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U.S.A.-( When David Saylors started Georgia based Liberty Suppressors in 2004 there weren’t more than a handful of commercial silencer manufacturers operating in the country, even though sound suppressive devices for firearms have been around for more than a hundred years. In Dave’s own words (punctuated with his soft-spoken southern drawl) “NFA wasn’t really all that cool up till eighty-six”. After all not everyone wants to buy what essentially looks like a cylindrical metal tube on the outside, pay a $200 Tax stamp, fill out paperwork and wait half a year (if the gods of ATF paperwork are on your side) just to take home and twist on a muffler to their favorite handgun or rifle.

“It was a very small close-knit circle of gun enthusiasts who enjoyed the NFA hobby…”, he states in our interview. “People just didn’t delve into it!” Don’t get me wrong here, if you’ve been enjoying guns long enough you probably realize what I do: Shooting guns are just a way more enjoyable and eardrum safe a pastime with the assistance of those awesome boring metal tubes!”

David Saylors Liberty Suppressors with 50 BMG Behemoth Can

The inconvenient truth is it just shouldn’t be so frustratingly complicated for free people to own silencers in America! In some other countries, where they haven’t been vilified as tools only for assassins, they’re actually required equipment for shooting guns. And they require no license, permits or tax stamps to purchase. Looking at the timeline for popularity and sales for Suppressors since they were first conceived and sold commercially in 1902 by Hiram Percy Maxim (who coincidently helped develop mufflers for Internal Combustion Engines).

As Dave says in our interview: “Until the late 90’s early 2000’s when the internet made the general populace aware, that’s when it really blew up!” It’s true, the internet in its various forms like YouTube, Instagram etc. Have cultivated and spawned more and more gun guys (myself included), who have grown up into sophisticated aficionados who appreciate the subtle yet glorious benefits of Machine Guns, Short Barrel Rifles and Suppressors. Insert gratuitous exclamation “Merica!” right here.”

During our interview, Dave gives us a sneak peek at Liberty’s latest offering their custom order 50 BMG can known as the Behemoth built for bolt action or single shot 50 Cals. Lately, I’ve been wondering if the massive uptick in firearms sales since the Covid-19 Lockdown came along and ended the “Trump Slump” was affecting the Silencer Industry just as positively? That is why in this series of catching up interviews I really wanted to speak to a Suppressor Industry leader like David Saylors. His take on the current state of the suppressor industry is probably not what you’d expect, and you’ll have to indulge yourself in the video to fully listen to all his thoughts. What I will say here is that he shared two main points I think we all need to remember: One Dave thinks the market is still down 20 percent year over year for his part of the Industry. And two he feels that his business is one that is very political, “For the large part of it mainly just depends on the news”, he says “the news drives this very strongly!”

Unfortunately, that makes business either better or worse for entrepreneurs in the Silencer side of the Industry. For example in 2016 the Industry, experts and politicians led us to believe Suppressors would soon be removed from the National Firearms Act restrictions. That belief led to sales of Silencers falling off the charts as everyone just decided to wait for lawmakers to swoop in and save us…News Flash: They never swooped! So we got the aforementioned “Trump Slump”. I’ve known Dave and his family for quite a few years now and have had the opportunity to test quite a few of Liberty Suppressor offerings and some of those videos are even still allowed on the YouTubes. For the others you’ll have to stretch your fingertips to the link for our channel on GunStreamer. If you’re interested in buying your first suppressor, or getting insight into what’s happening in the Silencer space I feel the wisdom shared by David Saylors in this video will be a valuable source, thanks for taking the time to both watch and read. We’ll see you on the next Catching Up Episode.

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