Firearms Policy Coalition Statement on Incoming Biden Administration

Former VIP Joe Biden
Former Obama VP and openly populist Democratic Presidental frontrunner, Joe Biden will have his VP candidate chosen based on numerous foolish metrics. Intersectionality, identity politics, and of course, strict gun-control policies.

U.S.A.-( Firearms Policy Coalition has released the following statement after Congress today affirmed the Electoral College vote for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris:

As we have said before, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris represent a clear and present danger to liberty, freedom, the Constitution, and the values that have made America the greatest country in the world. Given the results of the Georgia runoff election, anti-rights politicians and bureaucrats are set to control the Congress, the White House, and the administrative state, including the rogue Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Biden and Harris have made it clear that their dangerous agenda includes incredibly expansive and unconstitutional gun control policies, and that they expect Congress to pass many new laws restricting rights, conduct, and property. Indeed, since the 117th Congress was sworn in, many statist, anti-American gun control bills have already been introduced.

In the coming months and years, the attacks on our fundamental rights and liberty will likely be unprecedented, relentless, and lawless. From expanding categories of prohibited persons and “red flag” laws to “universal background checks,” bans on free speech and ‘3D’ printing technology, encryption bans, deplatforming, “Operation Choke Point” and banking restrictions, new prohibitions and restrictions on firearms, magazines, ammunition, and other constitutionally protected arms, expansion of the irrational National Firearms Act, laws to incarcerate thousands more people every year, and, sadly, much, much more. It is not hyperbole to say that the Biden-Harris era may be the most challenging of our lifetimes.

However, as we have explained before, our fundamental rights do not come from the government, the people, or even the Constitution itself. Our right to keep and bear arms exists with or without official legal recognition of it, with or without judicial enforcement of it, and with or without a desire for them to be exercised or respected.

FPC and our Grassroots Army members are resolved to aggressively counter these unconstitutional and immoral proposed policies and unforgivable infringements of our natural, human rights. Our FPC Law team is steeled and prepared to take on important issues and many new lawsuits. And we are confident that, if we hold fast and work together, the right to keep and bear arms—and our Republic—will endure. FPC will continue to fiercely execute our advancement strategy, fight forward based on philosophy and principles, defend and restore the rights and liberty of the People, and create a world of maximal individual liberty.

Firearms Policy Coalition ( and its FPC Law team are the nation’s next-generation advocates leading the Second Amendment litigation and research space, having recently filed two United States Supreme Court petitions for certiorari (review) (Folajtar v. Attorney General and Holloway v. Attorney General) and several major federal Second Amendment lawsuits, including challenges to the State of Maryland’s ban on “assault weapons” (Bianchi v. Frosh), the State of Pennsylvania’s and Allegheny County’s carry restrictions (Cowey v. Mullen), Philadelphia’s Gun Permit Unit policies and practices (Fetsurka v. Outlaw), Pennsylvania’s ban on carry by adults under 21 years of age (Lara v. Evanchick), California’s Handgun Ban and “Roster” laws (Renna v. Becerra), Maryland’s carry ban (Call v. Jones), New Jersey’s carry ban (Bennett v. Davis), New York City’s carry ban (Greco v. New York City), the federal ban on the sale of handguns and handgun ammunition by federal firearm licensees (FFLs) to adults under 21 years of age (Reese v. BATFE), and others, with many more cases being prepared today. To follow these and other legal cases FPC is actively working on, visit the Legal Action section of FPC’s website or follow FPC on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

FPC’s mission is to protect and defend constitutional rights—especially the right to keep and bear arms—advance individual liberty, and restore freedom through litigation and legal action, legislative and regulatory action, education, outreach, grassroots activism, and other programs. FPC Law is the nation’s largest public interest legal team focused on Second Amendment and adjacent fundamental rights including freedom of speech and due process, conducting litigation, research, scholarly publications, and amicus briefing, among other efforts. FPC is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization.


FPC is urgently seeking individual and FFL plaintiffs for a number of lawsuits that are being prepared to challenge laws and policies that infringe on fundamental rights, including (but not limited to):

  • Laws and policies that prevent individuals from purchasing and/or possessing so-called “assault weapons” (semi-automatic firearms with standard characteristics) and “high-capacity” magazines (standard magazines that hold more than 10 rounds)
  • Laws and policies that prevent adults over the age of 18 but under the age of 21 from purchasing handguns from FFLs
  • Laws and policies that prevent adults over the age of 18 but under the age of 21 from carrying loaded handguns and other arms outside of their home
  • Laws and policies that prevent individuals from acquiring and/or possessing handguns and other arms without first acquiring a “purchase permit”
  • Laws and policies that prevent individuals from acquiring or possessing firearms due to a conviction for a non-violent crime, or mental health adjudication that did not involve an involuntary commitment
  • Laws that prevent honorably discharged veterans from acquiring or possessing firearms because they have been classified as “a mental defective” due to the agency’s determination that they “lack the mental capacity to contract or manage his or her own affairs” because they need assistance managing VA benefits and have a fiduciary

If someone you know meets the criteria above, or if you would be interested in participating in litigation as a supporting FFL, please contact us:

  • On the web at
  • By email at potentialplaintiffs[at]
  • By phone at (855) 252-4510 (FPC Legal Action Hotline available 24/7/365)

If you would like to support FPC’s many pro-Second Amendment lawsuits, legal action, and research, please chip in $5, $10, $25, or whatever you can at or Join the FPC Grassroots Army at

About Firearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend constitutional rights—especially the right to keep and bear arms—advance individual liberty, and restore freedom through litigation and legal action, legislative and regulatory action, education, outreach, grassroots activism, other programs. FPC Law is the nation’s largest public interest legal team focused on Second Amendment and adjacent fundamental rights including freedom of speech and due process, conducting litigation, research, scholarly publications, and amicus briefing, among other efforts.

Firearms Policy Coalition

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Arizona Don

When guns are outlawed there will suddenly be somewhere around 150 million new outlaws here in the good old USA. Most gun owners will not comply.


Thought for the day: The incoming administration has been anointed by voter fraud; therefore it is illegitimate. Any law passed by such administration is therefore illegitimate and unconstitutional. The result is that any such law must be disobeyed by any and every means available. If it is not then anyone in compliance with such laws is complicit in treason.


I agree! My concern is that now the left appears to be the majority and they will be charging what is right and wrong and according to them you are a terrorist and must be handled appropriately according to their wishes. How are we going to get around that and get the sheeple or fence walkers to not climb aboard the NWO United Socialists of America train and join them while trying to build a resistance to fight this communist take over of the United States of America? We, The People need to start concentrating on and building a group… Read more »


By any and every means.


Although your primary point (that Leftists must be opposed) is quite valid, there is no “if” available – and bloodshed cannot be avoided. Wake up, conservatives! Leftists have consistently demonstrated (proven) that they refuse to even engage in any discussions, agreements, or negotiations – in any way, or for any reason – other than to verify their absolute insistence that all conservatives must either 1) kneel and accept their socialist goals, or 2) be completely removed from society. For their hard-headed, closed-minded part, that is the “end of discussion.” Virtually every conservative naively makes the assumption that we are still… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JoeUSooner



The group has been formed. GET ON BOARD!


Just joined!


It’s getting close to the “War of the Flea”.


Afghanistan on steroids.

Capn Dad

I really don’t believe that protesting through the courts or lobbying in the halls of the now Marxist owned congress that would be more appropriately called the Politburo is going to do any good. If you want your liberties you will have to actually fight for them. After what happened this past week the fearful commies infesting DC (to include the so called conservative republicans) will come after your guns and no argument or stats or anything is going to deter them. Fight or flight that’s your choice and no other.


The only way to fix this mess, is to vote out all the incumbents. If we do this we will purge The Deep State & RINO’s they will be gone. Right now no matter who wins the White House, the career Politicians still keep their political machine running, preserving the status quo. mediocracy prevails.
Nothing gets done as long as politicians feel safe in their positions.

Shame on every Gun Owner who voted Democrat!

Last edited 1 year ago by Cruiser

Right vote at ’em. That can work….. You need to figure out quickly that that option no longer works!!

Capn Dad

Right. They will fix it so that voting is more meaningless than it is now. The nation will become a one party nation and republicans will be lucky to be voted in as dog catcher.


I have news for you. If this so called election is allowed to stand, we already don’t exist. We need to fight for a re-election with new technique’s that bring back old manual vote at the booth type of elections. No more electronic crap. Soon it will be vote with your phone if they get their way but they will just laugh at us because like this election, it will be rigged. Election night I was watching Rachel Madcow and when she signed off she said, “lets go back to the election to see the current results” or something similar.… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

The Republic was dead before the November election. We just didn’t realize how dead it really was, and that our country has been taken over by an oligarchy. Next on the agenda: make it impossible for Americans to resist Big Brother. First and Second Amendments, shut them down.


Wrong! Oh, that is one possibility, perhaps. It has only a tiny (statistically-insignificant percentage) chance of working, and it has an abysmally-poor historic record of success… but it does exist, I guess. However, it is not the only way…

Rebel VA

No, shame on anyone who voted democrat!


Shame on anyone who voted for anti 2nd Amendment politicians* during primaries (in general elections, there’s not much choice – they are almost all anti 2nd Amendment).

*Of any party.

CourageousLion has an answer to this problem. Please check them out and get on board. The idea is simple. GET LAW ENFORCEMENT on the side of the PEOPLE and AGAINST the politicians. That way the politicians can pass all the psyhchopathic control freak legislation they want but will have to go up against Police and Sheriff departments that REFUSE to arrest ANYONE for a VICTIMLESS CRIME. Sheriff Richard Mack is on the board. IT MAKES SENSE AND COULD WORK!


Yes – exactly. If more time was spent actually working on this and actually working on creating state legislation that mitigates the impact of new federal gun laws (just like many states passed laws making marijuana legal despite federal laws to the contrary), we would be better off. LEOs have difficult decisions to make in the near future and actually working (having conversations with them) to encourage them to make good decisions is time well spent. Supporting good LEOs and ostracizing bad LEOs, in my opinion, is a good idea. Both of those things actually require effort – speaking with… Read more »


You lost me at drug possession. We lost the war on drugs so let’s make it legal. What’s next, it’s only property damage? Simple assault? Where does it end?

Elisa Delaurenti

Montana’s gun owners will not comply with unconstitutional gun grabbing here. Further, the Montana Shooting Sports Association has authored and passed several laws to protect us from federal laws intended to revoke our Constitutional Rights.


I hope you are right. Idaho is a 2A sanctuary state but I am not sure that will be enough unless some of the several states band together and say no.


The USSC will soon be manipulated/threatened (threatening with violence is what Marxists do) by the Animal Farm to do their bidding so it is our best bet for free states (red) to get our state governments ready to nullify anything that comes from there. We have the Tenth Amendment and others to stop their communist overreach at the state lines. Those is the slave states (blue) will have to chance the USSC to remain in reality to the Constitution. Read Thomas Woods’s “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century” and then give the book to someone else… Read more »


While not gun related this is the kind of shit that Biden is hiring to run things:

Biden pick for DOJ Civil Rights Division wrote Blacks had ‘superior physical and mental abilities’ – AR15.COM


“His qualifications for VP was to have a vagina and dark skin. He sets the bar so fucking high, nothing but the best for us.”


Your rights will be tread upon under this president. Just like they were under the last one. And the one before that. And the one before that. And so on. Nothing will change as long as you keep voting for Republicans and Democrats.


So we should vote for the Whig party candidates?


Judging from your comments on a lot of these articles you shouldn’t vote at all.


Superman, You’re a retired LEO, is that correct? The House and the Senate will pass bills that further restrict broad categories of semiautomatic rifles. Those bills may reflect Biden’s campaign promise to ban the manufacture/sale of those rifles and require that ones currently owned be registered with the federal government under the NFA of 1934. Whatever bills are passed, Biden will sign them. When enforcement actions begin, the government will lie and coordinate their lies with the media – just like they have before. It is likely they will make a big show of things (just like they have before)… Read more »


Voting is now pointless other than at the very local level with paper ballots. Until we reclaim the Republic we are an occupied nation. Absorb that idea although it will be difficult.