San Diego Police Shoot Fleeing Suspect, Video Shows he was Armed

U.S.A.-( A bit before 6 p.m., in downtown San Diego, California, two police officers noticed a man in a red tracksuit. He was wanted in connection with a recent robbery. He had a distinctive face tattoo, which is how the officers identified him so quickly.

In the ensuing confrontation, the suspect flees from the police, He drops what he is carrying, and is shot.

Protestors claim he was shot without justification. The next day, a hundred protestors gather. They threatened to “burn down the system“.

The San Diego police act quickly. They released a video of the shooting from four sources, including two police body cameras.

The video shows the suspect drawing a revolver and pointing it at police just moments before police open fire.

Image a screen shot from release by San Diego Police, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

The well-done release by the San Diego Police took control of the narrative. It is worth watching and studying. It shows how easy it is to justifiably shoot someone in the back in defense of self and others.

Many have said shooting someone in the back is never justified. That is false. Real-world defensive shootings are seldom static.

They are fast, dynamic, and changing quickly. Adversaries are often moving, twisting, and turning.

It takes a fraction of a second from the time a decision is made to shoot, to the gun actually firing. In that time the position of a moving adversary can change quite a bit. Just because a person’s back is momentarily turned toward you, does not stop them from being a deadly threat.

Ubiquitous security cameras and recording devices are making it harder and harder to characterize events in a simple, deceptive narrative.

Video can be used to create a false narrative. It is done most often by groups or individuals with an agenda. In the George Floyd case, major networks cut the video before it showed a police officer saying, when asked why they did not put Floyd in the car, that they had been trying to do that for several minutes.

Floyd resisted so vigorously, three officers could not secure him in the car.

A similar situation occurred in Los Angeles before the Rodney King riots. All the officers actions were justified, and in accordance with policy, but the major media cut the video to make it appear damning to police.

In this case, with four cameras, different angles, and the still shots released, the story is clear. It stopped another budding, anti-police narrative cold.

In Minneapolis, the City Government has still not released the body camera video.

The revolver shown, in the possession of the suspect, appears to be a Uberti replica of the cartridge conversion of 1851 Navy Colt cap and ball revolver. The replicas are chambered in .38 special.

Image from San Diego PD, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

The replicas have a reputation as a reliable and accurate revolver.

Note the revolver was tucked in the waistband, in a bandana. It was not in a holster. Criminals almost never use holsters, because a holster ties them to a gun, and is not easily disposed of.

Video evidence is becoming ever more important. The ability to record an event is becoming as important to a defender after the event, as having the ability to defend yourself, during the event.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Cops now must assume every black that is stopped will

1) argue incoherently
2) be 99% uncooperative
3) dramatically escalate the situation
4) resist arrest
5) go for a gun

and the cop’s “warrior mentality” is to blame?? I don’t think so.


I would add that anyone can be a deadly threat. The POS who shot two officers in Tulsa a short while ago is “white” and one of the officers died. Everyone is a potential deadly threat, everyone!


justifiable shooting. doesn’t seem to be much to argue about this one, but already there are protestors? that is a sad commentary on the mental health of the citizens in that area. why so much hate? there are bad cops, but cops are only a subset of the population and there are a lot of bad civilians out there also. the rush to judgement will only hurt people, it never helps, anyone.


the “reaction” of the “public” is all smoke and mirrors, and media ARE complicit. This stuff is driven by Antifa/BLM, who are well organised and connected, and are carefully moving to bring down this nation. They got thumped this time, thanks to the BRILLIANT and instant response of SDPD. Well done. guys!! Their PR team aced this one. Too bad the four who were dealing with George Floyd and their department team did not do likewise. But Antifa/BLM would merely have waited for the next “incident’ they could twist. I have yet to see ANY media reports on the details… Read more »


I see the problem here. The cops didn’t yell it in espanol. The criminal didn’t unner tand. Cops are supposed to yell stop in all languages like a set of instructions for a can of legos and english is somewhere between ancient latin and arabic. All levity aside, righteous shoot. Looks like pyroos are down one asshole.


He died of Natural Cause!


Yeah! Idiocy.


“Self inflicted” basically… One less criminal asshole.


Yup. Poke holes, things leak, things don’t work so pretty good no more.


Ha.. Media didn’t get a chance to edit or show limited parts of vids to make it look unjustified.
Way to go SAN DIEGO PD. Got ahead of the drama that would have followed by the media these days.
Clearly Justified and the police will always have my support and appreciation.


Good police stop. Good shoot all day long.
Flipping the switch to administer chest compressions,
and first aid, makes them better than me.


Evidently, three people are required in a patrol car nowadays;
1. Police officer with training surpassing Navy Seal requirements.
2. Lawyer with ACLU affiliation to be credible to the BLM.
3. A cinimpphotgrapher to record every minute detail of the officers actions.


Random protesters can’t be that well organized. Good response from the PD to squelch these crybabies. Now it’s time to investigate anti-police factions.

uncle dudley

The dead guy wasn’t very smart to do any crimes with the face tattoo’s not covered then to pull a handgun on two cops just shows his low IQ.


You do not need a verbal warning to drop your weapon(s), the fact that a firearm is pointed in your direction is a visual warning to drop your weapon.
Good shoot.


Was he COVID positive?


Well you play with fire you get burned…..I was wondering the same thing about that person that tossed something in the back of their truck?But as it is im glad no officers were hurt!I love to see only the criminals taken out in these situations.These pond scum are murdering people from Police officers too Children now! Its time they all were served justice as we were promised! On top of that then we can start on the criminal politicians the Liberal/Communists! Its time they hang!!!

John Ruger

A little off subject, they said its not right to shoot someone in the back, except to defend self and others. Watch the shooting in New York when a car pulls up and shoots a pedestrian walking his child home and gets shot in the back.That is outright murder.
In this case in SD, the guy was wanted, had a gun and was attempting to kill police.


33 years on the job in two states: Good shoot. Anyone else wonder what the guy in the truck threw into the bed?

Heed the Call-up

If you look at the video, you will see liquid spilled on the street right after the truck door is opened, about 1:52. Then stop the video just after 1:53 and you will see a white cup in the air, and then right after that, a big splash as it hits the truck bed. It does make on wonder what was in it.


Slightly off topic but relevant: “He’s doing nothing. He’s doing f—ing nothing. He had a f—ing bike lock,”.


From the article, “He was wanted in connection with a recent robbery. He had a distinctive face tattoo, which is how the officers identified him so quickly.” What is not to get?


WhiteRose: In the future try not to post a reply to one of my posts unless you are sober. Thank you.


I aman avid cyclist and cyclists who have bike locks don’t carry them ON their person, especially the big heavy solid steel ones like this guy had. Those are weapons, and a favoured one by the Antifa/BLM lot who use them at aill, then when police confront them “hey that’s just my bike lock”. Sort of like the mechanic that carries a two foot Johnson bar just ahead of his front seat. Further, by WHAT AUTHORITY does this dood of ANY skin colour take upon himself the responsibility to police strangers on private property who are not behaving according to… Read more »


Another excellent analysis.

hair trigger

Good shoot…I think i counted about 10-11 shots fired…how many in perp?…where did misses go? looks like fairly empty streets…