Grizzly Cartridge Co Brings an Authentic Edge to the .45 Colt

Grizzly .45 Long Colt
Grizzly Cartridge just introduced a new loading for the .45LC.

Rainier, OR -( God created man, Sam Colt made ‘em equal and Grizzly Cartridge Co. made ‘em better with a new cowboy-action load. The round is an authentic reproduction of a traditional .45 Colt cartridge with the precision and attention to detail Grizzly is well-known for.

Whether you’re into cowboy-action shooting competition, target practice or just like to use a single-action .45 or lever gun for your own enjoyment, this new load from Grizzly is right for you. It comes with a precision-cast 250-grain round nose, flat point lead bullet matched with a perfectly blended powder combination. Muzzle velocity is just right, at 750 feet per second giving you consistent shots with accurate bullet speed and performance. You’ll be ready to get the drop on those bandits trying to rustle your herd.

Grizzly Cartridge Co. ammunition brings you hand-loaded performance in factory loaded rounds. Each round is carefully loaded in the USA, under the strictest guidelines. If you’re a cowboy action shooter, you likely own a .45 Colt. And if you want the best ammo to run through your .45, you need to find yourself some of these rounds from Grizzly Cartridge Co.

Grizzly Cartridge Logo
Grizzly Cartridge Logo

About Grizzly Cartridge Co.
In 2003 Grizzly Cartridge Company started with the idea from founder Mike Rintoul, that all engineering, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance and service functions for every product would routinely undergo his personal inspection, maintaining the highest level of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. That same commitment goes into every product made and sold, including the Cast Performance bullets. The company is committed to providing shooters and hunters with innovative and quality products. The trained professionals offer you unparalleled support to ensure all of your adventures in the great outdoors will be enjoyable and successful.

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Very accurate from my 7 1/2″ Colt SAA !!!!!


$35.00 per box. And then there’s shipping… $31.22 If ordering one box, then the cost is $66.22 per box. Order three boxes, then the cost is $136.19 (more than $45 per box). This is one reason why I reload. I can reload .45 Colt for $8.00 per box if I already have the brass.

Not a good deal.

Some guy

Just gouging. Nothing to see here. My old hogleg probably won’t shoot this shit anyhow. I bet it has bullets WAY too hard, all commercial .45 does… least for my gun.

Green Mtn. Boy

Grizzly Cartridge Co Brings an Authentic Edge to the .45 Colt

If they truly did bring a authentic 45 colt loading out, it would be that type of bullet over black powder.

Greg K

Exactly what I was thinking


Good info Jim, gotta love that name, ‘Grizzly Cartridge’. Also love that .45 Colt in Blackhawk!