Larger Point Being Intentionally Missed in Ginned-Up Kentucky Gun Rally Hysteria

According to citizen disarmament fanatics, trusting patriotic Americans to responsibly exercise their rights is now an example of racist “white privilege,” and as with “Red Flag laws,” the default should be to presume them guilty of violent intent. (Congressman Thomas Massie / Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Hundreds of Second Amendment supporters and gun owners gathered in Frankfort to support gun rights as open carry allowed inside state capitol,” the Louisville Courier Journal reported Sunday. “The images and videos from Friday’s gun rights rally at the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort have evoked strong reactions from both sides of the political spectrum.”

So naturally, because it follows a narrative they are committed to following, the media and the gun-grabbers are diverting public focus from  freedom by smearing rally participants as white racists. You know, using the same propaganda talking points as communists who exploit useful idiots until such time as they’re discarded as useless eaters.

“I’ve never felt safer at a gathering in my life,” Rep. Thomas Massie declared. “Also, got some ideas for a new AR build. Great rally Friday at the Kentucky state capitol!”

As an aside, Massie continues to prove himself to be the real deal, a politi…correction, a citizen representative who actually had his rating downgraded by NRA for being too pro-gun. As an aside, find some time to watch “Off the Grid” to get just a feel for the breadth of his knowledge and capabilities.

Moving from a man of much accomplishment to a boy whose “achievements” have been staged and managed, we see David Hogg’s “reasoned discourse.”

“This might be one of the most extreme forms of white privilege I’ve ever seen,” he tweeted, seemingly oblivious to his admission to exclusive and pricey Harvard with an SAT score lower than the average accepted student’s.

“Let me get this strait, when the black panthers armed themselves against a white supremacist government they’re written off as dangerous criminal terrorists,” he tweeted again. “But the same people say when these guys use armed intimidation it’s patriotic resistance.”

A diversity of gun owners of color were at Richmond, dubbed in one deservedly viral meme the “worst white supremacist rally ever.”  It’s always been the right to keep and bear arms advocates fighting against infringements for all peaceable people. And that creates a bizarre cognitive dissonance the gun-grabbers ignore lest they be confronted with their own illogical disconnect: Accusing police of targeting blacks and then advocating police should be the “Only Ones” with guns.

And see what I mean about “strait” out of the communist playbook?

The point is made. We’d be spinning our wheels to try and include every politician, gun-grab group and “Authorized Journalist” trying to virtue signal how awful, racist and terror-spreading they find the Kentucky rights activists to be. One more example that stands out though and merits mention is Rolling Stone, as it actually complains:

“Fully armed rally-goers enter Kentucky’s capitol building with zero resistance.”

Even though no laws were broken? A bloodthirsty lot, aren’t they?

That would only have been appropriate had the gun owners been doing something violent and victimizing others, but it’s not like they’re “MTA fare protesters” or anything (Hint to the antis: Ours is the side that picks up litter after we peaceably exercise our First Amendment-recognized right to petition our representatives.)

It’s almost like the DSM is hysterically publicizing this hoping it will attract some crazy — who will invariably turn out to be one of theirs — to go in and prove them right.

What this does more than anything is expose a larger point, the evil fallacy of “gun-free zones.” After all, if Americans can’t be trusted in the Capitol, or a campus, store, church or school while armed, we can’t be trusted with firearms anywhere. Right?

That is exactly the swindle the disarmament fanatics and the totalitarians-in-waiting behind them want most Americans to fall for.

And that’s why, if you’re one of “those” gun owners accusing the rally-goers of “making us all look bad,” consider this: With all the life-destroying edicts the collectivists are shoving in our faces now and threatening to do to us if they win big in November, sometimes revealing just who they’re trying to disarm by fraud and force is not only appropriate, it’s overdue. The fight we’re in is more than political, it’s existential. Be careful not to play into the hands of the enemy by making us all look divided and weak.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Yeah, it’s patently obvious that if guns were/are the problem that with a half billion firearms, 100 million gun owners, and all of these “lax” gun laws, we would literally be stepping and slipping in blood every time we walk out our door. Great job Kentucky! And y’all have some really fine chicken too!

Will Flatt

If ONLY Little Quisling Harold would read AND LEARN from David Codrea what it means to write for the 2A community!! David wrote: “If you’re one of ‘those’ gun owners accusing the rally-goers of ‘making us all look bad’…” well Harold THAT’S YOU. All your strategery and ‘flying below the radar’ tactics is not the answer. GROWING A PAIR OF COJONES IS THE ANSWER!
A reminder, everyone, we have about 70 signatures on the Dump Harold petition. Please add yours and enlist all your friends!!!


Good one David. THE METHODOLOGY OF TYRANNY The methods used to overthrow a constitutional order and establish a tyranny are well-known. However, despite this awareness, it is surprising how those who have no intention of perpetrating a tyranny can slip into these methods and bring about a tyranny despite their best intentions. Tyranny does not have to be deliberate. Tyrants can fool themselves as thoroughly as they fool everyone else. #5…Seeking a government monopoly on the capability and use of armed force: The first signs are efforts to register or restrict the possession and use of firearms, initially under the… Read more »


Vote party-line hacks into power, than all you get are power-hungry hacks calling themselves Democrats. See you in the politburo, comrades.


David Hog (g) , or as I prefer “Pig Boy” is simply another of what the new face of the Democrat Party, V.I. Lenin once called a “useful idiot.” Nothing more.

Ej harbet

I take solace in the fact that despite the best efforts of government schools to produce drones and puppets.
I see at these rallys and in my own family more than enough young lions of freedom to deal with the prog scums tyrant of the week club. When the time comes this old mans going to be in a fighting position in front of them hoping to stop enough of the bastards before i die that they’ll be able to roll past me and crush them easier leaving enough to go home to make more lions. LOD!


David Hogg? Why is anyone taking this brat seriously? He is not intelligent and his comments reflect that fact. But, of course, the liberal idiots adore him. Folks, get over it. Anything he says is meaningless. Dismiss him as the idiot he is.

Ej harbet

My worst nightmare is they cohabitate and breed.when the announcement drops im going to order the weddingcake from putins polonium pie and cake shoppe.

Wild Bill

, Now, that is good humor!


OMG! The thought. A piggy that looks like a piggy. Greta Piggyburg with their new Ms piggy kid. HORRORS!


Well, He is gay.


last I read the Greta Unit is 16, just turned. Most places that makes her old enough to marry with Daddy’s OK. Not that they’ll bother with that, they’d have to shop long and hard to find someone to make the cake and do up the flowers. But if she’s old enough to marry, that makes him not a paedophile. Not to say he’s not a pervert, though….. ackshully I think they’d be just about right for each other. Both are non-thinking brassy noisemakers, petulant as a snotty three year old, so much pride stuffed into their selled heads… after… Read more »


; Speaking about the ABUSED child “g.thunberg”, She is now INCORPORATED. That means she can no longer be awarded ANY individual recognition for anything she spouts from her mouth. SHE does not deserve any awards at all. SHE is just a figure-head as ‘d.hog’ is.


Idiots adore idiots. Psychopaths adore fellow psychopaths. David Piggy fits right in with both crowds.


I would not make the mistake of dismissing him. He is being groomed for political office. He is the kind of fool that will sneak up and become a powerful influence to the sheeple. Take everything he says quite literally, it is a sign of things to come.


When leftists chant “The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated” what they really mean is this: When the people are united behind barbed wire in gulags the people who count, the 1% cannot be defeated. When Conservatives say the same words what they mean is this: no person shall be deprived of life and liberty because they themselves have the means to defend their lives and liberty. All of them. Nothing scares a progressive more than an armed black man. That is in large party why we have bans on open carry in many Blue Utopias.


Its time to put this white supremacist/racist deal to bed. Those supporting gun control are either ignorant of the racist history of gun control or are out right racists. we must start pushing back on this idea with facts – their are plenty of factual writings with documentation on gun controls racist roots. I have used this information for years to tag these people for what they are. It works, they have to defend the un defendable, and it puts them on their heels right from the start. Sure you’ll get called names but that just proves they have… Read more »


“Massie had his rating downgraded by NRA for being too pro-gun.”

Figures. WTF’s Lucky LaPierre’s malfunction? We’re lucky when he’s just helping his vampire pals pocket $1 billion every 2-3 years. When he does attend to guns, it’s usually something treasonous like perfecting the Universal Registration system, Veterans Disarmament, helping Harry Reid pass Obamacare, or sabotaging efforts to preempt patchwork-quilt “gun free” zones in states like Texas, Nevada, Florida and Virginia – facilitating some of the biggest recent massacres.


Please keep displaying this until EVERY NRA member can see it. After that, if they still think the current NRA and administration and board members are doing a good job and aren’t corrupt or incompetent, then we’ll know for sure who are the source of the problem.


In the early 80’s when the country was trying to recover from the Carter economics, our area was hard hit and every dollar was used to survive. My NRA dues of $15 was due and I didn’t have it to spare. I got three calls from them, the first two were used to get my money anyway they could. They had no idea what hard times were, the third call was from the head honcho of the NRA. He told me how bad I was for letting the country down, I asked him one question; “I am a Vietnam veteran,… Read more »


DAMN! That’s the best article I have read by any pro-2A person – I don’t say pro-gun because it’s not about the gun(s), but “the arms” – in my entire life.


Correct. The 2A is about the means to defend self and community from tyranny. That is all it means. Defend self and community from tyranny.


“[S]ometimes revealing just who they’re trying to disarm by fraud and force is not only appropriate, it’s overdue.”

David, I’m so glad this is all out in the open now and not “Below the Radar” — so to speak.