Only Idiots Believe in Banning Gun Shows & Universal Background Checks

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Only small-brain idiots believe banning gun shows will keep you safe!

USA – -( Why only small-brain idiots believe banning gun shows will keep you safe! Where do criminals get their guns?

The Bureau of Justice Statistics is part of the Department of Justice. In 2019 they published a study on criminal use of firearms and the source of those firearms. A link to that publication is at the end of this article.

The report is the result of a 2016 survey of prisoners and was published just last year.

So what percentage of criminals got their guns at a gun show? 0.8%

“Internet sales” and sales from an unknown private individuals does not even appear on this list!

DOJ 2016 Survey of Prisoners
DOJ 2016 Survey of Prisoners

So the big issue for the gun-grabbing left, the sword they are willing to die on to keep you safe, is involved in less than 1% of all shootings or didn’t even make a list!

And there is the rub!. The purpose of these new laws is NOT to save lives or keep people safe but to destroy the firearms culture in America and punish those who disagree with them.

These new laws proposed by the Harris/Biden administration will not save one life; all they will do is further separate you from your right!

So let’s look at real solutions to gun violence,

  • 80%+ of ALL shootings are gang and drug-related.
  • 53% of all shootings are by black men under 30.
  • 69% of guns used by criminals are purchased on the black market or acquired by family and friends.
  • Most shootings happen in cities run by democrats.
  • Closing gun shows will not affect gun deaths.

Democrat-run cities destroyed the black nuclear family and the local economy, forcing young black men to turn to gangs and drug dealing as a way of getting by; it is these liberal policies that are directly responsible for 80%+ of all shootings in the U.S.

Please consider this, the most dangerous 5% of counties, with the Democratically run big cities, account for 68% of all murders!

There are just over 3,000 counties in the U.S. Harris/ Biden won only 477 of them or 14.9% of all counties. Those counties won by Harris/Biden represent 85% of all murders!

  • Trump/Pence won Counties =2,600 Counties = 15% of all Shooting Deaths.
  • Harris/Biden won Counties = 477 Counties = 85% of all Shooting Deaths.

You are more than 5X more likely to be shot if you live in a County won by Harris/Biden!

So let’s face facts.

If gun deaths affected elections, Biden never would have won because most gun deaths happened in the Counties he won.

The new laws proposed by the gun grabbers in Congress are not intended to save lives because they focus on neither the source of illegal guns nor the root cause of gun violence.

Gun Banning is an excuse used to hide failed social policies that have destroyed our inner cities. You create a welfare state, destroy families and economies, and then blame anyone else for the violence you made.

The new laws are intended to punish people who do not toe the liberal line.

Let’s also face the facts that in a divided America, the gun grabber doesn’t give a damn about your feel, rights, or constitution.

Also, let’s face the facts Democrats control a few big cities, not states. Eliminate Chicago, and Illinois goes red. The same for most of the States with one big liberal population center.

So what can we do short of joining a right-wing death squad? (<—sarcasm)

Contact your Senator and House representative. Contact your Representative and demand honest verifiable election reforms.

Get politically active in the next set of house/senate races. Support ONLY pro-2A candidates. Nancy Pelosi is kept in power by less than ½ dozen votes. Take back the House and Senate and preserve our right! Those races are already starting!

Give your money DIRECTLY to the candidate of your choice, avoid groups like the NRA where you’re never quite sure where your dollars are going.

    • A copy of the original study is HERE
    • Statistics on gun violence are HERE

Source and Use of Firearms Involved in Crimes: Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Don McDougall
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way to fix the problem is take the young black inner city kids to the country teach them about their rights, and that hard work can be rewarding if you can open the eyes ,the democrats will loose their appeal ,free stuff or be free


I grew up in a military/law enforcement family. One of the things drilled into my brothers and I was, words mean things. Use the proper description of what you mean. So when I see those reporting on the disinformation the anti inanimate object often used as a tool for defense and/or destruction crowd use the same terminology as those whose ridiculousness they’re attempting to illustrate, I cringe. What is “gun violence”? FTA – The new laws proposed by the gun grabbers in Congress are not intended to save lives because they focus on neither the source of illegal guns nor… Read more »


illegal guns? I have a few firearms, and not one of them has EVER stoood up and broken any laws, ever. I will grant that some people use illegal pathways to acquire, carry about with them, use, firearms. But the guns themselves are NEVER the source or cause of breaking any laws. Similar to the term “illegal alien”, meant to describe a non-resident present in violation of the laws in place governing his entrance/remaining within our bortders. He himself is not illegal, but he has performed illegal acts in getting here and/or remaining. Words have meanings, and meanings have consequences.… Read more »

Autsin Miller III

Don, excellent article. It is a shame the people who really need to understand the truth won’t believe it because it doesn’t fit their agenda. One more thing I think we should do is also consider where we spend our disposable income. We have GOT to stop supporting companies that do not support the 2A. including movies and all forms of entertainment. Our strongest weapon after voting is our pocketbook.

Happy Everafter

Good report Mr. McDougall. The problem I see today isn’t the facts, it is the tacit approval that the Socialist gun-grabbing Democratic mouth-pieces get from so-called conservative Republicans whenever their biased or outright lying krap is published. Granted the reluctance of the media to publish any pro-gun responses, but when there is published responses to gun-grabbing biased rhetoric, it always appears as the only answer is, well, articles such as this one, basically preaching to a several small groups of like-minded enthusiasts. While the socialist media takes pride in selectively reporting the shooting and killing of another gang member, complete… Read more »


“I never see a counter-proposal comment from a conservative” That is because most Republican politicians are cowards. Being called a racist is worse than cutting someone’s head off in America. It just keeps getting worse because almost all Republican politicians are cowards. When confronted on the issue of extraordinarily high crime in very specific neighborhoods, Dee doesn’t want to discuss it because the solution has nothing to do with legalizing drugs or taking yet more money from taxpayers and pouring it into those neighborhoods. Don McDougall missed the mark by discussing the political parties of government employees. The problem has… Read more »


Ending the prohibitions on possession, sale, use, of the controlled substances in place now would, almost overnight, end the crime careers of most of the ganbangers responsible for the massive numbers of murder and death in the hellholes where they “live”. The profit motive to move massive quantities of illegal drugs would vapourise. Yes, things would get crazy for a while as these useless teat-suckers would have to reinvent their sorry lives, but it will sort out rather quickly. Leave all laws/regulations in place against things like driving, operating machinery, using in schools, etc, just like we have laws against… Read more »


If all drugs are legalized, what do you think the gang bangers are going to do? Legalizing drugs is not going to change the dysfunctional micro-culture in high crime neighborhoods. The norms in those neighborhoods result in a significant percent of people having low-impulse control and making numerous bad decisions (that have nothing to do with drugs) that result in poverty and violence. Regarding the larger issue of drugs, I don’t have an opinion on the best way to go forward. The approach taken over the last 60 years has resulted in a larger, more expensive, more arrogant government and… Read more »

JD Keene

They attack and we rehash. We are always back on out heels, never on the offensive. No wonder we never win. They are organized, we are not. They have big money, we do not. If ALL gun owners had voted against this nonsense, there would be no Biden even with his Xerox like voting machines. Whining won’t get it done, writing to your congresspersons won’t get it done. Sad state of affairs…


stop spamming. Now welcome here Mods? Block this clown, p;ease?


Don McDougall, Please show your math and sources related to the comment: “53% of all shootings are by black men under 30.” Even for those shootings that result in a death, a relatively small number are resolved. Looking at just Chicago for 2020: 67 Homicides committed by Blacks 9 Homicides committed by Hispanics (I believe they meant Latinos) 5 Homicides committed by Whites/Other 7 Homicides committed by Police (did not indicated whether they were all legally justified) 11 Homicides committed by non-LEOs and determined to be self-defense 693 Race unknown 792 Total Homicides (717 from GSWs) How did you… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC
Don in 805

The FBI publishes a Unified Crime Report

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program — FBI

I didn’t calculate it the FBI did.

These numbers are obviously pre-covid, and pre BLM protests.

Black men under 30 are 3% of the population. But no one talks about how to save those lives except gun owners.


I’ve been through their data before and have not seen a discussion of how they reconcile total crime to crimes in which the assailants were known. I may have missed it, or they may have added something. It’s an area that could use a lot more rigor. The murder and non-negligent homicide rates in the Garfield Park and Englewood neighborhoods of Chicago are over 150 times the rate in many other parts of the country. Calculating that rate took some time – the keepers of the data do not want to make it easy. Obama claimed that areas with strict… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Be concerned about rigor mortis, not rigor.


Look, Clark, rigor mortis is after the fact. Don’t worry about it !

Dave in Fairfax


Congratulations, You’ve topped your previous dumb comment.
Nobody needs to worry about rigor mortis, it’s temporary, it goes away after a while and you won’t even know about it. Rigor in research and thought are far more important.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax

Supes is already well known for his rigor mortis of the brain! Stiff and useless lumps of dead tissue.


Why would I be concerned about rigor mortis? I’m not going to be telling anyone what to do with their firearms.

Are you thinking about coming out of retirement for the big show? Do you want to shoot the dentist’s golden retriever?

It would be even better than the good old days before body cameras and cell phone cameras – glory days for you, right? Back then you could do anything, just like . . . Superman.


After they let you back on Ammoland, you went from a bigoted sexist Troll, with no control of your potty mouth to just a Troll…..Oughta just get back under your bridge and stay there, ……for what good you are.


I have NO concern whatever about rigor mortis. When it comes upon this sack of meat I temprarily call home, I will no longer occupy it, and thus will care not a fig over it. It, too, shall pass.. as do all things on this earth. Again that will pass long after I’ve no further use for this bag of bones I call home for now/. I’ll have far more important things on which to focus my own atttention. And as long as I remain inside this “tent” of mine, I WILL apply great rigour to various things of real… Read more »


Don you’re an idiot!! You talk about cities but neglecting states. So you draw up a narrative that fits your position. Silly to do but okay let’s go with it. So you want to blame a political party for gun violence which is the dumbest position to take instead of talking about the changes that could be made to stop systemic racism/oppression. Let’s talk about eliminating the cause. Drugs!! Let’s make ALL drugs legal. Let’s rid the country of the dark cultural world of drugs. Why don’t republicans get on board with that. Texas and numerous republicans ran states seems… Read more »


You avoid the real reason at all costs – because it involves things the people in high-crime neighborhoods can actually change themselves.


So, in your twisted view everything is the fault of White people and Republicans! You seem to forget it was actual racists like LBJ(“ I’ll have those N*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years”!) who started most of the problems! Grow up!


why even MENTION this: systemic racism/oppression.

This is a figment of the same imaginations that have forced “gun violence” down our throats. Dontchya know this is a recent invention to further their overall agenda? It is merely Alinsky writ large and waved about as a worthless flag to gain attention.
systemic racism”. bunk.

Don’t take up the libbies’ mantra and try and use it to disarm us.

Don in 805

Dee, It is the failed policies of the Democrat party that have lead to these deaths. Nothing more nothing less. If there were jobs and a future for young black men the drug problem in our inner cities would solve itself. The reason democrats allow this to continue is simple it keeps people dependent and them in charge. (Oh and stop the insults please.)