Biden’s Odious Remarks on Curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights – Part 2

Democrat Joe Biden declared he would put anti-gun former Congressman Beto O’Rourke in as point man on guns during a Dallas rally. (Screen snip, YouTube, MSNBC)

U.S.A.-( Biden, like all scheming, Anti-Constitutionalist, Anti-Second Amendment, Neo-Liberal, Trans-nationalist, Globalist, Collectivist, Establishment politicians, is an obsequious, compliant stooge of the secretive Billionaire Globalist Corporatists. He duplicitously and hypocritically claims to support the Second Amendment, when he does not. He suggests that compelling Americans to compromise the exercise of their fundamental, primordial, immutable, unalienable right—such as forcing Americans to surrender their semiautomatic firearms, and confining ammunition magazine capacity—is fully consistent with his claim to support preservation of the elemental right of the people to keep and bear arms. He expects the American public to believe him. To accept Biden’s incoherent nonsense is the height of absurdity.

Worse than thieves, murderers, or cannibals, those who offer compromise slow you and sap your vitality while pretending to be your friends. They are not your friends. Compromisers are the enemies of all humanity, the enemies of life itself. Compromisers are the enemies of everything important, sacred, and true. ~ L. Neil Smith, Libertarian, novelist, and non-fiction writer; from his political essay “Lever Action”

Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles. ~Ayn Rand, writer and philosopher; from “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”

Does Biden hold the American citizenry in such low regard that he expects the citizenry to accept his deceitful lies as self-evident truths?

Who is Biden really fooling, here?

The word, ‘compromise,’ has two alternate, incompatible meanings. It can connote: a ‘settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions; namely ‘something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things;’ ‘an agreement between two sides who have different opinions, in which each side gives up something it had wanted.’ But, the word, can also connote, ‘a concession to something derogatory or prejudicial a compromise of one’s principles;’ namely, ‘to expose or make vulnerable to danger, suspicion, scandal, etc.; jeopardize: e.g., a military oversight that compromised the nation’s defenses.’

It is clear how Biden and, by extension, how all Radical Left and New Progressive Left Democrats use the word, ‘compromise,’ apropos of the Second Amendment. They suggest, deceitfully to the public, that they mean, ‘negotiate,’ “commonsense” restrictions on the exercise of the natural right. But, what they really mean, if only tacitly, is to eventually ‘prohibit’ exercise of the natural right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Biden’s remarks amount to a mouthful of bland, flat, bald-faced lies and gross exaggerations, assuming one can decipher his remarks at all, as so many incoherent declarations emanate from him. Mostly, his remarks devolve into a series of rambling incoherent musings, inconsistencies, and mind-numbing disconcerting schizophasia—meaningless blather—all but impossible to unscramble, and apt to cause a migraine headache for anyone who tries.

Listening to Biden yap brings to mind the comedian Irwin Corey, the master of double-talk. The two would have made a fabulously successful comedy team in the fashion of Abbott and Costello, and the Smothers Brothers. Biden has missed his true calling.

The sad and tragic thing is that Biden expects to be taken seriously. If he were a stand-up comic, it would be amusing to listen to him, all the more so since he tends to come across as patronizing—a nice touch were that a part of his comic skit. Biden must think that the failure of the public to understand him is due to the inability of most people to fully appreciate the intricacies of his genius; his mind a steel-trap; impossible for those of lesser intellect to fathom.

The Washington Examiner had this to say about Biden, back in 2019:

“Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic front-runner crowd, left some in the crowd at the Iowa State Fair mystified when he told them: ‘We choose truth over facts.’

Does Biden know what he is talking about? I don’t and I would assume you don’t. And my guess is that Biden doesn’t know what he is talking about either.

The words, ‘true’ and ‘false’ are referred to in logic as “Truth-bearers.” Truth-bearers aren’t facts, and facts aren’t truth-bearers. And, Biden is correct, although unwittingly, when he implies that truth-bearers are not facts. But, that has nothing to do with the notion of choice. One doesn’t choose truth over facts or facts over truth. That assertion is incongruous.

Logicians, mathematicians, and epistemologists do not conceive of facts and truth-bearers as incompatible things; as antinomies. Facts and Truth-Bearers are two distinct kinds of things, but the two do work in tandem.

And there are many different theories of truth. Under a typical theory, say, the correspondence theory, ‘truth’ does make use of ‘facts;’ better referred to as ‘events;’ or better yet, ‘states of affairs.’ A proposition is said to be ‘true’ if it corresponds with or mirrors a ‘fact,’ and a proposition is said to be ‘false’ if it doesn’t correspond to a fact. Thus, the proposition, ‘Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States,’ is said to be true, if the event, state of affairs, or “fact,” does comes to pass, i.e., corresponds with or mirrors the fact that Joe Biden does become President of the United States. And, the proposition is said to be false if the event, state of affairs or fact, does not come to pass. Whatever event happens to transpire, the event, (or state of affairs, or fact) is not itself, ‘true’ or ‘false;’ it simply is or is not. But the proposition or statement about the matter is the thing to which one properly utilizes the concept of truth, under the typical correspondence theory of truth.

Now, when Biden says that, “We choose truth over facts,” it may be Biden is enunciating or, at least, intimating a new, dramatic theory of truth. If there is anything to it, the impact on our understanding of logic, mathematics, epistemology and of any of the hard sciences—indeed, on the very notion of reality and ‘real things,’ impacting ontology, metaphysics, and information science—must be drastically revised; and Biden ought to be lecturing at M.I.T. or Cal Tech, and not wasting his talents on the campaign trail, yapping it up in front of we, the mere Hoi Polloi.

The question of Biden’s mental acumen, for Americans, were he to become U.S. President, is no small matter. It is material and profound: Is Joe Biden a genius in disguise or an idiot? If the former, we should take notice. He may be a Godsend; or the Devil incarnate, heralding the End of Days, not only for Americans but for all of humanity. And, if he is a dolt, then the prospects for our Nation, our Constitution, and our people is no less horrifying, if he were to become U.S. President. In either event, evil genius or dullard, it says something, not particularly pleasant, about the Democrat Party that they would thrust Biden on all of us; that this is the Party’s best prospect for our Country; that he is the Great Hope they are banking on to defeat their nemesis, Donald Trump. Be not mistaken: Such horrors await us beyond imagining if Biden ekes out a win in 2020 and takes possession of the Oval Office. We will all be catapulted head over heels, into a Hellish realm. The Hellraiser Horror film franchise comes to mind.

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Watch out there! You almost made me think a little bit. It’s a dangerous prospect.


Biden has been brain dead for decades. The only reason obama picked him was that Biden was so nuts and weak he could never be a threat to obozo. Creepy Joe belongs in a mental institution and obozo in prison as a traitor.


If we hand in our guns to the government either piecemeal or all at once what is going to protect us from the government?


HAW-HAW-HAW!!! Love the handle! Beauty! ✩✩✩✩✩

From one “Jewboy” to another: Shalom, bubaleh!


Aside from the useless torture of a purported difference between “truth” and “fact,” the article’s point of Biden being a nincompoop was tolerable.

To most sane people unencumbered with ‘intelectual’ pretense, there literally is no difference between truth and fact. Facts are in and of themselves true, and truth is in and of itself factual.


Wild Bill

@TB, I agree with you. Having said that I would like to point out a new libtard theory that each person has their own “truth”. So, I suppose that there are over 7 billion separate and district “truths” in the world today, according to their group think.
By extension, I guess that, again according to their group think there exists no such thing as truth or truth is a word without meaning. Which explains a lot of libtard behavior.


Yup. It be so.

Mike H

What Commie article are you referring to Patriot?


Methinks he was put off by the ‘intelectual’ pretense. Most commie academics speak in such terms, dissecting that which needs none to cement their ‘intelectual’ cred.

Dave in Fairfax

Teebone, OTOH, Lawyers are taught to use language precisely, and accurately, which is what this article is trying to show. Academia wasn’t involved.

Mike H

That first sentence is sure a mouthful, but it does capture the essence of who Biden is pretty well. Here is my scenario for the 2020 election (warning – intended as humor): Biden wins the election, picks Bernie for VP (to avoid losing the leftist vote, Bernie claims to be a transgender so that Biden can say he kept his promise to appoint a female VP). The Republicans retain the Senate and recapture the House. Soon after the inauguration, Biden is given the 25th Amendment (i.e., he become Dr. Demento) and Bernie has the “Big One” making the Speaker of… Read more »


S’cuse me while I yuk it up. [grin]


Senator Senile Biden, “I’ didn’t take your guns, Beto did”.
“I’m not going to take your guns, Beto will”. “Tell me again who’s Beto?”


This article is so poorly written. This guy must be paid by the word. I agree with the writer’s premiss but you have to properly use words and really know the meaning of those words. There is so much useless garbage in this article that it’s almost unreadable. Thanks but no thanks.


praps he was speakin to higher intellects ? I hed no trubal undestedin heem.


For those who decide to vote for Biden pay close attention to who he selects as his VP. Within six months of taking office the Democrats will declare him mentally unfit for office due to his declining mental state and remove him from office. He will only be a temporary figurehead of their party. Their true plan is to get the VP elected and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be Hillary.


Governor Cuomo, can’t get anymore anti 2A then Cumquat!


I think if they get him elected he probably won’t make it to the inauguration, it will be his vice that gets inaugurated with a new pick for a new vice. Neither will be Americans who are for this country or its people.


The democrats simply expect the American people to bow down to their desires and kiss their freedom good by.
Sadly, there are those in this country who, will, surrender to the left without a thought of the consequences of giving up their freedom. They will be sacrificed on the alters of communism and fed like slop to the rest of the slaves under the heel of the left. No hope, no change.


In Cuba the young officer knocked on the door and demanded your guns, with a platoon of goons out side. There’s a story about the Nazi’s entering a village in Belgium, where like Cuba guns were registered. They were looking for a Luger, but the people didn’t know where it was, so they just started shooting them one at a time, “where’s the Luger.” I think the Democrats are seriously mistaken because the blue/red map as well as the COVID-19 map show that the majority of blue areas as well as corona are in major more heavily populated counties run… Read more »