Biden Breaks Silence on Guns, Demands ‘Common Sense Reforms’

Joe Biden
Joe Biden used the anniversary of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., to press for extremist gun control

U.S.A.-( Having waited about four weeks from the day he moved into the White House, Democrat Joe Biden used the Valentine’s Day anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla., to demand that Congress “enact commonsense gun law reforms,” which is camo-speak for extremist gun control.

What he calls “common sense” is considered nonsense by Second Amendment advocates who argue none of Biden’s so-called “reforms” will prevent a single violent crime.

In a statement from the White House, the Biden administration declared, “Three years ago today, a lone gunman took the lives of 14 students and three educators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.” It was a tragedy, but to paraphrase former Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a tragedy go to waste.” Biden chooses to blame guns, but there is plenty of blame to spread to local officials who knew the suspect.

Biden’s radical agenda has been posted online for more than a year. Nobody can claim they didn’t know about it.

He wants:

  • Licensing for citizens before they can purchase a firearm.
  • Universal background checks.
  • A ban on modern sporting rifles and original capacity magazines.
  • “Smart gun” technology
  • Repeal of legal protection for firearms makers from harassment lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry.
  • One-gun-per-month restrictions for law-abiding gun owners.
  • Mandated “safe storage” of firearms.
  • Penalize adults for allowing minors access to firearms.*
  • Expand so-called “red flag” laws.
  • Extend the background check period from three to at least ten days.

(*Would the Biden administration punish crime victim 73-year-old Linda Ellis of Goldsboro, N.C. because her 12-year-old grandson was able to access a firearm and fatally shoot one of two thugs who broke into her home Feb. 13 demanding money, and shot her in the leg? The fatally wounded suspect was found in an intersection nearby. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.)

In the White House statement, the Biden administration threatened to “not wait for the next mass shooting to heed that call. We will take action to end our epidemic of gun violence and make our schools and communities safer.”

Such a statement has “executive order” written all over it, critics believe. The question is: How much authority does Biden have to issue an executive order affecting a constitutionally-enumerated fundamental right? Gun rights advocates are already preparing for court confrontations.

One organization has been busy in that regard for weeks. The Second Amendment Foundation last month launched its “2nd Amendment First Responder” project, which has been publicized by Ammoland News coverage. SAF has been recruiting “First Responders” for the past six weeks and the effort is resulting in an impressive reaction.

SAF has reportedly attracted thousands of new supporters, including first-time gun buyers. In a news release, the foundation detailed this new support:

“Over 25 percent of our new supporters were first-time gun buyers in 2020. Approximately 40 percent of our new gun-owning supporters are women.”

The campaign, which has been advertising on a dozen networks, has also drawn some ugly hate mail including this message from one critic:

“Get the f— off CNN. No lying propaganda you trump (sic) ass licker. We can’t stand you dumb f— republicians (sic). Go back to state news, fox, with your bull s— lies, hate filled speech, name calling, all in the name of God. You lying trump (sic) worshippers will burn in hell. And if you come near my house you c—suckers, I’ll shoot your devil loving, racist ass. Come on.”

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb gets “three or four a day” like this. Earlier messages to SAF have included these gems:

  • “Please go f— yourself. Thank you.”
  • “You are inviting violence and mayhem just like your president by showing your ad. It is full of lies and I feel bad for anyone who believes your violent mission. You pray on the weak of mind and they don’t even know it. This is a pathetic and lying organization. Organization is used loosely. Take down your despicable false ad. And DO NOT contact me in any form. This is sickening. Bellevue is pretty pricey, who funds this s–t show?”
  • “Your ads claiming Biden & Harris will take away guns are grossly fabricated, perfidious lies designed to incite radical, right-wing crypto-fascist violence which IS a violation of the sedition-insurrection act. Your organization can be *charged* with violating the sedition-insurrection act & if you continue to put your outrageously false, pernicious claims on TV we will send an official complaint to the Dept. of Justice plus a possible lawsuit…No Democratic POTUS has *ever* taken away guns, ammo, tootsie rolls, condoms, or guava coated dildos:-) In fact, if anyone takes away guns, it will be a RATpublican like Trump, Cruz or Johnson once they secure a right-wing dictatorship which Trump almost did. So cut the s–t, the surge of pathological, radical right-wing toxin must stop, your orange demon is now out of power and hiding in his Florida bunker where he allows Russian transvestites to urinate on his micro mushroom. Stop the lies, stop the ads or the DOJ will be calling you. Get a life, eat a nice tuna sub with anchovies:-)”

One Michigan-based ammunition company reportedly is refusing to sell ammunition to Biden voters. According to Law Enforcement Today, Fenix Ammunition questions would-be purchasers.

“When a shopper visits Fenix’s website,” the report explains, “a popup prevents the would-be buyer from accessing the site unless they answer ‘No’ to the question, ‘Did you vote for Joe Biden?’

“A ‘Yes’ answer directs the shopper to Biden’s so-called ‘gun safety’ page on his platform website.”

Ultimately, if a customer acknowledges voting for Biden last fall, “the sale is declined.”

Meanwhile, Biden has a long track record of extremist gun control, so any thought he might be bluffing is at best delusional. He promised gun control on the campaign trail, and vowed to put anti-gun former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke in charge of his administration’s gun policy.

At the beginning of his administration, Biden called for “unity.” Moving to erode the rights of more than 100 million U.S. citizens is hardly unifying, say critics, and considering the hate-filled reaction to SAF’s “2nd Amendment First Responder” advertising, Biden supporters are not interested in unity at all.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Can we have the same common sense as they used with voting? No Id, no signature check and get it by mail!


As it should be! All arms laws are unconstitutional!


Joe is taking a page out of Hitlar’s playbook , we must take away all the guns to save the children . Joe was part of the administration that gave us gun walking . He needs to be held accountable for all the deaths caused by his actions in gun walking . Resign or be impeached you clown !


Been controlling all my guns since Vietnam. Don’t need any advice from Leftis idiots. We have all the gun control law we need already, it’s the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Read it, learn it, follow it.


Funny how all these proposals are for law abiding citizens and nothing that stops criminals with guns!


Vince – ding ding ding – winner winner chicken dinner!
NONE of slow joe’s ‘proposals’ will do a single thing to the CRIMINALS and they know it. They are only targeting (pun intended)us Law Abiding Citizens since we are the ones they MUST control in order to be able to institute total control. You may have heard some other terms for it such as ‘workers paradise’ or their favorite ‘utopia’ – which literally means ‘nowhere’ and they are perfectly willing to sacrifice as many of us as they need to in order to get there.


OK, let me begin by stating Joe Biden would not recognize Common Sense if it kicked him in the posterior. That being said it should be no surprise to anyone that this is now coming in to full public view. This kind of action against guns, private property, small business, free speech and all of your other Constitutionally protected Natural Rights has been target number one for the Progressive New Left since the Prairie Fire Manifesto was published in the early 1970’s. You need to view the new leftist political class as the Khmer Rouge on Ritalin and junk food.… Read more »


Who needs Beijing joe! Florida has Rubio!
Rubio’s new red flag bill introduced 08 Feb: Gun Confiscation without due process SB 292.

But wait there is more from Rubio:” Terror Intelligence Improvement Act.”
Rubio’s proposed legislation would grant the federal government the power to
delay gun purchases and “Red Flag” people investigated for “domestic terrorism.
This law will target law-abiding citizens who have not committed a crime, in other words, it’s an unconstitutional “pre crime” program similar to what you’d expect to see in Communist China.


yea, i know, he is my senator. he is playing the tom cruise part in minority report. really sad part is, his family escaped from the dictatorship in cuba and now he is espousing the same legislation they have there. we need to primary him.


Just send him a Notice and Demand to cease and desist the violation of his Oath of Office by pursuing unconstitutional efforts at taxpayer expense.


Exactly! People act like chicken little when a Democrat is in office but turn into the ostrich with its head in the sand when Republicans are pushing for infringement.


“Breaks silence”. He’s never been silent about gun control. He’s advocated for it and written legislation enacting it. Everyone knows his stance and what he would do if he could. What people need to know are the names of all the Republicans who have advocated for and enacted gun control since those are the politicians that people reading these articles seem to keep voting for like they’re going to be 2A saviors.


Biden would NOT know common sense if it bit him! Oh and Biden is NOT MY PRESIDENT!


AMEN !!!!!!!!


Bejing Xiden is the last person I’d expect “common sense” from.


He’s also the last person you can GET “common sense” from!


Will Rush get to be in the rotunda with other great people that have influenced and changed America. If he doesn’t there should be a major outcry from the people. No excuses.


Rush Limbaugh just died. May God rest his soul. Who will replace him.


Probably Neal Boortz as the closest second.


Those are big shoes to fill, but Mark Steyn is a good choice. Thanks Rush and RIP!


Leftists have no damned idea how much “violence and mayhem” will result from the civil war that they (and specifically their leaders) are driving this country toward.

I’ve seen war, and no sane human being wants it anywhere near US soil. But, of course, ignorant liberals have no concept of either 1) the upcoming consequences (which they refuse to admit even exist) of, or 2) their own level of responsibility for, the hellish civil war – that, back in 2016, even Obama’s Homeland Security office warned Congress to expect by mid-2021!


if it comes to that, and i really pray it doesn`t, we will have a major problem. Canada sold out to the communist Chinese, and they are conducting ‘winter training’ on our northern border as we converse. The Government stated years ago, if they needed help they would call upon “Foreign Assets” . So, Red Chinese to the North, invasion under way to the South, Russia harassing our fishing fleets. Besides all that,our military is being purged of all patriots. And we have a doddering old pedophile and a whore in charge. Lord help us !


22+ million Veterans… A bunch of pissed-off old farts and a bunch of healthy new young blood…


The troops in DC also have to rationalize that WE, The People also include Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Neighbor, Teacher, Doctor, Nurse, Librarian, Auto Mechanic, etc., etc.

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Card carrying Communists all the way…..


Stripe – nice graphic – maybe that donkey needs a couple of bandages or a cast on a leg or two.

WI Patriot

President Malarkey at it again…


Common sense from Obiden? That’s hilarious!


You can’t put the words logic or common sense in the same sentence with the word democrat. That is an oxymoron and specifically the moron part takes presidence.


Was the picture of biden DOCTORED?? He needs a little make-up to look like a character from Bat Man story.
‘j.biden’ needs to be IMPEACHED along with his APPOINTED DemoKKKrat REGIME!!

Deplorable Bill

The right thing to do is recognize the problem. The actual problem is simply that people don’t hold the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY higher than they are. Once you admit the LORD exists and who we are in relation to HIM, the next thing that follows is we are accountable to HIM. Once that happens things are changed. There can be no justice or freedom or rights or hope or peace ….. When you don’t hold GOD higher than yourself. Anyone who knows anything about communism or socialism knows what has to happen before it takes hold, the citizen must be… Read more »


All ‘gun control laws’ are unconstitutional and anti-constitutional.
Unconstitutional as NO LAW may stand that is not in 100% harmony with the Constitution.
Anti-constitutional as these ‘gun control laws’ attempt to change the amendment without going through the amendment process.


Voidness legal definition of › Voidness

Void. That which is null and completely without legal force or binding effect. … Therefore, no action can be maintained for breach of a void contract, and it cannot be made valid by ratification. Because it is nugatory, a void contract need not be rescinded or otherwise declared invalid in a court of law.


So, is this how America is to be recognized in ridding the world of Communism by putting Freedom haters into the governments?

a.x. perez

I voted against Biden because I knew he was going to do this. Everybody knew he was going to do this. He has already raised the price of oil and hence gasoline. He has started to wreck the economy. If you want to see what other harm he will do the nation, read the Democratic platform, Expect the Valentine Blizzard of 2021 with its power failures and shutdowns to become the new norm, as no effort is put into learning what went wrong and correcting it. And expect ever stricter gun control from Harris’s predecessor and the other Democrats to… Read more »


I am puzzled by your first sentence. Are you expecting to receive a Gold Star for recognizing the obvious? And then we wonder why………


“Common sense” from someone who has none is the same level of oxymoron as “government efficiency”

American Cynic

Listen Folks, When someone says, “Biden Breaks Silence”, it can only mean Biden broke wind, passed gas, cut the cheese. Look at the photo and tell me what you see. What we are getting is a skinny creepy old dude, who after almost half a century finally got his wish; Biden gets to play the president while he occupies the White House. Executive Orders are worth the paper they’re written on; we all know why he doesn’t bother with legislation, because if he did and fails to get anything passed; he will have gotten nothing done. Besides, this way, our… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

As far as an EO goes, the most he can do is like obama did, ban the IMPORT of certain firearms. When obama did it, Russian made AK rifles could not be imported, so Kalashnikov built a factory in Florida to make them. So much for the import ban!


It would seem commenting here is pointless when the moderator continually deletes my comments.

Dave in Fairfax

You had ONE comment caught by the filter, and restored. If that’s your idea of continually, You are more of a snowflake than I thought. I have more caught than that.


I can’t remember ever having a comment blocked. Held up sometimes, particularily when it has more than one link in a single comment, but not deleted.
I THOUGHT I had caught you at it a couple of times, but I was wrong on both counts. I’m sure you remember them. Both times you pointed them out. And I’m quite sensitive to censorship, since I’m often the victim of it…. except for here. That’s why it’s my favorite site.

Dave in Fairfax


I live to serve.
In all seriousness though, We don’t block a lot of things, and those have to be pretty darn egregious. A person can get caught in the filters for a variety of reasons, but unless there’s a really good reason not to, they get released.


They always have for me. Every single time. I haven’t even had one in the filter for a quite a while. The last one was many months ago, and that one had two links in it. I knew it would likely get caught, but I wanted them both in that one post, and a little delay was no harm. It only held it up for an hour or so.
Certainly nothing to write home about. Except maybe to say: “Good Job!”


Ammoland is the only place I post. A number of years ago I used to post on But there was a SJW there by the name of “Eric” who couldn’t abide my thoughts. He tried to kick me off once and he had to crawfish back from that. Then he found something else and I just decided to shake the dust off my feet as I was sent on down the road. I can still pull up that last exchange on the web though. The other place I used to post was and the problem there was that… Read more »


“Life is too short to be hemmed in by smallminded people.” My thoughts exactly. Back in the 1980’s I built a 1911 in .45 ACP that I shot 185 grain HCLSWCs out of at 1300 FPS. I won’t say what the load was, because it would blow up a normal 1911, but it involved Blue Dot, and cases made from annealed, cut down, and inside neck reamed .308 rifle cases. And a very stiff recoil spring with special buffers turned from Delrin. I was always being taken to task by narrow minded people complaining it was “unsafe”, even though nothing… Read more »


Just yesterday I was bragging about not having a comment in the filter for months. So the comment above gets caught for some reason. Putting me in my place, I guess… 🙂
Not a link in sight either. I think it might be because the trade name (del rin) didn’t have a trademark symbol after it.


I have a box on my shelves that is prominently labeled: WARNING, THIS AMMO IS ONLY TO BE FIRED IN MY 1911. HIGH PRESSURE. It contains 45 ACP ammo that pushes a 185gr JHP bullet at 1475 fps out of my 1911. It is completely safe in that gun with its fully supported barrel, 26 lb recoil spring and square bottom firing pin retainer. My kids know about the ammo and know that firing it in any normal 45 ACP would be dangerous. The rounds use a specific type of R-P case and are loaded to max LOA for that… Read more »


Thanks Dave. But doesn’t 14 + 3 = 17?


Picture “says it all” – time to invoke the 25th Amendment. (Pass it on.)


@S; NOOOO! The 25th Amendment would then put Kameltoes as presiDent. IMPEACH j.biden and his entire ILLEGALLY APPOINTED COMMUNIST REGIME!!!!!!!!!


Impeach Joey the Nutcase, then impeach his silly sidekick. Grounds for her? She is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, this can NOT sit as president. Neither of her parents were US Citizens when she took her first breath. One is Indian (dot, not feather) the other is British SUbject, as Jamaica was a Brit colony when he was born. NEITHER were US Citizens.


he wants to remove our guns so that we CANNOT protect ourselves against ILLEGAL ALIENS!




Biden doesn’t have the power or authority to write law.


Hey “Stripeseven”: excellent caricature of a “DemoAss pulling a shit wagon”!


 Biden was instrumental in the passage of the No Gun Zone law in 1990, which banned guns in certain public places notably public schools facilitated these shootings. This law “enables and guarantees a successful mass shooting every time” by making everyone in the public school system defenseless and easy targets. This law also guaranteed the shooters’ safety by making sure they alone had weapons during the carnage. Please notice that all these shooting occur at public schools, this law does not cover private schools which have their own armed security. There have been no mass shootings at private schools in… Read more »


the folks in Ohio got mad about the school shootings epidemic (ir was that a PLANNEDdemic?) and DID something about it. They put together the FASTER Saves Lives programme. Got state law changed to allow privately held guns in schools, took volunteer adult staff/teachers through a week long training programme, ammo suppied, they worked each with their own guns and carry rigs, and after training are allowed to carry at the schools where they work every day already. This came together in the wake of the shooting in Massachussetts, I think it was. In the years this programme has been… Read more »


Texas is pushing legislation this session to do away with Gun Free Zones and a plethora of other Pro Gun Laws.


I think old shotgun joe was sad that he might be letting a crisis (old one but handy) go to waste.


regarding bidens 'common sence gun control', i have a really helpful suggestion for him. he can, with my sincere blessing, take his plans and stick them most securely where the sun dont shine. if he has difficulty understanding my suggestion, i`ll happily provide detailed written instruction, with artfully drawn pictures.


Mail Biden and Sheila Jackson Lee condoms and tell them to go F’k himself!


And while we were all worried about a Bump Stock ban………….


Which is being fought to be overturned on lack of merit and other true common sense issues.


The best common sense gun laws to me are ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE!!!!


We should be enforcing the laws against murder, rape, armed robbery, arson, car jacking, illegal entry into a residence, theft, etc.

There are many current gun laws that should not be enforced.


Actually, had we kept pace with over 150 years of earlier jurisprudence, we wouldn’t have much of a problem in those areas as the perps would have either been shot, hung or zapped!


The gun laws we have infringe on our rights. They shouldn’t be enforced any more than new gun laws should be enacted.


And we should start a movement across the nation by bring these points to our County Sheriffs and Judges, along with a friendly reminder that by supporting unconstitutional “laws” can get them removed from office, fined and even incarcerated!


@S; I used to say that 30 years ago.
However, since then these COMMON(BAD, VOIDED) — commonsense gun laws have DIRECTLY VIOLATED the Constitution.
Now, there are OVER 25,000 ANTI-Constitutional “gun laws” on the books across America. This number has increased since the DemoKKKrat National Communist party enabled the Voter FRAUDULENT Election that has APPOINTED Xiden and his Ho in OUR White House!!!


CRB’s ????