2020 Starts with Another NICS Record Checks, Guns, Guns, Guns


Below the Radar: The Multiple Firearm Sales Reporting Modernization Act of 2019
2020 Starts with Another NICS Record Checks, Guns, Guns, Guns

Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- The American people respond the same way every time anti-gun politicians think they have an opening to make their gun control dreams a reality. Law-abiding gun owners buy firearms. A lot of them, because there are a lot of us.

Last month, there were more than 2.7 million NICS firearms background checks. January 2020 was the busiest January on record and the sixth-busiest month for NICS ever. The only busier months were December 2015, December 2019, December 2012, December 2016, and March 2018. The last two months were each among the top six for the number of NICS firearm background checks.

Now, this number does include things like checks for concealed carry permits, so let’s look at the detailed NICS report. A total of 643,323 NICS checks were run in association with a handgun transfer (though representative of the number of firearms sold) last month and another 380,300 in association with a long gun transfer. If one were to include the number of checks for “other” types and multiple sales, we’re looking at more than 1.1 million NICS checks associated with a potential transfer.  Another 423,886 checks were run for permits last month (potentially including renewals).

In Virginia, the number of NICS Firearms Background Checks has increased steadily since Michael Bloomberg bought control of the legislature and gave disgraced Governor Ralph Northam a second chance at viability. In December 2018, Virginia saw 52,942 NICS checks. That increased to 57,662 in November 2019 and hit 76,559 in December 2019. November and December are typically high-volume months due to the holidays. There were 68,420 NICS checks conducted in Virginia last month. That is the fourth-highest monthly total ever. December 2019 was the second-highest ever.

This happens whenever rabid anti-gunners try to turn one inch into four, let alone into a mile. That’s the Bloomberg way. When Bloomberg acolytes shift from so-called “common-sense reform” talking points to demanding full-scale confiscation, the American people act. The threat of losing a Constitutional right motivates people to exercise that right before new restrictions are put in place. This is a cycle that anti-gun zealots don’t seem to understand.

The “Trump Slump” did not exist. This is not a case of some small number of Americans acting in desperation to buy all the guns they can. The law-abiding gun owner community is large, diverse, and growing rapidly. The monthly NICS report shows that hundreds of thousands of Americans are getting permits and legally acquiring firearms every single month – even in favorable political climates.

The number of NICS checks conducted may reach new heights between now and Election Day, but no amount of background checks will secure our rights. Anti-gun activists across the country are pushing proposals that would do nothing to reduce violent crime or provide treatment to those struggling with a mental health crisis.

All gun owners – from the long-time collector to the young person who wanted to be able to defend herself – need to make their voices heard.

Contact your legislators and politely ask them to champion Constitutional rights. Volunteer with the NRA and your local affiliate. Most of all, make sure you and your peers vote.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)


Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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By looking at the huge numbers of NICS checks there is a large amount of pro gun Americans yet there continues to be scads of gun control bills enacted. Where is the disconnect?


Lazy people who’d rather bitch than vote. If all pro-gun people would vote it would be the biggest voting block in the country. The NFA could be repealed. Suppressors could be bought in any hardware store (like most of Europe). The BATF could go back to chasing bootleggers (A) cigarette smugglers (T) and leave us the F alone. Every time I bring this up someone is crying about having to be on the list for jury duty or “I don’t’ want the government to know what I’m doing” or “the Republicans are no better”. We could be masters of our… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Terry, not all “pro-gun” people are against “gun control”. I attend gun shows and other events regularly as a rep for rights groups. From talking to people at these events, and at work, etc., not only do Democratic firearm owners, but also some right of center firearm owners, believe in some “gun control”. So believing that if all “pro-gun” people voted would get Republicans, which many are RINOs, anyway, into office is not a valid point.

Wild Bill

@TLS, Yes, there is much that could be corrected legislatively and judicially, if we would just vote, and pressure our government employees. If we get back to the Constitution, we Restore the Republic.

Wild Bill

@Joe, The disconnect is in the American theory of dual sovereignty, and the legal theory of preemption. Everyone has been ignoring the preemptive quality of the Second Amendment. It was intended to bind all later congresses, presidents, judges, bureaucrats, state legislatures, governors, bureaucrats, state judges, county sheriffs, city councils, and local police. Second, when courts began issuing decisions with dicta to the effect that personal civil rights have to be balanced against the needs of the state, those courts were signaling to Congress and state legislatures that the courts were ready to back up civil rights abridging legislation. Third, the… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Joe, Sorry that it was so long.


There are just not enough of us or their not voting (which would be on them) and the Dems. CHEAT!!


NRA – stick to what you should be doing, like protecting the 2A.


Either America rolls over like the people of Germany did pre-WWII, or they take to the streets armed to the teeth with but one thing in mind: to take out the trash.


About 8 of those NICS checks are mine!! LoL! If Northmouth was a Rep. that wore blackface they would’ve been disgraced and re-called or some shit!! The Bloomburgler shouldn’t be able to buy someone a second chance! What a POS!


They know exactly what they are doing. And so do you. Let’s see all their FINANCIAL interest. Just like clock work