Propaganda aimed at Self Defense in Albuquerque Shooting

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U.S.A.-( In New Mexico, on June 15, the police were pulled back, refusing to arrest people as they attempted to destroy public property. Leftist media called the situation a protest. It was a propaganda event meant to intimidate and demoralize.

Residents of the area, including local militia members, attempted to prevent the destruction of the statue.  Mindful of a hostile, leftist media, armed militia members were careful not to engage in violence, or to be baited by leftist agitators.

Steven Baca, a former political candidate, was videoed scuffling with leftists who were working to destroy the statue. He appears to have taken the bait of one or two leftist women, shoving them out of the way, or pulling/pushing one to the ground. The local militia has said Baca is not associated with them.

Baca decided to retreat from the event, perhaps after being threatened by masked leftists. He is struck with a green skateboard, wielded by a masked man in black clothes, but remains upright and continues to retreat. A group of leftists pursue him, strike him again, and knock him to the ground. As he is on the ground, being attacked, he fires a pistol four times, striking one of the attackers. One of his attackers has a skateboard. It may be the person who struck him earlier, but it is not clear.

A few seconds later a person is seen running from the area, holding a skateboard.

Link to bitchute video of the event

KRQE characterized the incident as militia members firing at protestors. From

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department has identified the man arrested in connection to the shooting of a protester near Old Town on Monday, June 15. Video posted to Facebook shows protesters trying to tear down the statue of conquistador Juan de Oñate on the corner of Mountain and 19th Street.

Shortly after, APD says an armed militia calling themselves the New Mexico Civil Guards fired shots at protesters. One person was hit and is now fighting for their life in the hospital.

Once police arrived at the scene in armored vehicles, cell phone video sent in after the shooting shows members of the civil guard on the ground getting handcuffed. Witnesses at the scene tell KRQE News 13 dozens of individuals called APD for help before the shooting as tensions rose but police arrived after the protester was shot. Police say the individuals were taken into custody for questioning. Tear gas was thrown by authorities into the crowd to keep people away from the scene.

The organized militia had nothing to do with the shooting, which seems to be justified self-defense.

Under American law, you are not allowed to start an altercation, then escalate it, then use deadly force, and be justified in doing so.

If you are involved in an altercation, then retreat, attempting to end the altercation, you regain your ability to use force, even deadly force, in self-defense. gives a more complete picture of what happened.


Stephen Ray Baca, 31, was arrested and jailed on suspicion of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Baca was once a candidate for the Albuquerque City Council and is the son of a former Bernalillo County sheriff.

Baca had been among those trying to protect the statue when protesters “appeared to maliciously pursue him,” according to a criminal complaint. Video posted on social media showed protesters hitting Baca with a skateboard, punching him and chasing him before he opened fire.

Mayor Tim Keller said during a news conference that Baca appeared to be “agitating at the protest well before this shooting took place.” The mayor pointed to a video that showed Baca throwing a woman to the ground and said investigators were still interviewing witnesses, reviewing video and working on a full account of what happened. It wasn’t clear what precipitated the interaction with Baca and the woman.

This source contains a video showing the altercation between Baca and the women at the statue. From

Witnesses and cell phone video show Stephen Ray Baca shoving several female protesters to the ground in an attempt to “protect” the statue.

Steven Baca (Steven is correct, Stephan is an error) was arrested and charged.  When the video showing the confrontation surfaced, the charges were, at least temporarily, dropped.  None of Baca’s attackers have been arrested or charged.

Mayor Keller went further. He stated he wishes to amend the New Mexico Constitution to give cities the ability to decide who may be armed, and when they would be allowed to do so.  It seems Mayor Keller is allied with the group that attacked Baca. This is how political terror works. Remove legal protections from the population; use political power to immunize the unaccountable enforcers, often designated as “community” groups.

It is difficult to do this when the victims are legally armed.

Still, Keller said he was concerned about the group and used the incident to call on state lawmakers to consider gun control measures during their next session, specifically a possible amendment to the state Constitution that would give cities the power to regulate the right to bear arms.

At the same time, political terrorists claim the victims are evil people who must be controlled or destroyed. They are the designated scapegoats, who are allowed to be attacked and victimized.

Why haven’t any of the people who attacked Baca been arrested? Until they are, the working assumption is because they are political allies of Mayor Keller.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Baca made the fundamental mistake of trying to be a citizen of a Constitutional Republic while living in a Progressive Utopia. Here is the rule of law at work in this blue paradise: show me the man and I will show you the crime. Prosecutors will put on a show trial and vilify him in the press well before the case is actually completed. The next step will be more city and county measures to make sure that citizens are fully disarmed in the face of thugs like Antifa. And they call this progress.

Wild Bill

@Ring, I note with interest how the mayor used the police to interdict the people that were trying to protect their community. Police in libtard controlled cities are the private army of the libtard mayors. Absent the police these people could have protected their community. Absent the police we could solve these problems overnight.


The root of this form of corruption is NOT “the police” as a universal set. No, it is the police as loyal minion of power-mongering control freak government figures such as this mayor, and those of other cities that are being destroyed wantonly. I read wiht great delight the account of how local militia (as in the common man, armed and skilled) in Coeur d’Alene Idaho worked closely with their local police force. Not one window was broken in Cd’A. Meanwhile, thirty five miles east in Spokane, part of the fiefdom of Washington’s Jay Inslee, the wretch, had signficant violence… Read more »


Very appropriate citation of the Beria statement.

uncle dudley

After watching the protests, looting, and burning of buildings in some of the large cities in the U.S. I noticed in many of the videos people were carrying skateboards and using them to break windows or attack someone.
The person who hit the guy with the skateboard needs to be found and charged with aggravated assault with intent to do bodily harm and put in jail.


Skateboards can be seen at every riot. I have read elsewhere that these rioters have been told to use skateboards as weapons. They look innocent at first glance and while not considered a weapon, they can be used to inflict serious injury. The perfect non-weapon that can be used to Break a window or open a skull in a second. Nothing is by chance at these riots. They are coordinated efforts being managed based on operational experience.


Treedodger has it right. BothAntifa and BLM are training their minionis in all manner of subterfuge, stealth, putting on the inocence, etc. Of COURE no one would be arrested for the simple fact he has a bicycle.. which can, and has, been use used as a lethal weapon. Bikes are a bit ungainly, houwever. Espcially in colose quarters hand to hand situations, where these rebels prefer to function. Some have carried the massive U shaped bike locks, and those can also be deadly. But then one cah question the bearer as to WHY, if they rode their bike to the… Read more »


Also of note… check out how quickly the masked men (and woman) find urgent business elsewhere, as soon as their companion is down and screaming. One can almost set one’s watch by it. 🙂


@Dean – I agree with your analysis of events surrounding this shooting. Have been writing the same on moderate and leftist forums wherever this shooting is discussed and hope that other readers will do the same. Baca was scapegoated for defending himself and other than the hospitalized individual his attackers have escaped all consequences for their actions. NG arresting militia members went way above and beyond. My understanding is that after the shooting militia members surrounded Baca, effectively holding him for law enforcement while protecting him from the agitated mob. For saving lives they were zip tied, arrested, and publicly… Read more »


The law of the land in a Progressive Utopia: show me the man and I will show you the crime.

Charlie Foxtrot

Not a single member of the militia has been arrested! They have been detained, disarmed, questioned and let go!


This raises several important questions. Why didn’t the APD respond in a timely manner? Were they ordered not to respond and quiet things down. Why was Baca in an alteration with the two women? Did they attack him. After being beaten was Baca in fear of his life? If so then it was a justified shooting. Finally, why were the militia, who were not involved in the shooting, harassed, and none of the vandals treated likewise. All of this seems to be politically motivated.


Bullies of the New Left | An Organized Opposing Force of “Brownshirts”
by Ken Jorgustin | Jun 10, 2020 | LESSONS FROM HISTORY

“The “Bullies” of the New Left are groups like Antifa, BLM and others. It has been exceedingly clear. Their violence and rioting has gone unabated in cities governed by far leftists mayors and governors. They are, in essence, the enforcers – the intimidators – the agitators for New Left ideals, goals and aspirations.”

Continue Reading:


In my day they called themselves the Spartacus Youth League and Communist Revolutionary Youth Brigades. Not much has changed.


How many know what eventually happened to the “Brown shirts?”

Heed the Call-up

In simple terms, we know it did not end well for them. I do not know if they were the where the term “useful idiots” began, but it certainly is fitting.


Have you forgotten the FASCIST Black Shirts of Mussolini? ‘antifa’ and these communist/fascists of today are operating with the same tactics. HORASS, ATTACK, BLUDGEON another group. Then claim VICTIMIZATION when DEFENSIVE measures are RIGHTEOUSLY applied.


Antifa have been around since about 1923 or so. John Crump, regullar contributor here, nas written a VERY thorugh three part series on Antifa and BLM. First published here in 2017 it was republished a week or so back. If you really want to know about Antifa, BLM, and what/who are behind them and their goals, find those articles. Find one, there are links to the others inside.

Wild Bill

@wjd, BATFE was created by a memo from the then Sec. Treas. BATFE can be eliminated by revoking that memo. Infra: Who or What is the BATF? by Dan Meador. B.A.T.F. from I.R.S. On June 6, 1972 Acting Secretary of the Treasury, Charles E. Walker signed Treasury Order Number 120-01 which establishes the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. He did this with the stroke of his PEN citing, “by virtue of the authority vested in me as Secretary of the Treasury, including the authority in Reorganization Plan No. 26 of 1950.” He ordered the, “transfer, as specified herein, the… Read more »


I have been SHOUTING that the “bureaucracy of the atf” was created ILLEGALLY by the “irs” for years. You have given a name to the ILLICIT creator and a time-line. It IS PAST time to have the ILLEGAL “atf bureaucracy” disbanded. Thank You. ONLY CONGRESS SHALL MAKE LAWS that apply to American Citizens. These OFFICES CANNOT CREATE bureaucratic POLITBUROS: NOT the “Judicial Branch”, NOT the “Executive Branch” nor any Bureaucracies created by any “Branch” of government!!!!! ALL of these politburos ARE ILLEGAL. This includes the “atf/atfb/atfbe bureau” and also the “daca bureau” along with many of the other three, four… Read more »


@WB in an ideal world a memo would eliminate ATF and all of it”s evils. Unfortunately the more likely result would be Homeland Security absorbing ATF responsibilities, authority, staff and facilities. This would consolidate even more power into a single already bloated bureaucracy. Rot at the core of HS would accelerate, moving them closer to old KGB or even beyond. We need to eliminate everything about ATF, including civil service protection afforded its employees. All ATF regulations need to be struck down, and prior convictions under those regulations should be expunged or at the least re-examined under letter of law… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Meanwhile: Firearms Banned In Albuquerque City Parks Matt Ross, communications director for Keller’s office, said Friday evening the new order is an extension of efforts the city began last year to prohibit weapons in facilities used for educating young people. “We issued that first administrative order to make it clear that the state law that applies to schools also applies to community centers,” Ross wrote in a text message, referencing a state law that prohibits deadly weapons at facilities used for school-related activities. “This latest administrative instruction makes it clear that law also applies to city parks and recreation… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Charlie Foxtrot

@CF under this logic they could ban firearms pretty much anywhere. Drivers Ed/training takes place on roadways and is aimed primarily at “educating young people”. Thus all roads meet cited criteria.

This incident is an example of RTKBA working as intended. Baca was set upon by a mob which seemed intent on killing him – yet he survived because he was armed and able to defend himself. In a perfect world he would not have had a need to be armed, but world is not perfect. Even paradise has snakes.


Please correct me if wrong, but was Baca legally carrying? NM does not require permit for open carry, but from a quick look on the internet, concealed carry in NM requires a license and from what I could see he seemed to be carrying concealed prior to attack. IMO, his self-defense was justified, but I would think he will likely be charged with illegal carry, especially if the mayor is aligned with the Left.

Charlie Foxtrot

Baca has been charged for carrying without a permit. He also has been charged for his initial assault. He has not been charged for the shooting!


A copy of the booking record is here:
Not a word is said about a carry violation. Only aggravated battery, it appears for the firing of the firearm in question
“Baca is accused of having “knowingly and intentionally discharged the firearm at the victim during the protest regarding the attempted removal of the Don Juan de Onate statue,” according to KRQE.”

Charlie Foxtrot
Charlie Foxtrot

New Mexico prosecutor criticizes police and drops top charge in Albuquerque protest shooting

Last edited 2 years ago by Charlie Foxtrot

How long before these commie rat bastards(Read Democrat) are taken to task for their flouting of the constitutional laws that have served this country for centuries. Even some of the SCOTUS judges have decided to disregard the constitution.


As Americans, we have the right and duty to defend ourselves and others. We have no problem with the ability to protect lives and property with 400 million guns in the right hands. The BIG problem is our leftist, elitist, cowardly politicians who have screwed up so badly with corruption and failed programs for decades, now covering their tracks by teaming up with Antifa and BLM, engineering societal breakdown. They believe a reset will save them, but they are wrong. ALL YOU SEE THEM DOING IS DONE ON PURPOSE.


### – Don’t make mistake of assuming some grand conspiracy. Many are contributing to the issues but no one is in control. I agree that many of the biggest “influencers” here will find themselves swallowed up by events. They and far more will regret their contributions to societal breakdown if they are lucky enough to survive.

On second thought, such regret would require honest self reflection and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Those who see world of victims, will see themselves as victims – blaming everyone else for not going along with “the plan”.


This bozo sealed his own fate when he showed up to a destructive riot in order to protect a statue that is not his and assaulted a woman or women. You have to choose your battles wisely. Conversely, you just can’t fix stupid.

Wild Bill

@Clark, it is every man’s duty to contribute to the defense of his family and community. It is also your duty, Clark.


WB: But some see duty differently. Some think that their duty in life is to grab everything they can for themselves. To gather as much stuff as possible, including as much power over others as they can get. This is their basic error. Subjugating enlighted self-interest (the pursuit of what is best for all) to pure selfishness (what is best only for oneself).
Methinks Clark makes this basic life error regularly.


Clark, Once they pursued him, 3 attackers held him down,threatened to kill him, he somehow escaped the grasp, deadly force became justified.
That is the job of the police to detain someone. If you are defunded, well more of this will happen.
It sounds as if you have some personal demons to struggle with. Who do you think the side of justice will be on in the end? Gods side.
The video is on facebook titled “protestors attack man with concealed carry, man shoots attacker.”
I was unable to save an attachment and paste it here.


Stupid”man”, on what basis do you prolaim that statue was NOT “his”? He is a citizen of that city and state. That is on public properyt, That is HIS. Further, he did NOT “assault” females. They commenced the confrontation with him, and apparentl go t physical to which he responded in kind. when a gaggle of haughty nasty females picks a fight, particularly with a lone male, they do so confident they will prevail and likely cause harm. Ever seen a ghetto catfight? That’s what that was. He did well to separate himself from that situation. FUrther, the lord HIGH… Read more »


Superstupid, I can just imagine what YOUR battles are. First of all that property belonged to him and his community. You also admit to a “destructive” riot in which two women participated. They probably assaulted the “bozo” first. You have a right to defense when rioters assault you and when you are only assuming duties the police are too politicized to do. .