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U.S.A.-( Got Lever Action? If the answer is No, then my condolences to you because really don’t know what you’re missing out on! A combination of fine American Steel, Wood, and Brass. Hand cranking everything from 22lr all the way up to 45-70 into the chamber always equals fun and enjoyment. Founded by Louis & Anthony Imperato, in Brooklyn NY. Henry Repeating Arms has been producing the highest quality Lever Actions based on Benjamin Tyler Henry’s original rifle since 1996.

Daniel Clayton-Luce Henry Repeating Arms Communications Director]

Daniel Clayton-Luce is Henry’s Communications Director and he joined me via Skype from his office in Pittsburg on Friday for this exclusive interview for AmmoLand News. Henry manufactures over 300,000 guns a year, in both New Jersey and Wisconsin, employs close to 500 people and easily ranks itself amongst the top five firearms companies in the country. We thought you would probably be very interested in knowing how the company and it employees are faring during the Covid-19 crisis? Unfortunately, Daniel tells us that Henry decided to close their Bayonne, New Jersey plant for the safety of its employees living and working in one of our country’s major epicenters for this disease. Thankfully at the time of this article, he says that none of the 300 plus employees in New Jersey have contracted the virus, however, Henry’s leadership made the decision to shutter the plant with their workers best interests at heart. They do however hope to have the facility reopened by the first of June.

With sales of firearms at an all-time high prompted partially by the government shutdown. Naturally, the next question I had, was just how much does this unfortunate news affect the availability of Henry’s Rifles and Shotguns? In response, Daniel explained that each of their two facilities builds the guns in their over 100 skew lineup from start to completion, they take pride in their motto Made In America or Not At All. So availability depends on what gun is made where. For example, their Popular AR-7 Survival 22 rifle (which can be disassembled and stored in its own floatable polymer stock), is currently made in New Jersey. So that makes it one of the guns not actually being made right now. However, they are looking to also produce them and other guns in Wisconsin.

So Is a Henry Rifle a Safe Queen? Are they just good looking, fun range toys? Sure they’ve been used reliably by many people for hunting and sport over the last twenty four years. Can a Henry Rifle be a practical tactical gun though? Daniel’s response is that these very questions have been the guiding factor behind Henry Repeating Arms over the last few years adding features like side-loading, threaded barrels and even switching to black polymer furniture in their X-Models line of rifles and shotguns.

Hank Strange with Axe .410 Shotgun
Axe .410 Shotgun

A Perfect example of which would be their new Axe .410 shotgun, you can find a review for that on my channel here:

Our conversation turned lastly to Henry’s efforts to give back to not only the folks in the gun community, we also discussed their efforts to help out Americans in need. For example, they recently raised over $78,000 to help with treatments for two young children sadly stricken with cancer by donating over 120 guns specially designed for each child (a boy and girl) by Henry’s President Anthony Imperato. May 1st also marked four years since Henry’s history-making 1000 Man Shoot Event, which I was part of and we spent our final moments reminiscing on just how cool that all was. Its been more than 8 weeks of Lockdown thus far, so we’re all looking forward to meeting up in person at the next big gun event, in the meanwhile, it was great talking with Daniel and I hope you guys take the time to check out the video attached.

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Hank Strange is an Enthusiastic Supporter of The Second Amendment, An Avid Filmmaker, Writer, Blogger, Music Producer, and Digital Artist: Hank is a Prolific YouTube Content Creator having Published over 1000 Videos to date relating to Lifestyle in the realms of Firearms, Cars, and Technology. A Proud American Citizen Since 2003 Hank was born of Mixed Race Parentage (his Father having African Ancestry and his Mother being of East Indian Ancestry amongst others) in Guyana, South America. He has traveled to a few places in the world with his Family living in London, England, and Nigeria in West Africa before settling in NYC. Hank & His Wife Lola are both Federal Firearms Licensees and currently live and work in Florida. Passionately Pursuing The Lifestyles Of The Locked And Loaded! Tune in to the daily Gun Culture News “Podshow” Who Moved my Freedom Podcast (WMMF) on the LIfestyles of the Locked and Loaded youtube channel. Hank’s work can also be seen on, Facebook, Instagram, his Personal Blog, and other Social Media.

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Wild Bill

Ok, Hank Strange, I need your help. I have been shooting the Liberty .357 (50 grain bullet, 2100 fps) ammunition out of a certain lever carbine. At 100 meters it shoots 13.5 inches high. Right to left is just about perfect. Where, mathematically, does the bullet come back to zero? What the heck is the ballistic arch?

Wild Bill

Really? Nothing? All those intelligent and knowledgeable shooters out there, and no help.


Why in the hell would anybody in this time and date build a rifle manufacturing facility in a blue state sorry guys but you deserve anything that you get. You manufacture and pay taxes and strengthen the blue states but yet you’re only supported by those in the red.


More than likely, Mr. Imperato made the decision to move from Brooklyn, NY (another less-than-gun friendly, blue state) to NJ, because he found a good deal on the manufacturing facility. Also, at the time, NJ’s Governor was Chris Christie, who showed no antipathy to gun owning and manufacturing.