VA: VCDL’s Position On Gun Control & “Compromise”- Screw “Grandfathering”


Virginia GunBanner Democrat Senator Dick Saslaw
Virginia GunBanner Democrat Senator Dick Saslaw

Virginia – -( Looking into my crystal ball (and knowing the enemies of freedom), the gun controllers in the Democrat Party are going to want to “compromise” on bills like SB 16, Senator Saslaw’s bill that makes AR15s, AK47s, many semi-automatic shotguns, and even some handguns, illegal to possess and also bans magazines that hold more than the magical “10 rounds.”

Saslaw knows that SB 16 is a bridge way too far. And you can bet that he and the other gun controllers have been watching the massive crowds of gun owners showing up at Board of Supervisors, City Council, and Town Council meetings across the Commonwealth with great concern.

So the next step for Saslaw will be to offer to “grandfather” existing gun owners, thinking that gun owners would be stupid enough, and selfish enough, to accept such a “compromise” in exchange for passing SB 16 or its ilk. Once passed into law, gun controllers hope that gun owners will go back to sleep so the gun-control agenda can keep moving forward without massive opposition.

Will the Virginia Citizens Defense League accept such a “compromise?” Oh, HELL no.

Who are WE to negotiate away the right of future generations to own AR-15s, or their equivalent, and magazines of whatever capacity they want?

Who are WE to give away the right of future generations to protect themselves from criminals or from a government that’s gone tyrannical, just so we can selfishly have our guns and magazines now?

And who is stupid enough to think that the gun controllers won’t be back, over and over again, to get those guns and magazines out of our hands anyway in the near future?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a government that doesn’t trust me to have guns.

Why, exactly, do they want to disarm us? I can tell you that it isn’t for public safety. Violent crime has been dropping for years, while gun ownership has been soaring.

No, it’s not about making us safe. It’s about making the government safe to do things in the future that an armed populace would never tolerate.

Virginia Citizens Defense League is not going to accept anything but the complete defeat of all gun bills that in any way, shape, or form, affect law-abiding gun owners in a negative way. Bills that only affect criminals? On those, we can talk.

Other than bills that only affect criminals, any gun control the Democrats pass, they will own. Any Republicans that help them, are going to own that gun control, too.

It matters not if the person voting to enslave us is a Democrat or a Republican.


Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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Please print ALL the truth.

SB 16, Senator Saslaw’s bill that makes AR15s, AK47s, many semi-automatic shotguns, and even some handguns, illegal to possess and also bans magazines that hold more than the magical “10 rounds.”

They left out the part that ANY HANDGUN that can accept a magazine of over 10rds IS BANNED ALSO, that’s EVERY semi Automatic pistol/rifle ever made!.(small error huh?.)
Roaches like these people must be KICKED out of office and ran out of the state.


Really? The cowardly American people have not done such since the 1934 NFA when the American people laid down and capitulated to the tyrant telling government that it was the absolute master and the American people were slaves.
Do not expect them to start acting like Patriots now. The Americans people are too cowardly, too lazy and too fat to do anything.
The Founding Fathers expected the American people to love Freedom and fight for it. Instead, the cowardly American people kneel and lick the hand of the tyrant.
Cowardice has its consequences.

Dave in Fairfax

ttj, You write the same stuff over and over. You write about the American people as though you aren’t an American. Although you claim to be, you occasionally make syntax errors that make me wonder. You have yet to discover civility. I have to wonder what your obsession is with hand licking. You complain about others not doing things, but you don’t lead the way. Are you trying to incite others to break the laws that you won’t? Is it for fun or a professional interest? Just questioning your motives.

Some guy

So true! They think talk and t-shirts will save the freedoms America was built on. I have resigned myself to dying in this war, in the hope that America survives to thrive another 200+ years. But as long as one democrat breathes, America is in peril.

jack mac

tetejaun: Lead, follow, or stay out of the way.


Doszap, yes the key words there are “can accept”.


Even if no one has ever made an expanded magazine for it, any firearm on which the magazine can be removed – is capable of accepting a magazine holding more than 10 rounds. For reference, look at original SKS which can be modified using Tapco magazines. Certainly someone would make an extended magazine (over 10 rounds) for TCP or LCP – both tiny guns too small for my fat hands to use at all, but I respect the rights of others to choose such.

jack mac

There is are sorts of things can be done with an SKS. The most fun gun since .22 auto loaders.


NY Safe Act moves South.


this bill is sounding a whole lot like the Bloomburg “fix” that got foisted upon Washington. Oregon, Nevada Utah.. spme states had voters awake enough to not accept their drivel, but the eedjits in Washington bought it.
Ad Mikey wants to be our president? No chance, slaver

Dave in Fairfax

It’s simple. Compromise gets you California, one bite at a time.


Or, here in Virginia, one BIG Bloomberg bite at a time!


Say, aint that Bloombie Guy the one wanted to ban Big Gulps? Yet that’s all his minions and henchmen give us to swallow……..


Long March through the Institutions. Antonio Gramsci. and Hillary Clinton.


The only compromise we should ever accept is: start repealing all arms laws NOW! They are ineffectual and have been shown to do nothing more than cause loss of more than 110 million lives, world wide, by tyrants.

jack mac

These laws are acts of oppression. The enforcement of these acts is forcing oppression. The question is not that we are being oppressed, but how much more we will tolerate. It is our public servants who are in insurrection against our constitutional government. It is we the private citizens who are the authority being mutinied by our servants. We have armed our servants and now they disarm us.


Time to keep eyes open for Agent Provocateurs in the pro 2A rallies or an incident directed at an anti-2A Politician. I can tell you right now that when you see ‘breaking news’ and the badged orcs kitted up responding to some crisis, it will not be from our side. I implore those at the rallies, that if they see anyone smelling of an undercover Fed, contractor or even someone off their meds, be vocal and notify all those around you to the Trojan horse in your midst. Early warning and exposure may be the only thing that can derail… Read more »

Some guy

It won’t matter if you call them out or not, the “media” narrative is already written. It wouldn’t shock me to find that the press releases are already prepared, the camera people have already been set up with locations, the “shooter’s” internet presence has already been crafted………


I am a firm believer that the left is already committing atrocities to further their agenda! Notice that most of the shooters are Left Wingers, Democrats all! The fix is in !!

Ryben Flynn

Democrats want to be Dictators. Remember that.


Want to be?, Hell they are and have been for years.USELESS AT TEATS ON A BOAR HOG.HELL, ANY HOG IS WORTH MORE THAN A DEMIONCRAP.

Dave in Fairfax

Now, everybody here in VA, WRITE your freakin’ Senator. If you don’t know who it is, go to this link fill in the box at the top and find out.
I sent letters to my reps, you do the same. Since they are solid blue it prolly won’t help, but if you don’t try, you don’t get to bitch. IOW put up or shut up.

Dave in Fairfax

USA, Well, OK, but I’m getting bored. %-)


Exactly the way I feel! Disarming law abiding citizens! WHY?? Only one reason for taking away guns from Good Citizens! The government must be planning on doing something in the future that would cause these same citizens to rise up against that government. That very same government that would attempt to take away even MORE freedoms! The sheep are being led down the path and that path does NOT lead to greener pastures!


Remember the motto of the Commonwealth – Sic Semper Tyrannus.

I would suggest a compromise we can offer to the disarmament freaks. It is this: Shut your mouth and learn to live with gun rights, and in return we promise to not let any of our guns shoot you.


Well stated. None of us have the authority to bring the rights of others to the negotiation table.
I have confidence in VCDL and the free people of Virginia.


You cannot compromise with people who do not believe you have natural, God Given rights. YOu cannot compromise with people who have committed themselves to the long march through the institutions to destroy liberty. This is the difference between the Citizens Defense Leagues and most of the national gun groups. No compromise. Unless the gummint can prove a compelling interest to restrict a right, and that argument must be based upon the best evidence available and not feelings the gummint cannot restrict a right. We all understand that some felons, the insane and foreign terrorists are the rare exceptions. Deal… Read more »

Some guy

Until the last democrat is dead, America will never be safe. Those of you that think talk and politics will preserve the constitution are idiots.


Leftist. Progressive. Not necessarily Democrat and certainly not Liberal. Let’s get the conditions of battle and the terms straight.


@nrringlee – I wouldn’t even support that. Most democrats, Liberals and even Progressives are young. Reason for this is that they have not YET learned to see the world or understand consequences. Most can still be reached and reformed. Biggest issue is areas where they are so prevalent that no adult voices are heard – in those areas, most never grow up and continue to be “Progressive”. Remember that Liberal is different from liberal – first supports policies called “Liberal” while the second supports liberty. Same for “Progressive” – I support progress, just in a different direction and at a… Read more »

jack mac

Us citizens are not civilians. Those that oppose our codified rights are enemy combatants. There will not be collateral damage.

jack mac

The Democrat Party is the most aggressive major group oppressing US citizens. Anyone now supporting this group oppose those who maintain the codified natural rights to arms. There are elected in other political parties who do not support those maintaining rights. All of these people are enemies of the free, and must be at least displaced. Anyone who believes that any free citizens should be denied the right to arms while free are at least aiding the enemy. People so believing need to reality check what a free person can do while free regardless of human made laws.


Time to say COME AND TAKE them we no longer WANT you as our SO CALLED TRAITOROUS leaders,if it leads to another Civil War so be it.
THE RED LINE has been crossed.
From here on out the SHIT will hit the fan, if the Virginians want help just holler and they will have thousands come to their aid.
Also time to HANG the enemies of the CONST and BOR’s and Amendments they are seditious and Communists.


Please go read that to the Justices on the SCOTUS, most of those bastards CAN’T read.C J Roberts is a Globalist traitor.WE Know what the two females are.


Another walking corpse on a power trip, may he and Wortham hang together for sedition.


Let’s see. What is the law? What is the law that states new laws cannot be made that make objects LAWFULLY PURCHASED OR CREATED at one time – – – UNLAWFUL in a future time? AHHHHH! YES! THAT LAW that the DemoNAZIS FEEL and know are SCREWING up their ATTEMPT at using an UNLAWFUL LAWLESS CONFISCATION order. That LAW that is ALREADY ON THE BOOKS is called the : EX POST FACTO LAW !!!!! The EX POST FACTO LAW – – – IS – – – putting a very large monkey wrench in these new DemoNAZIS who want to CONFISCATE… Read more »


Oh, if I were a Virginian and member of the gun rights community, I would be very much interested in a “compromise”. How about directing gun control laws towards punishing, with strict mandatory minimum sentences, the criminal misuse of firearms, punish, with strict mandatory minimum sentences irresponsible handling of firearms and punish those who do not store guns responsibly,resulting in tragedies?Otherwise, enforce gun laws already on the books and then leave us alone.


NO “COMPROMISE”, Not NO, but HELL NO, if there is any Part of That, You Do Not Understand, I would be Glad to Explain it.


As I see it, grandfathering is a recognition of the low compliance rates in New Zealand, Australia, NY, NJ and CA. By offering “grandfathering” they can fool some into thinking they are being reasonable and compromising. The assumption is that in order to stay legal, majority of gun owners will register their guns as grandfathered, even though those same gun owners would not comply with confiscation orders. As soon as they believe everyone who will has complied with the registration process for grandfathering, or as soon as there is another publicized shooting in Virginia (years, months, weeks or days?) the… Read more »


Then, explain WHY we continue to have more and more unconstitutional ‘gun control laws’.
It is because the COWARDLY American people kneel, repeatedly, and lick the hand of the tyrant.
If just a few communist democrat politicians assumed room temperature, this anti-gun crap would come to a screeching halt.
Cowardice has its consequences.


You resemble your comments. Like usual. A coward speaks of cowardice.


@tj – Strongly disagree with your premise that assassination would be an effective tactic. On the contrary, if you shoot politicians the rest will scream to disarm all of us. My mother and sister may be lost causes – supporting 100% disarmament including cops. However majority of the US population is on the fence or close to it. If you start assassinating politicians, those for whom gun control is not the epitome of evil will quickly move to supporting the most draconian governmental takeover imaginable. I don’t care how tough you are, when outnumbered hundreds or even thousands to one… Read more »