Never a Dull Moment with Outdoor Edge’s New Six-Piece Combo Blade Set

Outdoor Edge Six-Piece Combo Blade Set
Outdoor Edge Six-Piece Combo Blade Set

DENVER –  -( Designed to accommodate any of the Outdoor Edge 3.5-inch RazorSafe System knives, the new six-piece Skinning-Boning-Gutting combo blade set transforms any Outdoor Edge 3.5-inch RazorSafe knife into a complete field dressing and game processing solution; all with one knife that never needs sharpening.

Outdoor Edge’s Six-Piece Combo Blade Set

The new set comes complete with three different blade styles — drop-point, boning/fillet, and gutting — providing all the tools needed to take any big game animal from the field to the freezer with a surgically sharp blade at all times.

The set includes three replaceable 3.5-inch drop-point blades for skinning and general-purpose cuts, two 5.0-inch boning/fillet blades to prepare perfect cuts of meat for the table and one gutting blade; the newest replacement blade in the line to easily slice through hide and open game like a zipper without piercing any vital organs. Made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel, each of the six blades is precisely heat-treated and hand-finished surgically-sharp for an edge that makes even the biggest big game harvest feel small. Switching blades is as easy as a push of a button.

Each set of blades comes complete with a bright orange polymer blade box to store one of each of the three-blade styles after use. This new combo blade set significantly upgrades the utility and versatility of any of the Outdoor Edge patented 3.5-inch RazorSafe blade change system knives and will be available at retailers nationwide and conveniently online at this spring. It will retail for $16.95.

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