Sheriff Unilaterally Closing NC Gun Range Undermined Gun Safety

Shooting Ranges
How would closing “a safe place” specifically established for firearms education, training and practice do anything but make Wake County less safe?

U.S.A. – -( “The Wake County Range (the Firearms Education and Training Center), built for use by Wake County citizens is now being closed to the public, effective January 15, 2020,” Grassroots North Carolina alerted its members Friday. “This comes as a huge surprise as Sheriff Baker, who manages the range through contractors he hires, gave no advanced warning of this decision. There was no public discussion, no prior announcement—not a thing.”

Per The News & Observer, “The Wake County Sheriff’s Office ended its contract with Range Safety Management (RSM) LLC.” The sheriff’s state reasoning, a “lack of profitability and a review that fees and funds collected … were not accounted for accurately,” speaks more to mismanagement than anything else. If there are issues, why is it not in the public interest to openly discuss them and to consider temporary and long-term solutions?

The county commission’s response was initially tepid and noncommittal, even though GRNC asserted a letter it issued “makes it clear that they were not involved in the Sheriff’s decision, and suggested his decision may have been rash.” now reports “County Manager David Ellis informed the sheriff that the county would take over control of the facility.” What Ellis means by “find[ing] a balance between public and law enforcement use” remains to be defined.

In any case, the sheriff’s initial decision to close off to the public a range that “was originally chartered for public use,” and to exclude that public without adequate notice and discussion before the deal was decided done, speaks not only of arrogance and a lack of transparency but demands being analyzed carefully against North Carolina Open Government laws. That’s especially true because, again, according to the News & Observer:

“The center was opened to the public from the beginning as part of a compromise over the county’s gun ordinance and was never meant to be profitable… The county prohibits people shooting a gun within 100 yards of a home without permission of the homeowner and within 100 yards of a ‘public building’ likely to be occupied. Giving the public access to the then-new firearms center gave people a chance to practice their shooting.”

If lower levels of government can essentially renege on such decisions without public input or consideration, what must that say about what higher levels of government could impose? And with the sheriff’s plan to reserve the center exclusively for law enforcement, what must that say about “Only Ones” elitism?“

The Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center was built by Wake County for citizens to provide a safe place for target shooting,” the county website asserts. “This facility allows local law enforcement personnel to maintain their skills. Additionally, marksmanship and hunting are increasingly popular sports in Wake County, and citizens now have a safe and enjoyable place in which to practice.”Did the need for that suddenly disappear? “Gun safety,” after all, is what’s being touted by all, including gun owner rights advocacy groups that teach it, and gun-grabber groups that use the term as a euphemism to mask their true intent of citizen disarmament.

How would closing “a safe place” specifically established for firearms education, training and practice do anything but make Wake County less safe? And if the mantra is “if it saves one life it’s worth it,” how would Sheriff Baker’s unilateral decision emphasizing profitability and accounting, and then shutting the door on further discussion, allow for a true and open cost/benefit analysis?

The commission will be meeting on Jan. 6, GRNC informs us, soliciting area gun owners to attend and make their voices heard. In the meantime, and to perhaps light a fire among commission members and the sheriff, and to remind them who they work for, contact information, including telephone numbers and email addresses, and suggested talking points, are included at the end of the alert.

Additionally, a petition has been posted to by local advocate Mark Valletta asking to “stop the closing of the Wake County NC Firearms Education Training Center to the public.”

The County Manager assuming control means officials have heard the voices of gun owners. Now is not the time to let up – it’s the time to secure commitments.

It also sounds like it might be time to get a new sheriff.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Me and a friend sent our sheriff, expenses paid to a Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace officers seminar BEFORE he was elected! He told me he learned more in those three days then he did in his whole life about the Constitution. SEND YOUR SHERIFF TO ONE!!! If he/she won’t go…GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE!


At what cost may I be so bold?.


Would the Sheriffs dept be closed if it were disclosed that it wasn’t making a profit? Would the dept. shut down if fraud or corruption were discovered? As Codrea stated, time for a new sheriff!


OH BULLSHIITE!!!!! Baker is a demoncrap! The problem is that ALL NC law enforcement is corrupt, from HWP to city cops, to sheriffs. NC continues to enforce unconstitutional gun laws as well as a host of other state and locally created unconstitutional laws, while they themselves are immune! The closing of this range should have been expected. Wake county used the excuse that it was created to provide a range for the people to get it built, when their whole ideology was to do so and over time take it for law enforcement only.


Since it was built for “the people” – perhaps the sheriffs department should be kicked out.


I’m from Texas it blows me away that NC is so screwed up on the 2A?


Don’t know how it is now, but used to be, new Officers after academy, only had to qualify with their weapons twice a year.Then never took them out of their holsters again.Seems it’s the same in FLA.

that latest Clusterfoxtrot a week or so back, with the UPS tuck snagged. A shootout,crossfires from TWO separate county agencies and a dead civilian, and they were used for COVER.

Hiding behind civvies cars with them IN THE vehicles.Luckily only one civvie was shot and killed should have been ZERO.’But the look at the one county involved BROWARD’S COWARDS yet AGAIN.(100% Dems)


Keep kicking the fence sheriff, eventually the old barking dog decides to jump it and takes a bite out cher COMMUNIST ASS, hope you enjoyed your stay in office don’t get to comfortable have a feeling you won’t be in the running next local election.
I say we all go shoot on the powerline easment near the sherriff’s house.

Ryben Flynn

Jus’ sayin’, but I looked up who the Sheriff is for Wake County and guess what? No surprise, a Black Democrat.
“Harrison, a Republican who was seeking his fifth term in office, lost to Democrat Gerald Baker by a 55 to 45 percent margin, according to unofficial results.” 2018 election.
Guaranteed he is anti-gun.


ONE of the very Few thank the Lord.
An anti gun Sheriff should never be elected except in LIBTARD land.
Most are fire breathing PRO CONSTITUTION 2A folks.


How does a person’s skin color have anything to do with this?

Heed the Call-up

Grim, ask Johnson. “I will have niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Amusingly, Snopes admits Johnson said this to his black chauffeur, “As long as you are black, and you’re gonna be black till the day you die, no one’s gonna call you by your goddamn name. So no matter what you are called, nigger, you just let it roll off your back like water, and you’ll make it. Just pretend you’re a goddamn piece of furniture.” But Snopes states there is no verifiable proof he said the former, but did say the latter. Snopes also admits to… Read more »


Snopes is more liberal than CNN.

Heed the Call-up

Yes, but that was the point, if Snopes willingly admitted to what they did, obviously he was quite racist, and likely said the statement about blacks voting for Democrats.

Heed the Call-up

USA, that reminds me of a joke a co-worker told me. The punchline was, “But who’s?”

Heed the Call-up

Interceptor, yes, which is why when Snopes begrudgingly admits that a Democrat is a racist, one must assume that person was quite irredeemably racist. That is one reason I like to use that site against Leftists, because it is one of their Holy sites.

Heed the Call-up

USA, that is true, just as the term niggardly does not reference blacks, but nigger has been used derogatorily for a long time to refer to blacks, and as Will stated, LBJ’s usage was directed specifically at blacks, not those that exhibit the characteristics of term.


Unless the Sheriff was the owner HE cannot shut down a damned thing, the moron.
A Public range?.(Good for the County), and LE should not get preferential treatment over the public except after reg public hours or a set day to shoot.
He should have nothing to do with it’s operation.


Stock photo, our range has no automated targets system, old school.
Range was open to LEO depts. for training during the days and to matches and public at nights and weekends.

County Commissioners were not consulted before the Sheriff made his decision,
to close ‘his’ range to the public. Fact is the range belongs to the County not Sheriff Dept.

It will reopen in the future to the public without the Sheriff.

What did we expect from a new Sheriff who is pro Sanctuary City and Pro Illegal Alien Invaders?
He refuses to work with ICE. Catch and release felons.


– Does “without the Sheriff” mean that the range will be closed to him and his or just that Sheriff will no longer run the join? Will county charge Sheriff’s budget for use of the range? I realize that is just passing money from one pocket to the other, but sure would be a powerfully symbolic gesture.


The people need to vote him out and FAST!!


seems like the range failed because of mismanagement by the sheriff and no other reason. this is called crony capitalism. should be a through investigation into the operation of the range from an independent organization. the answer would be to remove the sheriff and keep the range open. this is what leftists do, make unilateral decisions they want, because they want. local ranges provide a opportunity for law-abiding citizens to learn to shoot and maintain their proficiency with firearms.

Dr. Strangelove

There is nothing that private citizens can’t do better than the government, except maybe raise an army.

Ryben Flynn

Virginians may have something to say about that last item.


– They better get right on it, or disarmament may make it considerably tougher. Federal law could make rearmament considerably tougher. I for one am not yet willing to risk federal prison to help the Virginians.


That VA situation smells to me, if I were the protestors and Pro gun folks in this movement, I would warn ALL in attendance to make sure they know everyone in their groups, I fully EXPECT the DEEP STATER’S to have a false flag shooting at the JAN meeting and BLAME IT ON THE PRO 2A County movement to give them shade ti call in he Feds. Will be hard to do, as THOUSANDS OF out OF STATE SUPPORTERS ARE COMING, AND IT’ S A Concealed Carry EVENT, HARDWARE WILL BE LIVE ON THE PREMISES FROM what I heard. I… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Doszap, the VCDL has been going to Lobby Day since it existed (as far as I am aware), and have never had any issues with antis making any trouble. The VCDL president has, jokingly, stated the reason being that they would be facing a group of hundreds of firearm owners, not to mention the presence of the Capital police. The last thing the antis would want is to be arrested on the Capitol due to a violent attack on innocent people. It would just help prove what we have been saying all along. It might also permanently remove some of… Read more »


@Ryben Flynn
Virginians will go to war, but they won’t vote???

Heed the Call-up

I voted, but my county district for the house included part of Richmond, which negated the otherwise overwhelming vote in the county for the pro-rights Republican candidate for house delegate.


Only with OUR MONEY!

Heed the Call-up

Dr., ask our Founding Father’s about that one.


that last sentence gets to the root of the whole debacle. SOunds like he’s got the same attitude that some legendary “Old West” sheriffs took upon themselves.. I AM the law, and what I say WILL happen. Cuz I am de sheriff.

He needs to be reminded that he SERVES at the pleasure of the people who elected him to do so.

Remember, OF, BY, FOR the….. people?


Looks like Wake County voters voted in a communist democrat for a Sheriff.
Maybe Sheriff Baker knows Sheriff Israel from Parkland.
Cowardly scum.


Please tell me… when are public facilities like parks and recreational facilities (like the Wake County Firearms Training Center) closed by a single elected official because they are not operating at a profit? Totally irrational reason, and disingenuous. That would close very county park and facility in the county! The new sheriff in town has also made Wake a “Sanctuary County”. Elections have consequences. Our previous sheriff, Donnie Harrison, was a model sheriff with as far as I know an unblemished record who kept our crime low without scandal. Why did he lose? He had an (-R) after his name.… Read more »


Well, in Rock Springs, Wyoming there is a FREE and really nice gun range. The stupid rednecks and knuckle-draggers there would rather set up beer bottles and old car parts and shoot them in the boonies, along with those evil highway signs…just like pappy did. Yee haw!
Stupidity is passed on from generation to generation.

Heed the Call-up

tj, you are proof of that.

Old Ch.E.

This is the same clown that turned a bunch of aliens loose in spite of ICE demands. Libtard through and through.

Deplorable Bill

It’s coming. Arm up, carry on.


It is our Constitutional Right & Duty.
I only hope it happens before it is too late.
Once lost, Freedom is never regained without massive blood loss.

Mark 2nd

He has and we know he’s right, don’t we? Love the arm up, carry on. Short and perfectly to the point.


Someone(MSM who am I kidding?) needs to let the country know THE RED LINE in the SAND so many POTUS’s bleat about, WE THE PEOPLE are dead serous about it.WE are your Employers you had better remember it.
DO NOT screw with us anymore.You shit were you live ONCE too many times, THIS TIME.


That is absolutely true in NC. Last election, the people of NC voted for Trump/Pence, they voted majority for republicans across the board, yet we ended up with a Leftist Governor, even though he was 30,000 votes behind just prior (within an hour or two) to the closing of the polls — and no investigation was initiated!!!!! Cooper was the AG and noted for constantly trying to undermine Gov. McCrory.

Heed the Call-up

USA, are you suggesting a difference source of lead for voting now?

NC Marine

This is the Sheriff giving control back to the county commission. Closed to the public till the new management is established.


SORRY SORO’S has a surprise coming,if I were a high placed DemoNcrat right now I WOULD RIDE LOW.
Bloomturd is not liking his BOUGHT Gov and bare majority legislature in VA, I don’t think he ever in his wildest dreams thought his INVESTMENT would spread all over the USA.
With more and more every day flipping to 2A sanctuaries.
A would like to slap that Yankee SOB’s smug ass face.

Mark 2nd

Wow! Surprised to see ya post like that USA. Had you figured to be some kind of professional and more or less pure in thought and speech, but hey, you’re absolutely correct in your assessment of the fascist/communists. There’s a time for everything under the sun. A time to love, a time to hate and a time to kill. I think it’s about that time.

Mark 2nd

Merry Christmas to you and all here. You guys have your heads and hearts in the right place.

Country Boy

This is what they’re working with

Heed the Call-up

Nowhere in that does it state his political agenda. The only thing it shows is that his father held that office when he became a deputy.

Mark 2nd

I’ll say this again – no woman should ever be elected to a high government position. They’re communist by nature. 90% of them, left to their own devices, would be communist. They seldom think with their intellect, they nearly always “think” with their emotions. Whether you like it or not they ARE the weaker sex, in more ways than one. I’ll get some flack for this I’m sure, but I believe it 100% and I’ve never seen anything to make me believe otherwise.

Mark 2nd

You got that right USA. The “squat squad” comes to mind.


I’m all for shutting things down that don’t carry their own weight. Taxpayer-funded municipal golf courses come to mind.


it didn’t say it was not profitabl,e but the sheriff did not like that… nor did it say it ran at a loss. If local LE were using the place for their training,that alone justifies its existence, and it would seem that use will continue.. which means the place WILL be a tax drain, as no revenue from public users will be collected going forward, per the sheriff’s plan. He will turn it from not operating at a profit to certainly operating at a loss. His britches are too big for his bum. Time he put on his Big Boy… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Buster, and with all that open space, they would make for nice shooting ranges. 🙂 A win-win, in my book.




So behind the massive weapons/drug running deals that have destroyed nations and hooked our own people on heroin for decades, behind it is Kolomoisky and the Odessa gang using the Pakistani Awan ‘brothers’ committing treasonous operations on Capitol Hill (the tech guys facillitating the congressional spy network -Clinton/Obama/ Biden/ Pelosi / Bill Taylor etc blackberries network ) and Gontner (DIA) running the intel on the Hill..Dimitry Alperovitch and Crowdstrike configured the phones … and the money was laundered by the DNC and of course all the other players -Brennan, Clapper, Petraeus,Fiona Hill,Mifsud,Halper,Epstein,Obama’s State Department, and the rest of the players… Read more »