Video Of Couple Defending Their Home With Guns Sparks Debate

ST LOUIS, MO-( A video of two homeowners defending their property hit the Internet, kicking off debates around the country.

On Sunday, a group of several hundred Black Lives Matter protestors broke down the barrier to a private street in a St. Louis neighborhood. Mark and Patricia McCloskey were about to eat dinner when they noticed a large crowd outside their private gate. Seconds later, the protest broke through the gate and started streaming through the opening towards the McCloskey’s house.

According to the protestors, they were marching to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, who lives in an adjacent neighborhood. Seeing demonstrators walking through their private property towards their house, the McCloskeys grabbed their firearms and headed outside to confront the marchers. Riots due to the killing of George Floyd have recently torn up St. Louis. Rioters have burned several buildings in the downtown area. Looters have destroyed businesses in the city.

Mark McCloskey said he was afraid that his house was going to see a similar fate, and he felt he needed to act to protect his family and home from being overrun. The 63-year-old personal injury attorney thinks the protestors were coming towards his house and didn’t stop until he displayed his AR-15, and his wife pulled out her pistol. In the video, you can see the look of fear on McCloskey’s face.

“I’m not the face of anything opposing the Black Lives Matter movement,” McCloskey said. “I was a person scared for my life, who was protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood. I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate. I didn’t care what color they were — I didn’t care what their motivation was. I was frightened, I was assaulted, and I was in imminent fear that they would run me over, kill me, burn my house.”

The protestors stopped short of McCloskey’s home, but the older couple were not the only ones with firearms. The marchers brandished at least two pistols. According to the couple, the protestors with the guns told them that they “were next” as the two residents demanded that the protestors leave the private property. Police did not respond to the couple’s calls for help. The property’s private security also did not show up on the scene to deal with the hundreds of people. The husband and wife felt like they were on their own. Protestors even threatened to kill the couple’s dog.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s office is investigating the incident. Gardner is an admitted supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. She has been critical of police and has excused the rioting and looting in St. Louis as a reaction to police brutality while prosecuting less than 25% of crimes presented by police to her office. She promised swift action against the McCluskeys.

“My office is currently working with the public and police to investigate these events,” she said in a statement. “Make no mistake: we will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights and will use the full power of Missouri law to hold people accountable.”

Missouri is a castle doctrine state. A homeowner does not have the duty to retreat when threatened. If the McCluskeys were really in fear of their lives and the protestors did enter their private property it isn’t clear on what laws the McCluskeys broke.

As of this writing, prosecutors have not charged either Mark or Patricia McCloskey with a crime. There is no word on Gardner’s office investigating the protesters that brandished their firearm.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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It’s time to buckle up gals and guys!! We are seeing the clear direction of this battle. The Dems are in clear support of this anarchy actually using it as a tool to support the end goal. The Repubs are hiding under their desks (as usual) trying to figure out how to get everyone to like them. The latter being as destructive as a silent cancer! The police are caught in the middle as those officers, as humans and having families, are finding out that no one has their backs. Therefore decisions are being made to ‘stay alive’ and return… Read more »


should be a good trial to watch. an armed mob broke down a gate, trespassed onto private property, feloniously assaulted a family threatening them and their property. then law-abiding citizens exercised their federal and state 2A right to successfully defend themselves from death and their property from destruction.
verdict for the defendants, please pay them lots of money for malicious prosecution.
wish I was a Missouri citizen, I would love to be on that jury.

Big George

I wish I lived in Missouri next to the McCloskeys so I could have run over and stood with them!! The wimp-dick liberaturds in my neighborhood will all be running to MY house if that happens here asking me to give them ‘an assault gun with lots’o them clip bullets’!! My response?!...”sorry, I can’t…it’s against the law…have you done your gun safety course and had a completed background check?”!!

Matt in Oklahoma

It scared the crap out of America as a whole because it showed just how far it’s gone and the our world has changed


THAT…..IS what the 2ND is all about!

Green Mtn. Boy

No debate about it,It is a perfect example of the intent of the 2 nd. amendment in action.
As to their poor familiarity with gun handling I’m sure by now they are aware of their need for firearms training.


What ? Don’t tell me that those shitasses ignored the “ Neighborhood Watch “ signs ? What about the “protected by ADT “ yard signs ?
Next thing you know people will be ignoring “ gun free zones “
I believe that the CCA ( Communist Circuit Attorney) Kimberly Gardener,
will be prosecuting them for face mask violation also !


What Debate? McCloskey’s had every right to do what they did. And if you think they should be prosecuted then you are the problem. Marxist do not believe in property rights and they don’t believe you have a right to defend property you never owned. This is a dangerous way of thinking and we’re seeing more of it from everywhere. . .

Alan in NH

Shoot the closest guy waving a gun at you. In most places that would be justified. Let the other 300 scumbags decide what happens next.


With all that reported news of citizens arming up, I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of firearms safety critics coming out to join them. We seasoned gun owners know safety is paramount, but I doubt that most of us have rarely had the need to do what this couple did. On a positive note, proof positive that firearms even in the hands of laypeople can neutralize a mob. If I were faced with in a similar situation, I doubt that I could get everything right.


I CRINGE with the way the woman was holding and waving the pistol… Looks like she is holding a frigging $1000.00 PURSE !
Yeah, she needs some RANGE TIME…


was a little scary, at least teach her the 4 rules of safe firearm handling.


Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to destroy private property…


Both husband and wife need a refresher course in handling firearms in a safe manner. But they had the right idea. Somebody in that area should volunteer for a refresher as a reward for the show of force and resolve. Too bad none of the maggots got hauled off in body bags.


Poor tactics. Improvement: Buy a bullhorn. Appear in an upstairs window or balcony with arms and the bullhorn. Announce “Leave the premises immediately or you will be fired upon. You have thirty seconds.” (Do you need to buy a watch with a second hand?)


Another partial story on Ammoland missing critical facts like Gardner = Soros and,

Isn’t John the guy that said he and Ammoland investigated where the bricks came from and exonerated Soros and Barry as if Gates & Co. is not exactly the same not to fail mentioning that there is video on-line of Hamas saying they are BLM.

Terrorists and violent insurrectionists John, that is what they are.

Last edited 2 years ago by USA

glad you’re keeping up, so few are…this rabbit hole is deep and broad…be safe


I probably would have used the gun.

Watch um

if a thug pulls a gun or any thing that can be used as a weapon the undertaker would be coming for someone

Deplorable Bill

I am sorry I have to be the one to remind everyone of this BUT the police are under no legal obligation to come to the aid of anybody. That is the truth. In this case even the PRIVATE SECURITY failed in their job. Now, the A.G. is gunning for this couple. With friends like this,who needs enemies? The facts are that WE are the first responders. WE are responsible for the safety and wellfare of our loved ones, friends and neighbors, our co workers, the innocent guy on the street, our property and ourselves. Had this couple not been… Read more »

Big George

What’s to ‘debate’?! When I saw that on FOX Snooze, I pointed to the TV and said to my wife, “that’s us”! And like the McCloskey’s, I’m afraid of what will happen AFTERWARDS! Their Circuit Attorney’s campaign for office like our County DA, was 100% funded by…wait for it…yep, GEORGE SOROS!!


Every time I see that woman holding her toy like that I cringe. The guy with his old A1 shows much ignorance as well. They’re both presenting easy targets and are lucky to be alive.


Kimberly Gardener is one.


They’re violating 2 of the 4 cardinal rules of gun safety. She has her finger on the trigger and he is pointing the weapon at people. I hope with that big of a house they have video of gun being pointed at them as they claim, otherwise that’s brandishing. If they had just displayed the weapons pointing in the air they’d be fine and it would have gotten the message across. It’s clear they are not familiar with guns.

Alan in NH

They have met the first requirement of armed self defense. Have a Gun.


The noted MO statute is when one is not justified in brandishing….they are the aggressor. Read above justification in my previous post regarding the triad elements for application of deadly force…..Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy…..all present. Look at the whole deadly force statutes, not just what you want to pick and chose. Yeah, with our dumb as shit, crooked as a Missouri Ozark two lane road Prosecutor Kim Gardner, McCloskeys may be charged. In any jurisdiction, a ham sandwich can be charged with any offense. Gardner has several potential charges hanging over own head, is up for re-election, needs to divert attention… Read more »


I don’t know the law in Missouri but in Oklahoma they would be legal in doing what they did.
The title of this article is bullshit. So, they were only defending their home? Words, or the lack of them, connotes meaning. Only question is whether someone was stupid/ignorant or presenting a false image on purpose.

Last edited 2 years ago by RoyD

what video? they have no obligation to help the prosecution prove its case. and if there is, it could be corrupted as in the case of some police videos.


They claim guns were pointed at them, if that’s the case then they have every right to point guns back. I am saying I hope they have video proving what they say. That is not “helping the prosecution”.


Disparity of force justifies their pointing guns as one element of use of deadly force triad

Watch um

You are full of s**t, when threatened you have every right to point your gun at the threat and on you and your property.

Granted the lady had her finger on the trigger, but I bet it you were afraid for your life you would also


Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it?


Streetsweeper, you are a legal mental midget.


Did you read the legal opinions from I posted? Apparently not. I am not faulting them for standing up for themselves at all but at trial the difference between walking and 10 years can be razor thin. I would not have aimed at people unless they were aiming at me. YMMV We will see what happens. Your insults BTW shows lack of maturity, something you may need one day.


Streetsweeper, you may not live in Missouri and may not be familiar with Missouri law. The triad elements for use of deadly force were present….Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy. Missouri has strong Castle Doctrine; Stand Your Ground. One does not need to hesitate until injured or struck to apply or threaten deadly force if reasonably in fear of death, grave bodily injury. They were clumsy, but effective, and justified. In the “fog of grave danger” one’s skills drops to the lowest level of effective training. That was evident here. Use their shortcomings and opportunity of time to better perfect your skills…or someone… Read more »


Oh, I forgot; don’t get a flat tire in Wellston! LOL!


more than that … I was hoping to read from some folks in Missouri who are with some organized group that could bring forth some support for these folks as was done for the rancher in Nevada. Things are degrading quickly. Our local political authorities are not supporting our LEOs. While things haven’t peaked yet, the time is short…name some groups for the readers with whom they may find alignment…..


Come on guys and gals, you can’t honestly believe you want these two bozos to be your heroes? This is not responsible use of firearms, and anyone in the crowd who shot these two could probably claim it was justified. Brandishing their firearms at unarmed people walking past their home is not what we want to see. I understand where they were coming from but this behavior is not who we are, I hope. If they wanted to demonstrate that they would not allow themselves and their homes (remember you can’t use deadly force to protect property) to be attacked… Read more »

Mike Crognale

I note the sheer irony of your name. Yes, these people are heroes despite her lack of trigger discipline. They absolutely stopped the BLM thugs. I suspect that you haven never actually had to pull your weapon in the face of a threat. Let me tell you what went through my mind the first time. I was thinking oh God, please don’t let me have to kill these people. It was as frightening to me as the first time I came under fire from the communists. You wonder if you are going to die. You hope you survive. When you… Read more »


Levelhead you say, “You can’t use deadly force to protect property?” Even when 911 is a busy signal, law enforcement is absent, and private security is hiding? Say McCluskeys did the legally safe thing and just evacuated their castle and those nasty anarchists burned and looted his property? Is your argument, oh well, at least the McCluskeys didn’t shoot anybody? Personally I would have concealed myself behind the concrete posts. One of those nasty anarchists could have shot them in the open as they were. My home is my life. The 2A means nothing if I can’t exercise it to… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Bob

Hardly “walking past”. They broke through the neighborhood gate and the McClusky’s own gate and were on the front lawn heading towards the house. They made verbal threats to even the dog. The protestors rioters waving pistols were just asking to be a target.

Big George

Yo ‘stupidhead’!! Didn’t you see the ‘peaceful unarmed protesters’ close-ups???…well armed!!!


We all agree the McCloskeys had terrible form….but they sure as Hell had effective form……and are living, in their safe and whole home, to tell about it. Yeah, they are/will be intimidated/threatened. The triad elements to justify deadly force were present…..Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy. Had they not acted, their home could have been on the evening news ablaze just like the convenience store several days previously. Or, like the Texas store owner. Or, the St.Louis etired Police Captain. This is serious. Better put on your big boy knickers. Prepare and practice better form., by all means. But, be assured, the BLM… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

There were at least a couple – that we know of – that were armed with firearms in that mob. However, disparity of force means use of firearms is justified. If you had several hundred, or even just a dozen, or two or three thugs seeking to do you harm, you don’t believe using a firearm would be justified? The husband was not pointing his rifle at anyone, the wife was pointing her handgun at them. However, when facing an angry mob, feet from you, I don’t believe that is necessarily unreasonable. I, personally, would not have stepped onto the… Read more »


At my workplace we had a guy named Larry. I called him Liberal Larry. Is that you Liberal Larry?


come on levelhead, really?…facts matter…the protestors, are thugs who broke down a steel fence gate and trespassed and threatened the homeowners. you may argue tactics by the homeowner but not his right of self defence…come on levelhead