Former Senator Says ‘Women Sick of All These Guns.’ Women Say Otherwise

By Larry Keane

Senator Claire McCaskill
Former Senator Claire McCaskill IMG

U.S.A. -( Former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) was replaced by voters in 2018 and is now a political talk show pundit. During a discussion about the violence erupting in America’s communities, including Kenosha, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon, and her home-state St. Louis, Missouri, Sen. McCaskill opined women are “sick of all these guns.” Data shows she couldn’t be more mistaken.

Not So Show-Me Senator

Missouri is a state with strong Second Amendment approval and Sen. McCaskill tried to hide her antigun beliefs while in office. She was caught talking about her support for more gun control when she thought no voters would hear. Even her staff was recorded describing the senator’s Second Amendment voter deception.

When pressed why she wasn’t more vocal for gun control, a staffer bluntly stated, “But she doesn’t openly go out and support groups like Moms Demand Action or just like other groups that are related to that. Because that could hurt, her ability to get elected.”

On gun control, Sen. McCaskill supported a grab-bag of favorites, including reinstating a so-called “Assault Weapons Ban,” limiting so-called “large-capacity magazines,” expanding background checks, and even voting against a right-to-carry reciprocity bill.

Violence, Rioting and Surging Firearm Sales

As the coronavirus pandemic escalated, Americans became concerned for their safety and the safety of their families and neighborhoods. They watched as local law enforcement were stretched thin and unable to quickly respond to calls for help. Criminals were released from jails, many of whom committed more crimes. Prosecutors announced they wouldn’t prosecute criminals, inviting law-breakers to act. With cities facing violence, looting and rioting, calls to “defund the police” echoed. Close to Sen. McCaskill’s home, the McCloskey’s of St. Louis made national headlines for exercising their right to protect their home.

These legitimate concerns spurned historic numbers of Americans to buy firearms in 2020. More than 13 million have done so, including more than 5 million first-timers.

Women Gun Owners Growing Fast

Speaking on TV about violent riots and how they may affect November’s presidential election, former Sen. McCaskill stated women had had enough. She said “And, you know, the American suburban women, they see that. And they don’t like everybody having an AR-15. That’s part of the problem in America right now.” She continued, “And the guns is a huge part of this. And women in America are sick of all of these guns…”

Data tells a different story. The continuing surge of firearm ownership in America includes women as one of the fastest-growing demographics, continuing a 20-year trend. In 2003, 13 percent of women identified as gun owners. Today that number totals around 25 percent. A quarter of those female gun owners said self-protection was their main reason for purchasing a gun and a whopping 70 percent affirmed owning a gun was essential to their personal freedom.

2020 sales have grown those numbers. Former Sen. McCaskill may be inconvenienced to learn of the nearly 13 million new firearms in the past 8 months, 5 million were purchased by first-time owners and nearly 2 million were women.

Data also shows handguns and Modern Sporting Rifles, including the AR-15 model former Sen. McCaskill mentioned, are among the most popular-selling firearms, for reasons of personal protection. Women aren’t just buying guns and placing them in a safe or storing them away either. Women’s firearm training courses are booked solid, shooting ranges across the country are hosting ladies night events and women are practicing to ensure they are confident gun users. The ‘Soccer Mom’ has become the ‘Security Mom’ as they’ve taken their concerns, jumped off the fence, and went right to the gun retail counter.

Former Sen. McCaskill is right. Women are concerned watching current events. But they aren’t “sick of all these guns.” Violence, rioting, looting and calls to reduce law enforcement are prompting women to take their safety, and the safety of their families, into their hands. That’s why the Second Amendment exists.

NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE campaign to help educate and activate all gun-owning voters so they don’t risk their rights on November 3rd.

National Shooting Sports FoundationAbout The National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit

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Old Claire hasn’t looked like her picture above for quite a few decades. Search for a pic of her now. She’s hideous now, just in time for Halloween no less!!!

Get Out

Perhaps one of her colleagues could get her up to speed that millennial women are buying more guns.
Pew Research data from 2017 reveals that 22 percent of American women own guns, but that they tend to buy them later in life; the average age of first gun ownership for women is age 27, compared to an average age of 19 for men.


This ignorant, bitch McCaskill can rot in Hell! Who gives a DAMN what that Stupid Bitch says or thinks!!! America is on the verge of becoming a Socialists, Communists Country, governed by a group of Demonic, Democrats who push the Terrorist Groups of ANTIFA & BLM on the law abiding, tax paying, citizens as our cities burn, our wives and daughters are murdered and raped and not a damn thing is being done about it! This Bitch McCaskill can go masturbate with a Soldering Iron! Buy every gun and all the ammo you possibly can afford! Lock and Load and… Read more »

Old Idaho Gal

She is utterly clueless! A gun is the one great equalizer for self-defense, on a personal level–and increasingly we are living in times when multiple guns may be necessary for household or community defense. Women are buying guns and taking courses in how to handle guns in record numbers.


That alien looking bitch is CLUELESS… Has herself up on a pedestal, like the other antigun DEMOCUNTS. THEY have armed protection.


Good G-d … Where did you dig up that ancient stock photo ?


There ought to be a Federal Law all photos of politicians must be “timestamped”, no exceptions; to omit an accurate, verifiable, timestamp should carry all penalties and punishments associated with “felony, fraud in the inducement”.


My Rights Do NOT END Where Your Feelings Begin. “PERIOD”


I think women are tired of it. And would sooner see their kids enjoying themselves with other activitiies. But that is not the climate we have any more. And once they realize the importance of self protection I don’t think they are going to give it up. Although I could be wrong.


I’m so glad we voted McCaskill out in Missouri. She always had a lot of money behind her and all the libs in the cities. I’m assuming she’s blind to the fact that 40% of all new gun owners are women.


You are right, the bad part is that I live in N E Mo and getting any news as to what is going on in Mo from the local T V news is almost non existing, I have voiced my thoughts several times that I don’t live in Ottumwa, Iowa, but that falls on deaf ears!!!!!!!!!!! Moved here 5 years ago and love it, moved from Pa and not moving back!!!!


It’s comforting to know that she has been “replaced by voters in 2018”. More anti gun legislators can be removed if we, as responsible gun owners, vote them out and secure our rights.


Except it appears that she’s running again this year. Googling her, I got several hits including one that said “©2020 McCaskill for Missouri Paid for by McCaskill for Missouri …” Anyone living/voting in Missouri may want to check it out. I hope I’m wrong.

Last edited 1 year ago by Catatonic

She’s just another bullshit elitist politician who is living a good life off your labor.


Just another despicable example of a “Life Support System for A (meow)”!

uncle dudley

I’m glad she doesn’t represent Missouri anymore, she was a buddy of old nasty Hillary and that should tell you everything.


Right on !!


Political hack. Women are sick and tired of all of these political hacks. So are men.


Don’t these people take an oath to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America when elected to public office ??


Joe, yes they do, but feels comes first.


Yes they do and they intentionally lie when they take it because in the back of their minds they know they are going to vote to take away the second amendment and for many that is the only reason why they are there, oh, I forgot about getting rich too.

Green Mtn. Boy

Most are guilty of violating it, with no visible recourse.

WI Patriot

Former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill”



After reading this article it’s easy to understand the “Former” designation. When you realize Missouri has some of the most 2A friendly Laws in the Nation. Outside of St.Louis there are very few restriction on both Open and Conceal carry and Castle Doctrine. What few there are come from Liberal Politicians who refuse to follow Missouri Law and for some reason haven’t been held accountable for Their lack of doing so. By the Citizens or the Attorney General. .


So, I asked my wife, her option of this article she said: “We are not sick of them, we need more. That bitch needs to shut up.”

She is however sick of the clicking from my dryfire training.


My wife is just mad because I have not amassed enough ammunition.


Resolution to the dry fire problem. Take her out to the range and both of you practice live fire.


Busy working and waiting on more ammo, not dipping in to the 855s for plinking.


Wish I could vote more on this one.


Oh I know all too well…..


She already asked for a different rifle…. I’m kinda already stuck there.