Has Billionaire Bloomberg ‘Bought’ Biden with $100M Florida Effort?

Joe Biden and His Gift for Gaffes
Joe Biden and His Gift for Gaffes

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s weekend revelation that he will spend $100 million in Florida to secure a win for Democrat Joe Biden has set off alarm bells in the gun rights community, especially after the former vice president went full-bore with a gun control push in reaction to the vicious ambush of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies.

Biden’s Twitter rant demanding a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines”—neither of which were apparently used in the Compton attack—is already taking heavy criticism.

And now the founder of one of the nation’s leading gun rights organizations is raising red flags about Bloomberg’s massive spending threat.

“Joe Biden is a perennial gun prohibitionist, and Michael Bloomberg is opening his wallet to essentially buy the Sunshine State vote on Biden’s behalf,” said Alan M. Gottlieb, founder and Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation. “It is clear to us the former New York mayor thinks the former vice president will do his bidding, otherwise he wouldn’t be making such an expensive investment.”

But Gottlieb threw down the gauntlet, promising “to challenge in court all of their unconstitutional anti-gun schemes” should Biden win in November.

SAF has become a powerhouse organization in the legal field. Its stated mission is to “win firearms freedom, one lawsuit at a time.” It has won several court victories, including the landmark 2010 Supreme Court ruling in McDonald v. City of Chicago, which nullified that city’s 30-year-old handgun ban and incorporated the Second Amendment to the states via the 14th Amendment.

The threat of a Biden presidency, especially one beholden to Bloomberg, is more than worrisome. If Bloomberg—the former New York City mayor-turned-gun prohibitionist, who launched Everytown for Gun Safety and supports the Moms Demand Action gun control lobbying group—is willing to spend a fortune just in Florida, conservatives and gun rights advocates wonder what he might be willing to spend on votes in other states?

“Biden and Bloomberg are anti-gun elitists who have always enjoyed armed protection while dismissing the needs of average citizens to protect themselves and their families,” Gottlieb said in a prepared statement. “Biden better get used to dancing on the ends of Bloomberg’s strings, because for this amount of money, the Delaware Democrat is going to be the Big Apple billionaire’s puppet. Biden plans to change the Bill of Rights, and Bloomberg plans to buy it.”

Biden’s rush to exploit the Los Angeles ambush that left two deputies wounded was not lost on the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. That group called Biden’s push for an “assault weapon” ban when a video of the attack clearly shows the would-be killer armed with a handgun a “disgusting attempt” to capitalize on a “cowardly act.”

Gottlieb, who also chairs CCRKBA, said Biden’s effort “illustrates the bankruptcy of the gun prohibition movement. They’ll use a horrific tragedy as a starting point to push their own agenda, which typically has no factual relation to the incident they’re exploiting.”

Although Biden initially called for prosecution of the perpetrator, his subsequent focus on gun control left Gottlieb suggesting the Democrat nominee “seems more interested in how he might use this tragedy to advance his anti-gun-rights agenda than he is about the lives of the two wounded deputies. We’re not sure what to call that, but it’s not moral leadership.”

One of the wounded deputies has been identified as Claudia Apolinar, 31. She was shot in the jaw yet in the aftermath images show her trying to help her 24-year-old male partner, who had not yet been identified. According to Fox News, Apolinar is a former librarian and mother of a 6-year-old. She applied for a job with the sheriff’s department in 2017. She is being called a “hero” for her actions.

As reported by the New York Times, Bloomberg’s big bucks promise “came as new polls showed a particularly tight race between Mr. Biden and President Trump in Florida, a key battleground state that carries 29 electoral votes.”

Electoral College votes gained a new importance for Democrats in 2016 when several key states went to Trump because he campaigned there and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton seemed to take those votes for granted. That’s not going to happen this year.

Bloomberg spent a fortune on his own short-lived campaign for the presidency, and when it failed, he quickly threw his financial support to Biden.

The former vice president has made no secret of his gun control agenda, which may be studied here. SAF calls the Biden plan “a repackaging of every cockeyed gun control scheme to come along during the past two decades.”

Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, is also a devoted anti-gunner, and months ago during an event in Texas, Biden promised to make former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke his point man on gun policy if he wins the presidency. O’Rourke infamously declared during a 2019 debate in Houston, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR15, your AK-47.”

“Considering Biden’s gun control agenda and his promise to pursue a restrictive gun grabbing crusade if he wins in November,” Gottlieb asserted, “there should be no doubt Joe is a 100 percent certified shill for Bloomberg and his gun prohibition lobbying groups, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action.”

Banning so-called “assault rifles” has been on the gun control wish list for several years, yet Gottlieb and other rights activists challenge the motive, since rifles of any kind are used in a fraction of all homicides in any given year, according to the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report. The agency’s report for 2019 should be released later this month.


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About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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grim reaper

Biden was bought and paid for years ago. You’d think a guy with 47 years of living(and living very well ) off the taxpayers would have a record of accomplishments a mile long to tote to the voters. I never hear him bringing up his record. Seems he spent 47 years working on his own agenda.


That’s why he hides in his basement, that way nobody can ask any questions about his failed record, another carrier politician!!!!!! TERM LIMITS good solid Idea!!!!!!!!! MAX LIMIT no more than 12 years!!!!!!

uncle dudley

Bloomberg hates Trump so bad he will do anything and spend millions to try and beat him and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was the money man behind all the paid rioters across the country who are causing all the damage to the country.
All those billions of dollars and the guy can’t be happy with life, what a putz.


Two main contributors are Mini-Mike and George Soros anything to take down Trump, and they have all of the power to say about illegal campaign funding, but nothing said about their contributions, once again they will spend all kinds of money to screw the general public!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with everything you said but one word. Take out putz and put in asshole.


Mini Mike spent $100 Million on the 2016 Presidential election cycle with a major portion of that going to Hilda Beast. Hilda Beast spent $1.9 Billion dollars on her failed campaign. President Trump spent $650 Million to WIN. During the 2019-2020 Democrat Presidential primary Mini Mike spent $1.2 Billion on his failed bid to be the nominee. This shows that it takes more than just $$$ to win the Presidency. It also takes Ideas that people agree with and results people can appreciate. Above all it takes having a personality above that of a ground slug. Something Hilda Beast, Senile… Read more »

uncle dudley

Biden has sold his soul to the devil and will say anything to get elected.


That’s Bloomberg/OBummer/Soros arms up Puppet Hidden Biden’s butt doing a horrible job of working his mouth.



Tin Man

What if we agree with the anti-constitution people, and demand that they (special politicians”) give up any right to have “security details” who are armed? No one in America has any “special groups” who are armed to defend them. Politicians get no “special protection privileges.” They, like everyone else in the country, get No Special Privileges. If they need police protection, they wait in line for the police to show up and “protect them” just like the rest of the American people?


If you are too stupid to know the terms maybe you should keep your mouth shut!

Tin Man

“If you are to stupid” is such an “ad hominem” attack, it detracts from anything else you have to say. Make your argument and let the words and logic speak for themselves.


But this is all just old news. ABC discussed Madison Avenue buying elections at length… in 1958! Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, look for yourself: