AmmoLand News’ Author, Don McDougall, Files Federal Injunction Against CA. County


AmmoLand News’ Author, Don McDougall, Files Federal Injunction Against CA. County

USA – -( AmmoLand News’ author, Don McDougall, is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit to restore our rights in California, filed by Ronda Kennedy Esq.

You don’t have to be the NRA or wait for the NRA to fight for your rights, and the Federal guidelines just issued designating Firearms Retailers Essential Businesses can be ignored by our local officials.

Additionally, the NRA state-based filing ignores the individual situation in Ventura County, CA. Unlike Los Angeles County in Ventura, the decision to ban firearms by closing gun stores was made by Ventura’s Legal Counsel and enforced by the department of health. The NRA’s focus targets the Governor of California and Sheriff for L.A. County.

If the NRA wins their case, there is a good chance it would not affect our County and could leave our ban in place.

The filing we have sent is explicitly targeted to the situation we have in Ventura County California.

Ventura County is the first county north of Los Angeles County. Ventura is the County rich liberals from L.A. who moved to the county to get away from the crime and homelessness that they caused in Los Angeles. They move here and then vote for the same policies that forced them to move in the first place.

Do you want to know how bad it can me? Our House representative lives in Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, over 2.5 hours away with traffic. She is well known for supporting her local school district… Yes, in Santa Monica. Nevermind the people who voted for her.

AmmoLand News' Author, Don McDougall, Files Federal Injunction Against CA. County
AmmoLand News’ Author, Don McDougall, Files Federal Injunction Against CA. County

So how did Ventura get in this position?

Ventura’s legal counsel is Leroy Smith, who told lawyer Ronda Kennedy on the phone that if someone owns a gun, banning the purchase of a new gun and ammunition sales is not an infringement of their rights. When asked “what about new gun owners?” We never got that answered; he just instructed us NOT to talk to the Supervisors, and they should not be involved in these discussions, that this is his decision. He is making policy without the Supervisors involvement.

The Federal guidelines are just guidelines, and in this case, maybe ignored by Mr. Smith, who (In my opinion) failed to take is Constitutional Law classes when in school. We will let the courts decide. Is it time to take local action in your county?

The NRA did the right thing; we’re just more locally-focused because our situation is different. We are ALL the first responders to protecting our rights!

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Green Mtn. Boy

Ventura Commiefornia got their legal opinion where it’s always located up their backside.


Someone broke into their police station and stole all their toilet seats. They don’t have anything to go on… 🙂


Good luck Mr. McDougall. Hopefully this could turn into the next “Heller”.


I once lived in Ventura when I worked for Sears of Santa Barbara as a service tech. It was a nice place back then. I serviced the appliances of a many a celebrity living there too, like those in the exclusive and gated Hope Ranch. Sad to see that the liberals are moving there were they will then make Ventura (Surf City dudes!) into their own image, and into their own likeness. But Don: you at least let them know that they were in a fight! Win or lose, we as AmmoLand readers will always have your back, and are… Read more »


I hope you kick their teeth out, Mr. McDougall! This country has had just about enough of The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia!

Don in 805

Yes I am

Don in 805

Yes I’ll put it on OneDrive and set up a link.

Don in 805

Posted it 2X.

Deplorable Bill

Suing them is a good start Don. These people are criminal and they should be arrested, held without bail, tried, convicted and then hung as the traitors they are. That day is coming.

Arm up, carry on.