Maryland: Anti-Gun Group Demands Indefinite Delay for Firearm Transfers

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Indefinitely-delayed firearm transfers? This surely won’t be abused by anti-gunners. iStock-884191290

U.S.A. -( An anti-gun group expressed support in their newsletter for changing Maryland law to allow for regulated firearm transfers to be delayed indefinitely. This was prompted by the state’s background check system becoming temporarily inoperable recently. Maryland law allows firearm dealers to transfer regulated firearms after waiting seven days if Maryland State Police (MSP) does not make a determination on the background check. As a result, dealers transferred a number of regulated firearms after the seven-day wait expired, exactly as allowed by law.

The seven-day wait was originally put in place prior to the digital age so that MSP would have time to manually conduct background checks. Despite the advent of computers allowing most background checks to be conducted near instantaneously, the archaic seven-day wait remains in state law. Nonetheless, the law setting a limit for how long it can take for a background check to be completed before a dealer may transfer a firearm is important to ensure that Second Amendment rights are not excessively delayed by factors outside the control of the dealer or citizen, such as an overwhelming volume of checks or the political machinations of anti-gun politicians.

Marylanders need not be reminded of 2013 when background checks dragged out to 10 weeks to complete. A lawsuit with backing from NRA and the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, the Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association, and Maryland Shall Issue was eventually necessary to force the state to affirm that the law allowed regulated firearm transfers to take place after seven days and to not retaliate against dealers who chose to do so.

If this anti-gun group gets their way, Marylanders may be forced to wait up to ten weeks, or even more, to take possession of their firearm purchases. During these times of uncertainty when many of our friends, neighbors, and family members are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights for the first time, authorities neglecting to do their duty to process background checks will leave them defenseless.

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National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

About NRA-ILA:

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1 year ago
"5. There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties .... 

6. It is not worth to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties"
Protocols of the Elder Men of Zion, protocol 11, sentences 5 and 6
Jay Hanig
Jay Hanig(@jayhanigcharter-net)
1 year ago

I used to live in Maryland but moved to America in 1968. If you find Maryland’s gun laws restrictive we certainly will be happy to make room for you in one of the states which takes the Constitution seriously, rather than an impediment to be gotten around. OTOH, if you’re only leaving Maryland because you find the taxes too high, don’t come here. We like living in a red state. Nobody craps on our sidewalks. We don’t need anyone bringing the same ideas that turned their own state into a leftist hovel/utopia to turn us into one as well. If… Read more »

Arizona Don
Arizona Don(@arizona-don)
1 year ago

It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. These so called democrats seem to be unreasonable at this time. Furthermore, it is impossible to convince some people that people who do not obey laws cannot be effected in any way by passing more laws. In other words if an “outlaw” does not obey laws how is it possible to think if just one more restrictive gun law is passed it will convince him or her to not carry a gun or commit a gun crime?  There are currently around ten thousand restrictive gun laws on the books. Do they work? No! So why do we keep… Read more »

1 year ago

If you are an MD resident you need to fight this if it gets any traction. Otherwise you will end up waiting a year or more like we see for NFA items, eight months in IL for FOIDs, or a year+ in NYC for a firearm permit just to have it at your residence.

Arizona Don
Arizona Don(@arizona-don)
1 year ago
Reply to  linkman

Personally I would not live in any state that was not gun friendly. Arizona is very gun friendly perhaps the most gun friendly state in the nation. In any case most western states (I do not consider the coast states, California, Oregon and Washington, western states) are gun friendly.