MOJO Celebrates 15th Season of MOJO TV With a Little History

Mojo TV Celebrates its 15th season
Mojo TV Celebrates its 15th season. IMG MOJO Tv

U.S.A. -( The story of MOJO TV essentially begins not long after we started the Company of MOJO, when I met Mike Morgan and Jim Jones, who owned and operated a video production company.

I never intended to get into the TV business, that just happened along the way of developing the MOJO Brand of Hunting Products. MOJO Outdoors is currently in its 20th year, and not long after we started, I met Mike and his partner Jim who produced a Series of Hunting DVD’s and had transitioned into Outdoor TV, producing a couple of very popular TV Shows on the Outdoor Channel titled “Hunting Across America” and “Fishing Across America”.

They had approached MOJO as they badly needed a spinning wing duck decoy. They hunted ducks on a public lake in North Mississippi for many years, and had learned how and where to hunt in different conditions, and were pretty much the most successful hunters on that lake – until – one of the other groups got a MOJO, and then things changed. Once they learned what the difference was, they came to us and we gave them one of only a very few that we had of our newest model of the MOJO Mallard.

That started an association that first involved MOJO Outdoors becoming a sponsor on their hunting show, and me hunting with them as they filmed their shows. It then progressed to MOJO becoming the title sponsor, and it became “MOJO’s Hunting Across America”. Afterward, MOJO was forever tied to that show, and to a lesser extent, to Outdoor TV. Fortunately, it was an award-winning show and MOJO was proud to be associated with it.

A little down the road they talked me into joining their company and we converted their production company into “Across America Productions” with a full staff of editors, cameramen and other production personnel and we produced a number of outdoor shows for our company and for others.

By around 2005, I could see the need for MOJO to have its own TV show as Outdoor TV was probably the most popular method at the time to get one’s message out to the hunting/fishing community. Working with Mike and Jim, Across America Productions produced a new show for MOJO, first titled “MOJO Outdoors TV”.

My goal was to bring the viewer honest hunting shows covering a variety of species and hunting styles, not just those that use our products, and to help younger people and those new to hunting. Mike Morgan served as co-host and between us, we had nearly 100 years of hunting experience with waterfowl, big and small game to include dangerous-game. Me and other partners had owned and operated a successful waterfowl hunting operation and I had always loved big game and had organized hunts and guided mule deer hunters in Colorado and Texas and organized antelope hunts in Texas. I had also hunted Africa several times and was three-fourths of the way to a Grand Slam on North American sheep. Mike was a very skilled archer, having taken lots of big and small game to include mountain goat, muskox, and similar big game. Not an easy chore for an archer.

Our plan was to share these experiences with the viewer.

Outdoor TV has changed a lot since its beginnings and shows that expect longevity must learn to constantly keep pace with the changes, and we have attempted to do that.
Production standards have certainly improved along the way. Cameras are better. The new and younger group of videographers are heads above what we were doing when we were mostly filming our own shows. Slow-motion, drones, and cameras that can capture things like time lapses, film in the dark, and add quality to a hunting show. Cameramen today do not just work during the actual hunt, they work many hours while we are there to capture things outside of the actual hunt, much of which shows all the things a person goes through, or experiences during a hunt, much of what I call the “sights, sounds and smells” of the hunt.

A short word on the future: Mike Morgan was a very important part of all of this, but as most in the hunting industry know, Mike is now gone, notwithstanding we have much footage with him that we will proudly air in future shows. We are bringing some younger, talented, and experienced hunters into Team MOJO to help us host and produce shows going forward, which we’re very excited about.

I will still guide the ship, but I may not always raise the sails.

For all of us at MOJO, I personally appreciate all the fans who follow our show, and our social media, and other video venues. We understand that we are only here because of you. You are the most important ingredient in the total picture of what we do.

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