Henry Celebrates Rifle Inventor’s 200th Birthday with Limited Edition Rifle

Henry H011BTH Limited Edition Rifle
The new Henry H011BTH Limited Edition Rifle. IMG Henry Rifles

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- RICE LAKE, WI – October 28, 2020 – American rifle and shotgun manufacturer Henry Repeating Arms is commemorating Benjamin Tyler Henry’s 200th birthday with a limited-edition release of the toggle-link lever-action design he patented in 1860. Born in 1821, Benjamin Tyler Henry would become one of the most influential names in American firearms design history with his invention of the 1860 Henry rifle, the first reliable lever-action repeating rifle. The New Original B.T. Henry 200th Anniversary Edition rifle is limited to only 200 units worldwide, making it the rarest New Original Henry the company has ever released.

This limited-edition model is a line-for-line reproduction of B.T. Henry’s 1860 design with consolations only being made to accommodate the more modern .44-40 WCF cartridge. The hardened brass receiver features full coverage leafy vine scrollwork engraving surrounding a portrait of the inventor on the right side and a testament to the rifle’s rarity on the reverse side with the words, “One of 200.”

Henry H011BTH Limited Edition Rifle Details
The new Henry’s receiver is beautifully ornate. IMG Henry Rifles

The buttstock is made from highly figured presentation-grade American walnut and is capped with a crescent-shaped brass butt plate, which includes a period-correct door for the internal cleaning accessory compartment. The 24.5in polished blued steel octagon barrel is topped with a folding ladder rear sight and blade front sight. Each rifle in the series bears a unique serial number ranging from 001BTH200 to 200BTH200.

Anthony Imperato, President and owner of Henry Repeating Arms says, “The lever-action rifle is one of America’s unique contributions to international firearms design, and we take a great deal of pride in carrying on Benjamin Tyler Henry’s legacy by making lever-action rifles and shotguns for the modern-day on American soil.” Imperato continues, “We are excited to release this rifle in honor of his 200th birthday, and we can’t wait to see them start showing up in the hands of our collectors.”

The New Original B.T. Henry 200th Anniversary Edition (model H011BTH) has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $4,286.

Henry firearms can only be purchased through a licensed firearms dealer. For more information about Henry Repeating Arms and its products visit henryusa.com or call 866-200-2354.

About Henry Repeating Arms:

Henry Repeating Arms is one of the leading rifle and shotgun manufacturers in the United States and a world leader in the lever-action category. The company motto is “Made in America, or not made at all” and its firearms come with a lifetime guarantee backed by award-winning customer service. The company is also known for its charitable endeavors under its Guns For Great Causes program, which focuses on sick children, both individual cases and children’s hospitals, veteran and wounded veteran organizations, Second Amendment, and wildlife conservation organizations.

The company currently employs 535 people and has 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space in its Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and Bayonne, New Jersey facilities. The company is named in honor of Benjamin Tyler Henry who invented and patented the Henry rifle in 1860 – the first repeating rifle, the lever-action rifle, which is America’s unique contribution to international firearms design and is one of the most legendary, respected, and sought after rifles in the history of firearms. Visit Henry Repeating Arms online at www.HenryUSA.com, on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/HenryRepeating, and on Instagram @Henry_Rifles.

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