Biden Declares He is the Democratic Party. This is Their Gun Ban Plan

By Larry Keane

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“Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” IMG: iStock-496689884

U.S.A. -( Former Vice President Joe Biden is the captain now.

“The party is me,” Biden said during the presidential debate. “Right now, I am the Democratic Party. I am the Democratic Party right now.”

The debate didn’t touch on gun control. Amidst the arguing and speaking over one another, the candidates touched on Supreme Court nominees, law enforcement, riots, and looting. The topic of gun rights or gun control wasn’t addressed. The former vice president, though, told the American public exactly where he is on gun control when he uttered that phrase. He wants more of it. Lots more.

The Democratic Party adopted the Biden-Harris platform at their convention earlier this year that laid out their plans to enact unprecedented gun control. It’s a ban plan, an elimination plan, and a watchlist plan that will strip law-abiding Americans of their God-given rights and do nothing to address crime reduction.

Ban Plan

“Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” their plan reads. The party maligns the modern sporting rifle by attempting to equate it with an automatic firearm used by the military. What they want to ban are semiautomatic firearms simply over cosmetic features and make technology that is more than 100 years old illegal. They would ban the manufacture and sale the most popular-selling centerfire rifle on the market today.

Elimination Plan

The Biden-Harris plan would eliminate “online sales of guns and ammunition” denying Americans the ability to shop online and purchase firearms, which can only be transferred by the retailer to the customer in a face-to-face transaction after a mandatory FBI background check. That background check, too, would be required for every transfer of a firearm. Biden’s plan would criminalize private firearm transfers, whether that be a sale, a father handing a shotgun down to his child, sisters lending their handgun to one another, or lifelong friends swapping guns as collectibles. That right would be eliminated, and worse, criminalized.

Watchlist Plan

That’s not all Biden wants. His plan to enact universal background checks would create registries that would put innocent Americans on government watchlists. That’s regulation that is barred by federal law, but they’ve got a plan for that. He would force states to create a licensing scheme for firearm ownership and Americans would be forced to pay a fee to exercise a right. Illinois gives insight to the calamity that awaits. Illinois has among the strictest gun control laws, but the Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Card system is a train wreck. The state has a backlog of more than three months and more than 135,000 applications to process a card to allow citizens to exercise their rights.

Biden proposes to go further and mandate how a firearm is stored in the home. Biden disregards the U.S. Supreme Court struck such a requirement in the landmark 2008 Heller decision. The opinion written by the late Justice Antonin Scalia did more than affirm the Second Amendment is an individual right. That decision also struck down the District of Columbia’s law that a firearm must be kept in the home with a trigger lock as unconstitutional.

This is the ship that Biden is piloting. The ship has no rudder. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said the party would drift further left if Biden is elected. Biden is putting his party on a collision course with the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and voters. Biden is the captain now.

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To Hell with the communists…


Yes, everyone knows the Democrats want gun control. Now why does the NSSF shill for Republicans who also want gun control? Graham, Cornyn, Barr, Crenshaw, etc…

Last edited 1 year ago by Stag
Capn Dad

I am hoping and counting on Patriots gathered here to once again gather on Lexington Green, stand our ground on Concord Bridge, and stand shoulder to shoulder on Breeds Hill to defend the nation. Nothing short of insurrection will solve the place holder Biden presidency.


Biden is not the Captain. He is the Puppet of the Democrats. DC pulls what strings he has remaining intact. Should he win in November, those strings will be cut; CamelToe will take over as the new Puppet strings intact.


I find the longer a politician remains in office, the more they stray from the Constitution. People who lied to get into office, lie to stay there as well.
Breaking an oath of office carries no real penalty because we’ve let them slide for so long.
Democrats are so blatant trying to steal back our rights, they act as it was theirs to do so. The communist democrat left is destroying our republic and it’s our duty not to let that happen.
The ballot box and Patriots are all that stands in their way.


What Biden meant when he said “I am the democratic party” is that the liberal progressive left elites who are his puppeteers are the democratic party and are in control of the comments and policies he spews!


Come and take it! NO, I’m not from Texas.

Green Mtn. Boy

He is without doubt a first class idiot with a giant ego to match,Eff him and his Commiecrats and the donkey they all rode in on


Biden is beyond knowing if Everything is Going Ok. He can’t even tell if his butt is bored or punched. Remember aunt Ester on Sanford and Sun. She called Fred a “Beady eyed Old Fool”, thats’ Biden.


Biden is the live version of the ventriloquist dummy Walter.

Damn, it wont let me attach the photo of Walter Biden

Gene Ralno

Great analogy except Walter is better lookin’ and a whole lot smarter.