Federal Government Must Designate Gun Stores as “Essential” Businesses

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Federal Government Must Designate Gun Stores as “Essential” Businesses

Springfield, VA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners of California (GOC) have released a letter today formally requesting that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which operates under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, declare that the firearms industry and retail gun stores are “essential” businesses.

CISA recently issued a national advisory entitled Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce: Ensuring Community and National Resilience in COVID-19 Response.

The GOA/GOC letter is in response to CISA’s invitation of March 19, 2020, to propose modifications to that Guidance.

Signed by GOA’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt and GOC’s Executive Director Sam Paredes, the letter states “GOA and GOC urge you to modify that Guidance to include in the list of critical infrastructure the Firearms Industry — those businesses which manufacture and sell firearms, ammunition, and accessories, and repair firearms, and related businesses, that together provide and maintain the necessary tools to Americans to protect themselves and their families, and to serve as part of the unorganized militia of the United States. 10 U.S.C. § 246.”

Although the language in the CISA Guidance is specific to the Defense Industry, it does not, however clearly protect the Firearms Industry. As noted in the letter, this industry “is a central component of the munitions industry and has served an essential role in the founding of the nation, and the preservation of freedom here and around the world.” As such, many jurisdictions throughout the country have affixed arbitrary conclusions to the Guidance that quite clearly, trample on an individual’s Second Amendment rights.

The letter can be viewed here.

Gun Owners of America GOA logoErich Pratt, or another GOA spokesperson, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over two million members and activists.

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Teresa Samuel

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Take your lying BS somewhere else. Typical lying Democrat!


If Liquor stores are Essential” Businesses My Church is Essential but the governor of North Carolina is closing Churches with a limit of ten person limit loop hole. At a time like this we need God in our lives and the Church is the most Essential but gun store are also essential to our safety.
God Bless

Mike H

Yes, but so far it has changed nothing in either PA or NJ, both of which are under lock down. The document is a “Guidance” and does nothing to force anti-2A Governors to change one iota. It may, however, help us win the lawsuits that are currently in effect.


Wow, after my comment about the right and left do not really care about USA I read some of the posts, and it may finally be Our Time. By Our I mean all of USA both the left and the right, and the rest of USA might finally agree that it is time to Take Our Government Back. MY 55 years of voting tells me We All Need To Work Together! Yes we can fight, disagree, and argue, but in the end we Settle on what is best for All Of USA. Throw em all out with your vote. Actually… Read more »


Well as I have known for 55 years of voting the right and left really don’t much care about US. You read that correctly, if the right really carried we would have National Carry, and most Government Buildings would no longer be Gun Free Zones. Both the right and left are afraid of US, sad as they main job is Serve and Protect. Free Your Mind, BE Party Blind.


In a Free-market, Capitalist society it is the consumer, and in a Republic the citizen, who decides what is “essential”. In a Socialist tyranny, the government decides.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton just released his official opinion on the issue of cities and counties failing to exempt firearms stores from closure.
Paxton stated that municipal and county officials may not use their emergency powers under section 418.108 of the Government Code to regulate or restrict the sale of firearms.

Wild Bill

@Bowser, Ahhhh Texas!


ALL businesses are “essential”. It’s how the employees and owners SURVIVE. Now there is ONE entity that I view and many are starting to realize that is NOT essential, and that is psychopathic control freaks running the “government” in many cases in direct violation of their contract with We The People when it comes to the Constitution.


CISA? Good God! As if we didn’t have enough Federal bureaucrat agencies already screwing around with the 2nd Amendment. Shall not be infringed is not a difficult concept.


It is “not a difficult concept” for SANE people. Liberals have a more difficult time with any such concept.

Heed the Call-up

Joe, please do not malign Liberals by using the Leftist’s misnomer. First step of eradication of a disease is properly identifying it.


Here in Florida, They closed our outdoor ranges, canceled our gun shows, even closed the Damn beaches! Nobody gives a flying F*ck!
Worse yet.the Local Bird Cage liner prints a story the other day about how the courageous Sheriff’s deputies are patrolling the beaches to keep the serfs off the Kings sand! We wouldn’t wa;t anyone out there poaching the Kings fish now would we!

Wild Bill

@Hippy, A guy would think that the county sheriffs would know better than to keep the serfs out of the surf because the sheriff is subject to the election cycle his own self.


Democrat voters have short memories and are often just not very smart. A Dem candidate will say, “The beaches had to be closed because of Trump’s failure to act in time.” That will be good enough for the Democrat drones. They’re the people who demanded straight ticket ballots. Insufficient attention span to read through an entire ballot.


@HB – Saw that there was a video of deputies accosting a lone man as he return from the surf. If goal is social distancing, seems to me it’s hard to get much more isolated than alone in the surf off a vacant beach. Not like this is a waterborne disease.


^^^gestapo!!! buoyed by their own self importance.^^^


Houston Chief of Police, first let criminals out of jail. Then announced that we must OBEY AND COMPLY with rules about congregating and such, else we will be subject to $2,000 fine and 180 days in jail. There is space available in the jails for citizens now that the criminals have been turned loose. Luckly the Texas AG has said cities and counties may NOT close gun stores, as they are essential businesses.


Don;t the eedjits know that sunshine, clean air, balmy breezes are dome of the deadliest things for a virus? They’d rather have us cooped up in our houses, no natural vitamin D, no fresh air, no moving about, which is also good for you.
It almost seems as if tose who have been stumping for a reductioni of the population to less than a third what it is now are behind this madness.

May THEY lead the way…


The beach is probably the best place to be, fresh air and sunshine kill viruses. Read that New Smyrna beach is open.

Will Flatt

You sure won’t ever find the useless NRA ever doing this.

Gun stores are essential in so many ways! Essential to public and private safety, essential to national defense, essential to the economy, the list goes on!

Green Mtn. Boy


Correct it’s the usual suspects that do the heavy lifting GOA,SAF and FPC,of course Negotiating Rights Away will try to claim credit.


Whenever you’ve seen NRA and someone else (usually SAF) taking action, it means the someone else did all the work, and NRA jumped in at the 11th hour with a #metoo.


There is no NATIONAL EMERGENCY, this entire thing is a staged Coup(yes I said it),THE DEEP STATE is till trying to take out Trump.
Flu has killed 3x’s as many as this and we all sit at home like idiots.


If other death stats were published each day with the china virus stats, the public would have a better perspective. For example, CDC says this season’s flu and flu complications (usually pneumonia) have killed 41,000 Americans, and another American dies of heart disease every 37 seconds. Makes chinavirus looked kinda lame, eh?


and don’t you DARE mention the woman, in her fifties, in Mexico City who had a massive heart attack and died in hospital…. after she was gone, they tested her and found her to be COVID 19 positive. Guess what cause of death was listed?

Green Mtn. Boy

Gun Stores are “Essential” Businesses

As a enumerate right in a national emergency is the first amendment prohibited/suspended,I think not and the second shouldn’t be infringed on either as is not a second class right, treated as such is clearly unConstitutional.

Will Flatt

@GMB – Last I looked in the Constitution, there are NO provisions for the suspension of our Rights in the event of an emergency or time of public danger. If they do this, they’re violating their Oath and waging war on the American people!


And should be removed from office by “We the People”..

Will Flatt

Physically removed, yes