Nevada: Aaron Ford is Trying to “Crackdown” on Your Gun Rights

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Nevada: Aaron Ford is Trying to “Crackdown” on Your Gun Rights

U.S.A.-( Did you see this email below from Aaron Ford about his gun control agenda? Aaron Ford is using his role as Nevada’s Attorney General to strip away your Second Amendment rights!

Attorney General Aaron Ford has been actively working with organizations such as Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign, and the Giffords PAC to restrict your Second Amendment rights. His gang of anti-gun advocates has been preparing his anti-Second Amendment campaign.

If it wasn’t enough, AG Ford is ready to use out-of-state fundraising to ensure he succeeds in his efforts to rob you of your rights!

The NVFAC PAC is ready to fight his efforts to deny you your rights!

Aaron Ford is the number one enemy in Nevada of our right to bear arms, and has the history to prove it! In 2013, he co-sponsored SB221 which started the fight for universal background checks. In 2016, he advocated for Question 1, which made universal background checks the law of the Silver State. In 2018, despite the FBI’S refusing to conduct the background checks because the Nevada universal background check law was fatally flawed, he advocated for enforcement of the background checks despite the legal problems. In 2019, he actively supported SB143 to finally enact legal universal background checks in Nevada.

Attorney General Ford has proudly stated that he is doing everything in his power to enforce these laws and restrict the influence of the NRA in Nevada and with it YOUR gun rights! Aaron Ford has made it clear that he knows best when it comes to who should have guns. A proud sponsor of “Red Flag laws” that limit due process and gun rights for lawful gun owners, he chooses to ignore the voices and experience of the law enforcement officers who have spoken out regarding the unconstitutionality of these “red flag” laws.

About Nevada Firearms Coalition PAC

The Nevada Firearms Coalition-PAC was created as the political arm of the Nevada Firearms Coalition. Our mission is to support responsible, pro-gun policies and likeminded political candidates, and we will oppose all efforts to infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights and candidates who support increased gun control.

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Attorney’s General should be concentrating prosecuting criminals, not making laws.


HOW IS IT that a functionary of the Judicial Branch of government in Navada is all on about forcing new laws into place, for him to then enforce? Can any one else say ‘oath of office”, and “conflict of interest”?

Dubi Loo

Yet another traitor to his Oath Of Office. They treat it like a joke.


Get a rope!