The Dead Air Wolfman, An Astonishingly Good Suppressor – Video Review

U.S.A.-( For the Last 6 Months I’ve been shooting the Dead Air Wolfman, and put thousands and thousands of rounds through it. I like it when I get a long time to review an item because it gives me a much better idea of how it will perform, and how well it will last before I tell you whether or not I think it’s worth your hard-earned money. I can wholeheartedly say that if you’re looking for a new suppressor or your first suppressor, the Dead Air Wolfman is a great choice. 

Dead Air Wolfman

What makes the Wolfman such a phenomenal suppressor in my eyes is the performance, the versatility, and the features. At least, in my opinion, there isn’t another suppressor that performs this well across such a wide variety of calibers and platforms. While still offering features like modularity and the ability to take a wipe all in one can. The Wolfman is the best sub-gun suppressor I’ve heard to date. If you have an MP5, Scorpion, B&T, Stribog, or any other sub-gun, and your main goal is to suppress that gun, nothing will do it better than the Wolfman. 

Dead Air Wolfman
Dead Air Wolfman

For me, that would be enough on its own to purchase this suppressor, but Dead Air has added so much more. You can get a pistol booster, and the Wolfman will work on your pistols. Now any normal 9mm can will usually span the gap between pistol caliber carbines and pistols, but Dead Air didn’t stop there. They made the Wolfman tough enough to handle some supersonic rifle rounds, so you can run 5.56 and 762 x 39 through the Wolfman as well. That’s why I think the Wolfman is a great choice for first-time suppressor buyers because it covers a lot of the most common calibers in one can. This really packs a lot into one suppressor and covers so many bases, I think it is a great addition for someone who already has a number of suppressors or the first time buyer.

I said that the Wolfman packed a ton of features into one suppressor, let’s take a look at what it has to offer. First, the Wolfman is a Modular suppressor allowing you to use it in two different lengths; the long will be amazingly quiet, and the short version is actually surprisingly quiet for its size. Dead Air made the Wolfman break apart at about the 3/4 mark, giving the shooter an optimized short configuration that on its own is quieter than many other suppressors on the market.

Dead Air Wolfman
Dead Air Wolfman

The Wolfman is capable of doing the supersonic rifle rounds, 5.56 and 7.62 x 39. But, to do those, and to kind of divert some of that blast through the pistol can, you will need something called the Key Micro Adapter and the Micro Brake. The Micro Brake is a small brake for the end of your rifle that allows the Wolfman to be attached through the Key Micro Adapter. This utilizes Dead Air’s KeyMo quick attachment system, that allows you to easily attach your suppressor with one hand. It consists of 3 locking lugs, that twist into place, and then the can ratchets down on a taper holding it in place. It’s one of the best, if not the best system that I’ve ever seen used to quickly attach a suppressor.

Key Micro Adapter and the Micro Brake

The Wolfman will also take wipes. For those out there that are unfamiliar with wipes, they are usually a little piece of rubber that typically goes at the end of the suppressor to make it quieter. I usually don’t like wipes because there are a lot of suppressor manufacturers out there who can’t get their suppressor quiet enough, so they put a wipe on the end using it as a crutch. If your suppressor needs a wipe to be quiet, you need to work on your suppressor some more. However, that is not the case with the Wolfman, it is plenty quiet without the wipe, so I’m totally cool with the wipe capability on it and I think it’s a cool feature. This will make the Wolfman even quieter and is noticed most on subsonic rounds like 300 Blackout or 9mm. If you were hunting and wanted to be extra stealthy, or really wanted to impress your buddies with how quiet your suppressor is, those would be good instances to use a wipe. When you remove the end cap on the Wolfman, you can insert the wipe, and in the box, there’s another piece that threads on to the end cap to hold it in place. Very cleverly, Dead Air has made their wipe interchangeable with fairly common 1-inch overall diameter rubber sink washers. Wipes typically only last 30-50 rounds, so their effects aren’t long-lasting, but they do give you a noticeably quieter firearm while they are working. Basically, I personally think they are more trouble than they’re worth. The good news is, Dead Air has made using them as easy as they possibly can be, and the Wolfman is impressively quiet even without the wipes.

Dead Air Wolfman
Dead Air Wolfman

In the box, you’ll get the suppressor itself, with a 1/2 x 28 direct thread mount, that will mount to the majority of your sub guns or pistol caliber carbines. An end cap removal tool, and a piece to hold the wipe in the back of the end cap. The Wolfman in its full configuration measures 7.5 inches long and will weigh in at 14.4 ounces. In the short configuration, it will measure 5.13 inches long and weigh in at 9.8 ounces. All lengths and measurements are with no mount installed because all the various mounts can add various lengths and weights to the can. The Wolfman also has a slightly wider diameter than normal for 9mm suppressors, at 1.618 inches. This greatly adds to the internal volume of the can, and one of the things that make it sound so amazing.

Dead Air Wolfman
Dead Air Wolfman

I’m obviously a huge fan of the Wolfman, and this is the best sub-gun can on the market currently, in my opinion. It also adds a lot of versatility with the ability to do pistols and some rifle calibers. I do love cans that are versatile, as I know plenty of people also do, and Dead Air has delivered that in a big way with the Wolfman. This is just an all-around feature-packed suppressor that performs extremely well across a wide variety of calibers and platforms.

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And the cost of all this is…?

Boris Badenov

Let’s see, blah blah, BLAH, blah blah, so where the H is the data, some number to go with the hype? Comparisons, ANYTHING

Ryben Flynn

Wipes are suppressor parts and cannot be user replaced. From TFB, 3/20/2017: “In a decision that could have broad implications throughout the silencer industry as well as with shooters/consumers, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATFE or ATF) has notified silencer manufacturer Dead Air Armament that the wipes used in their Ghost M silencer is a silencer part. News came to me from fellow blogger Nathan at, who reported on an informational post on Dead Air’s Facebook page stating the company will discontinue sales of the rubber insert immediately. Historically, the ATF has viewed wipes made of rubber… Read more »


– So… One cannot replace the wipe where anyone can see, as they might report you. However ATF has not outlawed rubber sink washers have they? End user is simply repurposing a common legal item.
In my book that would be dangerous ground to tread – however having spare plumbing parts in your home in case of disaster might not be a bad idea. WWOROL (or however it is spelled) seems like a great time to minimize sound signature.