Will Accusation of Child Sexual Abuse ‘Snuff Out’ Michael Pfleger?

Fists against violence: Pfleger and teenage fanboy David Hogg captured in a moment of mutual admiration… (Father Michael Pfleger / Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Prominent Chicago priest Father Michael Pfleger has been asked to step away from ministry following a decades-old child sexual abuse allegation, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced Tuesday,” WGN9 reports. “According to a letter sent from Cardinal Blase Cupich to the St. Sabina community, Father Pfleger has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor from more than 40 years ago.”

Short on details and but long on giving Pfleger the benefit of the doubt, the Archdiocese says it has “offered the services of our Victim Assistance Ministry” to  “the person making the allegation.” For its part, The Faith Community of St. Sabina declares “[W]e believe that our Sr. Pastor will be fully exonerated from all accusations and we will stand with him during this process…”

In a Facebook post, Pfleger says he is “devastated, hurt, and yes, angry.”

It’s important to note, as the Archdiocese points out, that “Allegations are claims that have not been proven as true or false. Therefore, guilt or innocence should not be assumed.”

While that’s true enough, it’s curious that creatures of the left only play that card when it works in their favor. A case in point is the “Believe Women” movement, the doctrine demands that accusers are always victims and never lie, a tactic notoriously used in an attempt to sabotage the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Somehow, though, when multiple accusers came out against Joe Biden, the rules changed, and the alleged victim became a target for disbelief and ridicule.

The hypocrisy is further highlighted by all the citizen disarmament scams pushed by Pfleger and his fellow gun-grabbers throughout the years. What are “background checks” or permits but demands that citizens must prove their innocence before being permitted to exercise an unalienable right? What are so-called “red flag laws” but assumptions of guilt where proof of innocence is required? What are gun bans or carry bans but declarations that citizens are not trusted because they might do something bad?

And note Pfleger wasn’t exactly consumed with concern for innocence and due process when he urged a mob to “snuff out” a gun store owner who had committed no crimes.

That’s why I have taken to referring to him as “Snuffy” on my WarOnGuns blog, where we also find he and his supporters also take a one-sided approach on things like IRS tax exemptions while attempting to influence legislation. As long as we’re getting worked up about his rights, what about his concern for the rights of citizens to engage in commerce and travel freely without having him physically impeding their going about their business? And as long as we’re talking hypocrisy, we still haven’t heard much from him besides distancing and denial about his “bodyguard” being busted for illegally carrying a gun.

By all means, give Pfleger the same consideration you would want to be given yourself if someone accused you of doing something heinous. Just know that those now leaping to his defense would not be so inclined to give us the same support, and would be among the loudest jeering voices in the lynch mob.

And it’s not out of line to consider one other thing if it turns out the accuser is not lying: Does anyone know what the odds are that someone who was molesting a child 40 years ago, and getting away with it, would suddenly stop cold and not continue doing it?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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“Somehow, though, when multiple accusers came out against Joe Biden, the rules changed, and the alleged victim became a target for disbelief and ridicule.”

The same thing happened with Bill Clinton.


Pfleger is far from a religious man IMO…he’s been nothing but a cancer on the Chicago area for a long time.


That’s quite fitting, since Chicago and New York City have been a cancer on the US for a long time.


Camera Hogg is looking like he is getting a thrill !


Perhaps….. he’s getting the Pfleger Finger Treatment


I’ve lived in shit-cago my whole life. This dirtbag isn’t a priest, he’s a politician. And a corrupt one at that. I’m not judging.
I agree with musicman44mag. Not for me to judge him. God will take care of that.

uncle dudley

The Catholic church could stop a lot of the accusations of sexual abuse by allowing the priests to marry, they shouldn’t have to decide to serve the lord and give up their right to have a wife and family.
My personal opinion is this would give the priests a first hand account of how to deal with issue’s of the family they council others about.
This would open up the church to better candidates for the priesthood.


And what about all those who would then have “husbands”?




Yea RoyD we know what you like and that shiii is gross!!


I’ll take your personally informed word for it.


Who are You??


Your daddy!!


I don’t know who “Dee” is but I have dealt with many, many like him. Any ability they may manage to display is but a thin veneer. Sad really, but it is what it is. He is one of the “broken people” I have spoke of before.


S/he is the one I apologized to a few days ago, but sklee was too broken to even acknowledge it. Very sad indeed. But, as you said, it is what it is. We can’t let it spill our milk. Just because other’s spill theirs on purpose to have something to cry over, doesn’t mean we have to sink to that infantile level!
“Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig enjoys it” -Mark Twain, I think???

StandWith Me

I think studies have shown that being married does not stop this mental illness. Marriage can allow quick and close access to vulnerable children.


I agree on the better candidates for priesthood and dealing with marital problems. My problem is I don’t think it is natural to not have a mate and I don’t mean like an Australian mate, mate.. If God told us to go forth and multiply, why did they choose celibacy. I have read of nuns getting pregnant by the priests, the nun gets transferred to a nunnery, has her baby and then it just magically disappears to be found as a corps later with a group of other baby corpses under their churches. Sick!!! and true, it’s in our history… Read more »


The whole thought of all this gayness and sexual abuse of children by people we are supposed to look up to and respect makes me sick. That is one of the reasons why my perception of religious fathers of Christ has been knocked down from the pedestal they once stood on in my mind. My whole thought of religion and God has changed so much as I have grown older. When I was a child it was, if your not a lutheran, if your not a catholic, if your not a Jehovah witness etc. etc. etc. you are going to… Read more »


Remember that the “no married Priests” rule is one of man, and NOT a rule of God’s. It says that exactly NOWHERE in the Christian “Holy” books. That is a corruption instituted by Constantine and his Empress, Helena, in the 300s CE. This is when they tore down her previous temple and merged her previous belief in Paganism with the underground religion,”Christianity”, that they previously had been feeding to lions. This is also the origin of the drinking of his blood, the eating of his flesh, beating and abusing children, the bloody idols, and all the Satanic rest of it.… Read more »


Not to mention the current situation where madates to put on masks, stay home, close your small family business, close all the churches, theatres, gatheirngs of all kinds (except strip clubs and riotous protests) not visit anyone, to not do any of the above.. on the “chance” that SOMEONE might be carrying a mild virus and somehow someone else MIGHT catch it and then GET SICK…..

Oh but the Annointed Ones are alowed to carry on as if none of these rules had ever been uttered.

StandWith Me

The pope will probably make him an auxiliary bishop in charge of child welfare.

Dr. Strangelove

What’s he outraged about? Sexual deviancy is a leftist resume enhancement.


David, you write:

Short on details and but long on giving Pfleger the benefit of the doubt …”

Perhaps you can find more details and context here:



Did you guys hear about the two Catholic Priests who stayed home on a Saturday night and split an Alter Boy?!


That joke isn’t funny. A joke has to have an exaggeration somewhere. That is merely a statement of fact. 🙂


Can we have an article that’s not about politics but actual good information on firearms, safety, and responsible shooting?!?! Damn shiii getting ridiculous now. Don’t get Ammoland canceled for your rhetorical articles.


Getting a little too close to home for comfort, Dee?


Dee, you had better pull your head out. If we ignore the politics, and don’t have fighters like Mr. Codrea fighting for our rights and keeping us informed on threats to those rights, there will be no need for the information you are demanding. Personally monitoring the state of your colon is not the most effective way to protect our rights.


This guy…lol…Now y’all going after the guy that supported your agenda. Senator Graham now they are coming for you. Apparently they believe you got your head in your ass as well.


Don’t worry, Fudd, the dragon promises to eat you last.


See this crap? That’s the problem certain people still believes in fairy tales. Lol


No one is making you read articles you don’t like.

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