Heybo Outdoor Fishing Shirts – Review

Take your eyes off of that little fish and notice the cool Heybo shirt that I'm wearing!
Take your eyes off of that little fish and notice the cool Heybo shirt that I’m wearing!

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Ok, I’m not a real pacesetter when it comes to dressing. Mostly because I don’t care. I’m not super vain and don’t try to impress people. Not that the women in my life don’t try to upgrade me. But it’s a tough battle for them. Once I had an office in the Con Agra corporate and they hired a new VP. He made a rule that everyone had to wear slacks. One day I’m headed out to work and my wife asks, where are you going? Me- to work. Her- Not like that you’re not.

Heybo Outdoor Fishing Shirts

Quizzically I looked at her and asked why not. She said Tom, that’s a really cool cap, and I love that shirt, and those slacks are ok, and I like your shoes but not one matches. Our 6-yr. old daughter walked by and my wife asked her, “do daddy’s clothes match?” She looks up and says no way. Gee, if a 6-yr.-old criticizes my color coordination skills maybe I do need help.

I got home from work that day and she said come in the bedroom. She had all my clothes laid out on the bed. On the inside of the collar of the shirts, she’d written an A or a B. Same on the slacks. She then told me that an A-shirt could go with A-pants. Now listen close, this is where it gets tricky. An AB shirt can go with A pants or B pants. I said I can’t believe you did this. Her answer-I can’t believe your color coordination is that bad. Of course, all of the girls thought she was being a loving wife and helping me out. Who knows, maybe I am that bad?????

Fast forward 30 yrs. I guess the beatings have paid off some because I do faintly care now about what I wear. But what really made me snap to attention is what are the pictures that we always show to everyone? New dishes? Nope. New furniture? Nope. It is our latest hunting & fishing pics, right? This is especially true for me since I’m an outdoor writer.

So why be wearing an old high school T-shirt with your belly hanging out when you’re posing with the largest salmon you’ve ever caught? Or with a trophy buck? Why not have on a cool shirt so you don’t take away from the flavor of the picture?

So with the above said, when I discovered Heybo shirts a couple of years ago they quickly became my favorite fishing shirts. They offer a large selection of shirts to the outdoorsman/woman. All the way from printed T-shirts on up to shirts nice enough to wear to Church. They have ones with vented backs which I love when red fishing down in Louisiana. I also really like their polyester shirts like the green one that I have on in this pic while on an Oregon crappie fishing trip last night.

So that you can trust my taste, here’s verification. My wife and youngest daughter really like Heybo shirts as well. They both fish a lot with me and more likely than not if out fishing, they’ll be wearing a Heybo shirt.

Not only are they nice looking but they’re also functional fishing shirts. I fish from Florida to Alaska. If you can’t be a good fisherman, at least be a well-dressed fisherman!

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