Winchester Ammunition Unveils Diamond Elite Shot Shells

Winchester Diamond Elite
Winchester Ammunition just unveiled its new Diamond Elite shotgun ammunition. IMG Winchester

U.S.A. -( The wait is over. The new Winchester1 AA1 Diamond Grade1 premier shotshell target load is now shipping to a store or sporting clay course near you. With four different varieties to choose from, this new shotshell is the ultimate in quality and performance.

Winchester AA shotshells have been the gold standard in target loads for more than 50 years. Boasting premium hard shot, a high-strength reloadable hull and the patented AA wad, Winchester AA shotshells are a favorite among sport shooters worldwide.

Winchester Diamond Shotshell Chronograph
The load data for all the new Diamond Elite series.

The Winchester AA shotshell line gets even better on the range in 2020 with the introduction of AA Diamond Grade, which is designed to deliver more round pellets with higher energy retention downrange for dense, consistent, hard-hitting patterns that crush clay targets.

A key differentiator in this target shotshell is the AA Diamond Grade Shot. The 8% antimony (hardening alloy) is four times more antimony than standard target loads, resulting in the hardest copper-plated shot available to target shooters. The shot is also precision sorted, meaning only the most round shot makes the grade and is used.

“Winchester AA Diamond Grade is a shotshell for sport shooters who want the very best ammunition when it matters most,” said Matt Campbell, vice president sales & marketing. “We want to develop new products that meet the needs of our customers … AA Diamond Grade includes key features and benefits that sporting clays shooters and target shooters will understand and appreciate.”

Key AA Diamond Grade features include:

  • AA Diamond Grade Shot
  • Precision sorted, copper-plated, 8% antimony (the hardest shot available)
  • The famous AA wad
  • Cushions the acceleration forces on the shot
  • Prevents shot deformation
  • Increases velocity
  • Reduces felt recoil
  • A high nickel-plated head for smooth extraction

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What will they cost?


– Ad I see right below article asks $21.88 per 25, 2.75” – #8 – either 20 or 12 gauge