China, Not Russia, Poses The Gravest Threat To The United States

United States And China Flags iStock-Oleksii Liskonih 1089916444
United States And China Flags iStock-Oleksii Liskonih 1089916444

U.S.A.-( Despite the unrelenting seditious mainstream Press attack on the autocratic regime of Putin’s Russia, it is the autocratic regime of Xi Jinping’s China that has been, for decades, the greater and graver threat to our Nation’s free Constitutional Republic.

So, then, whether through accident or secretive, insidious design, the release of the Chinese Coronavirus into the world has had a devastating impact on both the physical health and well-being of our people and on our Nation’s economic health and upon the rest of the world. And this viral pandemic plays well for China in its ongoing quest for world economic and military domination.

As Xi asserts with great bombast and bravado, as reported by cnbc:

“We absolutely will not permit any person, any organization, any political party — at any time, in any form — to separate any piece of Chinese territory from China,” Xi said to applause. “No one should expect us to swallow the bitter fruit of damage to our sovereignty, security and development interests.”

Apparently, the Chinese Premier feels that Tibet is one of those Chinese territory pieces that China will not permit anyone to separate, and that includes the people of Tibet. And the U.S. doesn’t call China out!

Apart from geographical regions of the world that Premier Xi considers to be a “piece of Chinese territory,” Americans might rightfully ask if Xi’s “development interests,” extend to the United States. Does Xi wish to “swallow” the U.S.? Quite possibly. As illustrated in a CNBC youtube video, “Billions of dollars flow into the U.S. from China every year, and some of China’s biggest assets are held in New York.”

Investopedia reports that China holds $1.1 Trillion of American debt.

What this means is that China need not attempt to destroy the U.S. militarily. Why would it bother to do so? why would it want to and risk its own demise, when it can pursue a safer course, purchasing the major assets of the U.S., making the U.S. into a satellite of China and hasten things along, by obliterating the economy and weakening the American spirit through the mechanism of a viral plague.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, there exists another threat to America’s free Constitutional Republic and to the preservation of a free sovereign people.

A major aim of the Western Neoliberal Globalist Collectivist elites’ agenda is to pull the U.S. into its own orbit. The U.S. is caught in the middle between the two, in a viselike grip: Xi Jinping in the East, and the Neoliberal Globalist Collectivist elites of the West; each operating like an immense, competing private equity Goliath; each seeking to commandeer America’s many assets into its own portfolio, and in the process, hollowing out our once Great Nation.

Unfortunately, Radical Left and New Progressive Left politicians and multinational business interests in this Nation, have, themselves, no love of and, apparently, no further use for the U.S. continuing as an independent, sovereign Nation-State, and for a free sovereign people.

These ruthless, voracious Collectivist forces want our Nation-State to die, and with the unleashing of the Chinese Coronavirus, they realize they have a vehicle to hasten the Nation’s death, along with reducing the citizenry population envisioning a new transnational world order, emanating from both the ruins of the U.S. and the Nations of Europe.

Perhaps this new world order will comprise a Duopoly: a world in which China, on the one hand, and the Neoliberal Collectivist Globalist elites of Europe and the U.S., on the other, divide the world up between them. And the seditious carpetbaggers, among the Democrats and Centrist Bush Republicans wouldn’t mind making a little profit, for themselves, from the “estate” sale of our Nation.

Through Democrat Party ascendancy—with Biden as U.S. President, before he most certainly, and unceremoniously, steps down, in favor of his Vice-President successor, this would obviously benefit many anti-Constitutional, anti-American interests, at home, who see the divestiture of U.S. assets with greedy eyes.

It is the American people who will lose out. But, then, the well-being of our citizenry is and has been of little, if any, consequence to domestic and foreign profiteers anyway.*

*Biden and his son have made out like bandits selling America out for their own selfish interests. See NY Post article

And then there are the Multinational corporate executives, safely ensconced in the U.S., along with Congressional Democrats, who appear more concerned about their personal well-being than of the well-being of our Nation. See, e.g., the hightower lowdown

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jack mac

China, can pose a grave threat to our country. The gravest, are those within that are already successfully attacking our liberty. Distractions, from our counter-attacking, is not to be allowed. This includes being distracted by the incompetence of some in China that released a deadly virus on to the planet.


Time for the Young and Old to step up to the plate, get a mit, get into the game, or go by the way of the Dodo…

jack mac

RJL: Time to step out, get a gun and rope, we are already in the “game”.


You can line up the Chinese two abreast and double-time them into the sea forever. That’s a lot!