Virginia: January 20 will be the Most Important Lobby Day… Ever!

Texas hero Stephen Willeford (pc: Nick Wagner, American Statesman)
Texas hero Stephen Willeford (pc: Nick Wagner, American Statesman)

U.S.A.-( Mark your calendars for January 20, 2020, for the most important VCDL Lobby Day ever held in Richmond.

Please plan to be there!

Gun owners and those who value liberty will be gathering from across the state to show the legislators in Richmond that Virginians will not accept their rights being infringed.

And there will be several speakers there, including GOA’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt.

GOA’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt
GOA’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt

With a number of extreme gun control proposals set to be voted on the next session, it is vital for as many people as possible to be at the capitol on January 20 to tell the Governor and his legislator allies that this is unacceptable.

To facilitate getting as many people there as possible, buses and carpools will be running across the state on January 20 to get people to Richmond.

So, even if you can’t make the drive yourself you can still attend!

Go to VCDL’s homepage to get all the details about buses leaving from your area.

Again, GOA’s Erich Pratt will be speaking — along with GOA’s Director of Outreach Antonia Okafor.

And, Stephen Willeford — the hero of Sutherland Springs, Texas, — will be there, as well.

Willeford acted bravely in 2017 when he used his AR-15 to mortally wound a vicious gunman who murdered over 20 people inside a local church.

Other speakers will be there, including Dick Heller of the landmark Supreme Court Case DC v. Heller.

Again, for more information on the itinerary, transportation, or speakers, please visit the VCDL page found here.

And for further questions about carry at the event, please see VCDL’s alert here.

About Gun Owners of America (GOA) :Gun Owners of America GOA logo

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: to Join.

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Will Flatt

I’m hoping for the best but I keep seeing intel indicating that the commie billionaires like Soros are busing in Antifa, BLM, and other left-wing extremists to deliberately foment violence and disrupt the Lobby Day events that are planned. I hope VCDL has a plan for dealing with this.


There will be several organizations at the rally providing security ; additionally, Antifa, Black Thugs Matter and other Communists don’t have a good track record of showing up when the majority of the good guys are armed, as most of us have CHPs.

Will Flatt

Rowboat, I hope you’re right.

jack mac

Will: It is more important to know how the public servants’ enforcers plan to deal with it. It would good to know if the enforcers will choose sides, stand by, run away, or just machine gun the mass.

Will Flatt

If the Sheriffs and local cops’ reaction to anti-2A tyranny is any indication, I think they’ll probably come down on the commie street thugs like a plague of locusts the instant they start shit. Unless Tyrant Northam’s praetorian guard state police somehow interferes with the pro-2A police’s ability to go after the agitators and street fighters.

And you’re cracked if you think cops are just going to machine gun the masses. This isn’t Soviet Russia… yet. Optics still matters to tyrants like Northam & his politburo. He will waco his citizens at a more advantageous time of his choosing.

Heed the Call-up

The Capital police have always stated they appreciate the VCDL and its members much more than those who oppose our rights. We treat them with respect and when we leave the area remains at least as clean as before we got there. In this fight, they will be right beside us. At least one bill, SB16, I have read does not even exempt the police and military from the ban on “assault firearms”, much less CHP holders. I believe this will be another instance where they bit off more than they could chew. It may well backfire on them worse… Read more »


Take it easy on him. He started a little early today.


Jack. Are you seriously suggesting that if they try a Tienanmen Square in the US, that they WON’T draw return fire? Machine gunning the masses only works as a form of control when they’re disarmed. The last time I checked we’ve been setting new world records for firearms purchases each year, for many years now. And let’s don’t forget that before the big purchasing wave started at the sunset of the import ban, we already had many times the amount of firearms held by any other country. In fact, I think I read somewhere that the US has more privately… Read more »


@USA – Hey it’s an option – and an option for which the authorities are equipped.
Not a good option from any point of view – but still an option.
I think @Jack’s point was that we don’t know what LEO will do and must plan for a wide variety of possibilities and be prepared for the inevitable unanticipated events.


ONE thing is for sure….the grounds will be clean after they leave, unlike the green hair, nose-ring fascist ‘antifa’ terrorists.
Green hair, nose-ring, metal in face, multiple tattoos…all symbols of the savage.

jack mac

tetejaun: Hold on a minute. I would like to comment on your descriptions of anti-American creeps. I do not attach any such identifying markings on my body, but I descend from Pics and possibly American natives who did. They were called savage by the savage. They were a terror, but not Nazi or commie and were not anti-arms.

I prefer that ant-American creeps and the public servants they support be called what they are: domestic enemies.

Will Flatt

BINGO!!! THAT is what they ARE. You nailed it!!


There are multiple opinions here and it’s hard to predict the outcome, only the intentions of the pro 2A rally are set! We can assume anything, but we should all pray for a constitutional outcome not another deep state Las Vegas!


@USA, don’t get me wrong, I was born and raised in Virginia and my family still lives there. I live next door now in NC and will be one of the first to cross the line to take up the fight (and die) against who ever tries to take away the Va. I love. It is a great state, we just have to remove the cancer that’s trying to kill it!
I pray for the best outcome and prepare for the worst and I am prepared!


USA, got yours also, just let me know when you need it covered!

Dubi Loo

My concern is that a false flag attack will be perpetrated. An all too complicit lame stream media will sow the lies over and over and over. The violence WILL be blamed on the legal gun owner no matter what. It seems the boogaloo is inevitable. That’s my $0.02 YMMV

jack mac

Dubi Loo: Lies will continue to be spread about the hazards of arms being in the possession of private citizens.The people who consider themselves the elite because of the power of their wealth are the primary liars. These few people own and direct all forms of communication media. They also are the de facto masters of our public servants who attempt to be our masters. We cannot do anything to effectively counter their lies until they are displaced. In the meantime we can only take action to prevent our degradation from arm citizens into unarmed civilians.


@USA – Lobby day is about presenting an image to lawmakers, the media, and the general populous. While most of us see things differently, the average urban or suburban voter (who legislators care about) sees rifles as being for combat or hunting. Most of those believe they can at a glance classify a rifle’s purpose as combat or hunting – and immediately apply that judgement to the person carrying it and all who (they perceive to be) associated with them. Thus there is a high risk that one anti gun-with a long arm could taint the entire cause. Remember –… Read more »


I wish I could fly back there from CA. I’m sure out idiot governor is watching to see what Bloomberg’s minions accomplish in VA so he can do the same to us. I really have to think though, do we really believe that our efforts will change anything? I don’t believe they will. VA’s state government has been put into place by Bloomberg, who is running ad now calling for people to sign up with his “BAN ALL AR15’s” campaign. Do the citizens of VA really, for one second, believe they will change their minds on their agenda? I don’t… Read more »


Why would the VCDL tell attendees to leave their long black rifles at home? This is what this is all about for the most part. You need to bring them to show the guns can be at peaceful rally and hurt no one. And this is just another attempt to follow through in making VA and America a Police State. That makes no sense..

jack mac

Rifles are carried for combat, the attendees are not planing firefights this time. They will be armed with handguns to be used in case of firefights to attain their rifles. In that event more people may attend in less than a minute with rifles. The public servants know the attendees are caring “guns”. Public servants should no longer see our arms, until if it is necessary to point our arms toward them.


Do you think jack also considers my bolt-action .338 WIN Mag to be also a “rifles are for combat” weapon? It IS a rifle, after all… 🙂 My guess is yes. In fact, my guess is he knows just enough about guns to consider .338 inch to be a tiny little firearm! Not nearly as dangerous as a “high powered” round like the 5.56. 🙂 How much do you want to bet that if he bothers to come back at all, it will be that 5.56 is a bigger number than .338? Or maybe bring up the infamous .9 mm?… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Out of curiosity, does anyone here actually know the VA laws regarding carrying LOADED long guns at such an event? Will there be ANYONE carrying a LOADED long gun? Will there ANYONE carrying an UNLOADED PCC that is magazine compatible with their LOADED pistol? If carrying an UNLOADED rifle, then all what it is is virtue signaling. An UNLOADED long gun is a useless piece of metal being carried! Realize that this is a LOBBY event. It will be hard to engage any legislator when the demonstrating masses go full LARP. Here is the VCDL’s original statement on that:… Read more »


You can’t take any gun into seeing legislatures in the state house. That is understandable not to bring a gun with you IF you are doing that.. But standing in protest of banning a long gun and would make sense to bring that long gun the Politicians are wanting to ban, to show opposition and show its harmless unless EVIL PEOPLE are in use of it. You are declaring your fellow gun owners are not trust worthy enough to bring their arms because it might make these Politicians pass gun laws that they are already dead set on passing anyway?… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

If you had actually followed my comments here on Ammoland, you would know that I have serious problems with the NRA’s tactics. I understand the idea of protesting with a long gun, but then I don’t think YOU will! LOL.

The VCDL’s Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is already a clear signal to the VA legislators that they will face resistance. Showing up at the VCDL’s Lobby Day like you are going to airdrop into Iran on a DEVGRU mission is counterproductive!

It is called LOBBY DAY for a reason!

Charlie Foxtrot

If the shoe fits! LOL The FACT is that attendance at 2A rallies has been ABYSMAL, yet there are tons of people on the Internet commenting about that SOMEONE should do something. That SOMEONE is just not THEM. We have regularly people here commenting that civil war should have started yesterday, yet they themselves are not even actively engaging in peaceful protests NOW. If you are not actively involved in the gun rights movement beyond chest-thumping on the Internet, then you have no skin in the game, have not taken any responsibility, and have no standing in criticizing others that… Read more »


The organizers of this event are not thinking this through logically. Protests by conservatives in this country have achieved absolutely nothing forever. In fact, this little circus guarantees these draconian laws will be passed and stand as well as there being violence that will turn the fence sitting public against us. You are like naive children playing on railroad tracks. The Controllers already have a Patsy picked out and off his meds, an AR and Trump 2020 bumper sticker to leave at the crime scene and Hollywood scriptwriter wrote the Patsy’s racist stereotype manifesto to be posted online. How are… Read more »

jack mac

Fence sitting public servants are against us. All of our public servants who do not strongly counter public servants attempting be our master are against us. This gathering is backed by over 90% of that state’s county officials. Who will not comply and possibility defy any oppressive act against the right to arms. This gathering should make public servants aware that citizens whom they are suppose to serve will not wait attack.