform law takes effect. New York Post
Nearly 900 city inmates may be freed even before bail-reform law takes effect. New York Post

New York – -( Just how far is the radical Left willing to go to carry out their vision for a new America? Well, let’s consider how far one Leftist, namely, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, is willing to go. The Wall Street Journal provides us with an inkling, reporting on May 28, 2019:

“More teens accused of serious felonies will be released from jail without bail under New York City’s latest push to limit incarceration, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday.

The new policy, which begins June 1, would affect hundreds of teens accused of serious crimes like assault, robbery and burglary, allowing them to be eligible for release without bail, while they await adjudication of their case.”

Releasing dangerous people, charged with serious crimes, on the street, and, at once, hamstringing the police will hardly make the City safer.

And doing away with bail altogether serves only to worsen the situation. Doing so is foolhardy and takes the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, which cautions that bail cannot be excessive, too far. The Eighth Amendment mandates only that the bail amount set must be commensurate with the crime. But there is nothing in the Eighth Amendment to suggest that the imposition of bail is inconsistent with due process in criminal proceedings.

The Eighth Amendment sets forth:

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Obviously, bail has a basis in criminal law and procedure. It isn’t a mere legal nicety. It has a place in our criminal justice system to ensure the accused will appear for trial. A dollar amount set by the Court reflects the seriousness of the crime charged against the accused. If the accused does not have funds on hand to meet bail, the accused has recourse to bail bondsmen.

But Leftist activists like de Blasio have an agenda and that agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with safeguarding our citizenry and preserving both a free Republic and the Constitution. The Leftist agenda has everything to do with tearing down our free Republic and rewriting the Constitution to cohere to the Collectivist tenets of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism—tenets at odds with those of Individualism upon which our Constitution, the blueprint of our Republic, rests.

Recently, the New York Post reported:

Nearly 900 city jailbirds could be celebrating Christmas early courtesy of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a plan to quietly free them before the state’s bail-reform law goes into effect next year, The Post has learned.

And if that weren’t enough of a gift, Mayor Bill de Blasio is promising to follow up with even more presents for the lucky accused criminals — by giving them free baseball tickets, movie passes and gift cards to encourage them to return to court, sources familiar with the program said.

‘You’re literally rewarding them for committing a crime,’ said a disgusted senior staffer in Manhattan Criminal Court.

The proposed early jail release is tied to a law that Cuomo signed in the spring to eliminate bail for defendants charged with an array of misdemeanor and felony crimes.

The more than 400 offenses include such heinous acts as criminally negligent homicide, aggravated assault on a child under 11 and selling drugs on or near school grounds, according to a memo being circulated by prosecutors across the state and obtained by The Post.

The law goes into effect Jan. 1 but it will be retroactive — meaning inmates who are already locked up on such cases can apply to have their bail lifted and to be freed.

In the Big Apple, court officials estimate that 880 prisoners — about 16 percent of all pretrial detainees housed by the Department of Correction — will be eligible for the get-out-of-jail-free cards.”

A Person Accused Of Crime Already Has A Full Panoply Of Protections But De Blasio And Cuomo Do Not See This As Enough

Substantive and substantial legal Constitutional and Procedural safeguards and protections exist to protect the rights of the criminal accused at trial. We don’t need more. This would only serve to endanger the public.

First, common law crime no longer exists in our Country. No conduct is illegal unless such conduct is set forth statutorily, in our State and Federal Criminal Codes. The elements of each crime are set forth clearly and unambiguously. To support a conviction, the prosecution must prove each element of a crime.

Second, the accused enjoys substantial procedural safeguards under extensive State and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Third, and most critically, the U.S. Constitution accords the accused a full panoply of substantive, fundamental, natural rights. Under the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments of the Bill of Rights, along with rights laid out in the Fourteenth Amendment, the accused has substantially more legal protections than those accorded the accused in any other Nation.

Regardless, Radical left activists continue to malign our Constitution and our system of laws, contending that those charged with crimes don’t have enough legal protection. That notion is patently false; even ridiculous. But, why does the Radical Left constantly go on about the presumed inequities and iniquities of our criminal justice system? Is it that they truly care about what befalls serial criminals or do the motivations of Leftist activists lie elsewhere?

Why Does The Radical Left Continue To Promote The Welfare Of Criminals Over The Safety And Security Of The Polity?

Radical Left groups and politicians, along with a seditious Press, foment societal confusion, dissension, and unrest. They encourage disrespect for our Constitution, our laws, our social and political institutions, our culture, our history, our core ethical Judeo-Christian values, and our national identity.

Through a caustic, diabolically planned and orchestrated agenda, they seek to induce mass hysteria and rend the very soul and psyche of the Nation, thereby disrupting societal cohesion and creating societal instability. Thus, the polity becomes soft, malleable; and open to a completely new vision of reality: The Collectivists’ vision; a vision that entails the end of our Nation-State; the end of our fundamental, natural rights and liberties; and the insertion of the tatters that remain of our Nation into a new transnational political, social, economic, and cultural system of governance where the polity sees itself subject to abject penury and misery, subjugation and harassment, and under constant surveillance.

Leftists, swift to promote social justice for the criminal class, in their zeal to tear down the social order and to rebuild it in accordance with the tenets of Collectivism, the criminal class becomes a useful tool to accomplish their goals, and, so, dismiss the safety and welfare of the law-abiding citizenry.

Thus, do Leftists show their disdain for the welfare of human beings, as they, one, release upon the citizenry, a plague of criminals, free to disrupt and harm; two, constrain the police, making it difficult for them to promote the public welfare; and, three, dispossess average, law-abiding, responsible, rational Americans of their firearms, leaving them defenseless in the face of the criminal element now given carté blanche to run amok in society. This, then, is a major component of the Leftist plan for the re-ordering of society.

Would these Leftist policies establish a Socialist or Communist Utopia? If so, what might that Utopia look like? Do you really want to know? Peer down at Cities like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Do you like what you see? If so, you will be most happy to know this is what the Radical Left has in store for the entire Nation.

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Will Flatt

Yet more proof leftists are the domestic enemy of America. There is no aspect of America they’re not willing to destroy. They wage war on our domestic tranquility and love turning predators loose on Americans. The only answer is to physically remove ALL leftists from the country. They’re pure cancer!!

“There can be no tolerance toward democrats and communists in a libertarian social order.” – Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Austrian economist & author

Chris Mallory

Yet it is the “conservative” Mr. Katz who wants to give the government more power to abuse citizens.


Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man. LOL!

Wild Bill

@RD, Apparently “… certain things have come to light, man…” An excellent movie!

Will Flatt

Yet you side with the commiecrats and suggest that turning criminals loose, knowing that they are two-legged predators who cannot be left to prey against innocents, is somehow moral and just. Thanks for letting us know you’re an enemy of We The People.


@WB – I think the point is that our bail system is seriously flawed to the point of immorality. At the same time, solution is not to simply release those accused of violent crimes. Surely there are better fixes. One piece of solution is to link bail to means of the accused as well as ties to the community. For example I would be hard pressed to meet a $100k bail and unwilling to lose bail bondsman fee for it, while for Bill Gates such an amount would be equivalent to release on OR. Doing away with bail bondsman industry… Read more »

Will Flatt

@Finnky – I’m glad to see you are one of those thinking on the issue, but our bail system nationwide already does what you’re talking about; looking at the severity of the crime, the accused’s ties to the community, flight risk, financial ability to pay bail, etc. What the Left does is undermine that system. Leftist judges give OR to people who should NEVER be released on bail, and when they go out and immediately commit yet more heinous crimes, they act all shocked. All leftist judges should be removed from the bench, or in some cases THEY should be… Read more »


@WF – Thanks for that… Haven’t ever had any experience with bail. Was stupidly assuming charges were pretty much set – but it’s the free market, so of course the business men consider risks before investing. My guess is that in some locations there may not be much competition – but on the whole prices are probably reasonably fair. Was not considering the source of oft repeated statements about prohibitively expensive bail – maybe I’ll pay more attention next time.


It is so funny when the communist democrats, projecting authoritarian communists who LOVE massive restrictions and regulations, trying to claim OTHERS are the ‘oppressors’.
Yes, truly, it is to laugh.


Hey Will Flatt! Great to see your comment here sir.

Wild Bill

@S, Welcome to Ammoland.

Will Flatt

Good to see you here too, brother!!

Will Flatt

@USA, The Brits tried that, and got Australia as a result. Besides, as you mentioned, it’s really nice there and that’s no PUNISHMENT. If it were more like France’s Devil’s Island, then I might go for that. But we’re talking radical leftists and their existence is a cancer on humanity. Helicopters are still the best option for physical removal since 1973. Give them all coupons for 1/2 ride!


May I suggest a compromise: Helicopter rides to Kilauea’s open pool of lava. I have been there at night and it was fantastic. This was in ’17 so prior to the eruptions.

Will Flatt

EXCELLENT!!! Joe Biden versus the Volcano!


We continue to see the communist democrats employ the Hegelian Dialectic in their advancement of a communist United States.


The sad thing is that it’s working really well.

The other Jim

How about removing the 2-Year $50.00 New York City MTA Tax/Fee/Surcharge/assessment (what ever they want to call it it’s all the same thing, a theft from the people to pay for MTA corruption) for non-New York City Residence from the 2-Year New York State Vehicle Registration (and $16.50 New York City MTA Fee/tax/surcharge/assessment on New York State Driver Licenses) prior to giving free game passes and Christmas Gift Cards out to criminals ? No crying broke from Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio as they have a windfall of billions this year from sales tax and not from business in… Read more »

Big George

Wadda you whining about?! Here in Commiefornia, Gov. Wunnerful (Newscum) has me paying $280-a-year registration fees for a fifteen-year-old-SUV, PLUS every five years I have to have it smogged for an additional $100!! Don’t even get me started on our new MANDATED driver’s licenses and if I choose NOT to get it (stay with the old style), I’ll be ‘classified’ as a ‘non-resident’ (lived here for 65 years) and will not be able to purchase a gun or ammo! Yes folks, we are moving to Arizona!!!


That’s kind of steep. Last week I paid $27.00 to reregister my 2003 Park Avenue (it was purchased new in Dec 2002). It has a total of 128,000 miles on it. This is in OK.

Chris Mallory

Funny, this reads like it was written by a big government progressive. “takes the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, which cautions that bail cannot be excessive, too far,” Sorry Mr. Katz, the protections given us by the Bill of Rights cannot be taken too far. Americans today are grossly at a disadvantage when dealing with the “justice” system. “If the accused does not have funds on hand to meet bail, the accused has recourse to bail bondsmen.” So an innocent man should be forced to pay a 3rd party for his freedom? The money you pay a bail bondsman is… Read more »



Wild Bill

, LOL is right. There are other options. For instance: make a good argument for little or no bail.

Wild Bill

@USA, Novel!


Yes. Amongst a line of other high crimes and misdemeanors far too long to catalog. But this video lists a few samples:


Am old Arab curse comes to mind here; “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits”. Perhaps we can alter that a bit by saying “May the crimes of a thousand freed criminals infest this progressive mayor, his associates and their own”.

jack mac

We have the largest incarcerated on the planet and by far. This indicates a severe problem with the motivations of what is known as the criminal justice system. Any problem will not be solved for the benefit of the public by despotic public servants. Convicts are released into the prohibited person underclass of free citizens. Having a sub-citizen underclass does not benefit private citizens. It does benefit despotic public servants trying to be masters over all citizens. The release of both political and criminal prisoners taken from oppressed populations during festive rituals is an appeasing act by tyrants. As our… Read more »


“The release of both political and criminal prisoners taken from oppressed populations during festive rituals is an appeasing act by tyrants.”

It is what King Herod did.


They continue to go soft on violent offenders and can’t grasp the effect it has on crime rates. What are these people using for brains? Oh, wait… how are they supposed to pander for votes if they are tough on crime.


While I think that each of these cases should be dealt with on an individual bases and go from there. An Authoritarian Totalitarian State isn’t the answer which many Republicans in the country and states are doing and advocating. Look at a Ohio with the GOP government and governor there. They want to add alcohol as a reason to confiscate your Guns AT YOUR HOME. You must go through therapy and trust you will get your rights back from a medical field that hates the 2A to begin with. Guess how that’s going to turn out? Our rights are trashed… Read more »


Are these people that stupid? This mayor just gave criminals the keys to the jail, then promotes disarming the lawful populace?
So when a released thug again endangers innocent victims, we can hold the mayor and the city government responsible for any or all the damages? Sounds good, might as well give the police an early retirement while you’re at it.


The left need them voters free to cast their vote in 2020. They know anyone with half a brain will NOT vote for their policies. lmao


Not much mention of NRA on ammoland in the past month or two…weird…


Never heard of them. Who is it?

Big George

Oh c’mon…yes you have!!! It’s the liberaturds mantra… ‘No Rights America’


According to some here they should be free to possess a firearm the moment they step outside the gates. LOL.