Excuse-Making for Pfleger Illustrates Gulf Between Media and Normal People

Choosing perceived citizen disarmament gains over a thorough investigation of sex abuse claims, Gabby Giffords didn’t let accusations against Joe Biden stop her from supporting him. So don’t expect her to treat accusations against Michael Pfleger any differently. (Father Michael Pfleger/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)-“Two brothers on Monday detailed sexual abuse they say they suffered at the hands of the Rev. Michael Pfleger more than four decades ago, with one saying the abuse ‘destroyed my life,’” the Chicago Sun-Times reports. “But attorneys for the longtime St. Sabina Church pastor have blasted the accusations as ‘false attacks . . . motivated by greed.’”

This is a significant update to a story discussed on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News earlier in the month, naturally of interest to gun owners since Pfleger is a longtime vocal and persistent opponent of the right to keep and bear arms. By bringing forth not just one accuser, but two, the dynamics of the case and public perception of it just intensified.

It’s ironic that Pfleger has spent a career assuming his countrymen are the ones who, by default, can’t be trusted to act lawfully. Without knowing a thing about you or me as individuals, he would have the state deny us our rights simply because some, disproportionately concentrated in the area he “serves,” have proven they cannot exercise freedom responsibly.

In case of the accusations against him, we need to acknowledge a couple of things, starting with a word of caution: If Pfleger can have his reputation destroyed by anonymous accusations, what’s to stop your and my enemies from doing the same thing to us? I also note the story makes mention of statements and news conferences, but nothing about submitting formal and actionable sworn depositions that would carry criminal penalties if proven false. Add to that, so far there has been a request for money and an attorney’s hope for a settlement that will make a lawsuit unnecessary.

On the flip side, the archdiocese certainly knows who the accusers are and if their recollections track with where Pfleger was and which boys he had access to at the time of the allegations. That the older brother is reportedly “an Air Force veteran and former Texas police officer” will sway some opinions, right or wrong. That is probably not an insignificant consideration to church attorneys, especially if any thought of settling out of court is being entertained as the most expedient way out.

What’s revealing is how Pfleger supporters have gone to automatic “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” mode, and with no more evidence than we see here in vehemently defending their priest. They are also angrily attacking accusers who may, in fact, be telling the truth, may in fact have had their innocence stolen from them, and may in fact have suffered grievous emotional and spiritual wounds rendering them damaged goods for life.

Or they could be crazy people and opportunistic liars. We don’t know. Still, it’s fair to ask, does advocating for #MeToo only apply to some? Note Gabby Giffords, pictured with Pfleger above, didn’t let sex abuse accusations deter her from supporting Joe Biden for president.

What’s even more revealing is an excuse-making Chicago Sun-Times editorial purporting to unpack the latest developments for us. What it really does is get us to look at this as if such accusations should be analyzed through a filter of “moral relativism” that could best be described as “depraved.”

“But I will say that even if the accusations are true, if anybody has redeemed himself through a life well-lived, that would be Michael Pfleger,” columnist Neil Steinberg hideously advocates. “Father God I ask you to keep your arms around our Pastor and to give him the strength he needs to sustain his faith in you…”

Even if they’re true? Why would anyone write that?

And why would he then go back in and revise his article to take that part out without notice? So much for journalistic standards. I took a screenshot, Neil. The internet is forever:

What about the brothers, Neil? No prayers to Father God for them? Since you brought it up, why does a line from the Book of Matthew about making a big show of praying come to mind?  And since we only recently heard about the allegations, what proof do you have — if Pfleger’s accusers are telling the truth — that there haven’t been more unreported incidents over the years?

You get the feeling that if the archdiocese did settle, with binding nondisclosure agreements, of course, Steinberg and the St. Sabina apologists would be quick to make the meme “Exonerated!!!” go viral while dismissing all charges as “baseless.”

There really is only one way to lawfully settle this. Conduct an exhaustive investigation. Get it into court. Get everyone involved under oath. And assign honest reporters and commentators to the case — as opposed to someone with the type of twisted worldview who would declare there’s a redemption upside to a trusted protector raping defenseless and emotionally vulnerable boys…

Right now, Pfleger is legally presumed innocent. If the brothers are proven to be lying, charge them criminally and throw the book at them. If they’re telling the truth, I’d like to say there will be one less “prohibited person” on the streets of Chicago, but the accusations predate Illinois’ statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes elimination bill.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Progressive ideology and culture allow self-appointed ‘elites’ to get away with any manner of intellectual and ethical gymnastics. In this case excusing or ignoring allegations of gross and abusive behavior is just fine if the accused comes down on the right side of the collectivist vs libertarian ideological line. Ideology is the benchmark. Morality is not. So in this case, self-appointed elites view ‘the masses’ as simply drones and play toys do be dictated to and abused at will. Drones don’t need rights. Their lives are not worthy of defense much less self defense. This is why progressive ideology has… Read more »


Not seen in other media. Thanks for this – sharing.


Nice quote from the gospel of Matthew, above. And here is another, though I did not look up the exact ‘address”. Jesus, when confronting the Pflegers of His day, declared “if yuo have broken the smallest point of the Law, you have broken the WHOLE LAW”. Such is God’s standard of justice. But Pfleger forgets that, in addition to that strong charge, God does extend forgiveness, which is conditional upon REPENTANCE and admission of guilt. And taht process NEVER involves attorneys, the press, public opinion, or any other such thing. It is a one on one transaction with the God… Read more »


you are forgetting bill the pedophile clinton Haiti and Dominican republic had warents out for him for a while bet some of the rebuild money in the foundation paid to get rid of that, because not ONE house was built


I seem to recall some words spoken by Christ himself. He mention those who would hurt his children and the bottom of the sea and a Mill Stone around the neck would be preferable to his wrath. “Father”if he is guilty is in literal “World of Shit!”


Therein lies the trouble with these so called men of God. They enjoy the show, but what they don’t realize is that there was only one man that walked this earth that was reverent, it’s not them. Then again maybe they do realize it.
Too long the Catholic church has defended pedophiles’ but what can one expect from the vatican after all they were instrumental helping Nazi war criminals escape after WW2.
It should be no surprise that the Godless heathen aline themselves with those that prey on the weak, and defenseless.
If not now, when?


I see by the images on Pfleger’s shirt that he is into “fisting.” You just never know about some people.


As someone who has to reach inside of a cow’s colon to solve a bowel obstruction once in a while, let me be the first to announce: Anyone who likes doing that is very definitely off their rocker. Or perhaps more accurately… Crazy as a loon!


Ah, Gabby Giffords the Village Idiot of Gun Control as pimped out by her hubby Mark Kelly.


HEY, “Big Pimpin” ain’t easy!