Poll: Majority of Likely Voters Say Tougher Laws Won’t Stop Mass Killers

Joe Biden pivoted on gun control during his first press conference, and a new Rasmussen survey says the majority of likely U.S. voters says gun control laws won’t prevent mass shootings. (Screen snip, YouTube, WION)

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- While Joe Biden continues to threaten new gun control action, perhaps via executive order, and Capitol Hill Democrats are pushing extremist gun laws, a new Rasmussen Survey may have just provided a needle to pop their bubble as a majority of “likely U.S. voters say it is not possible to completely prevent mass shootings like the ones in” Atlanta and Boulder.

Rasmussen released the survey results one day after Biden’s first press conference since taking office. It was an event that saw him actually skip around the subject of guns when asked about it. As noted by Fox News, when asked if he will fulfill his earlier promises to press for stricter gun laws, his response was a tepid “It’s a matter of timing.”

If the Rasmussen poll is correct, Biden and Congressional Democrats are all wrong on their timing, and may never get it right.

The survey found that 64 percent of likely voters don’t think it likely that mass shootings can be prevented. Fewer than one in four (23%) think mass shootings can be prevented and 13 percent are not sure.

Almost immediately, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms reacted to the Rasmussen results.

“We’re not surprised that a majority of likely voters have this one figured out better than Biden,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said. “After Georgia and Colorado, fewer than one in four (23%) believe mass shootings can be completely prevented, and those voters must live in the same fantasy land as the president and his Congressional comrades.”

Damage to the Democrat claim of public support for their gun control agenda goes deeper.

The Rasmussen survey revealed, “On the specific question of whether stricter gun control laws would help prevent mass shootings, a majority (51%) of voters say no, while 39% say yes, and 10% are not sure.”

While 46 percent of survey respondents think the country needs stricter gun control laws, 49 percent disagree, giving the pro-rights side more momentum.

By no great surprise, a majority of Democrats (77%) favor stricter gun laws, Rasmussen said. They are out of step with Republicans (71%) and Independents (60%) who turn thumbs down on stricter gun control laws.

“What this tells us at the Citizens Committee is that Joe Biden and the Democrat leadership are out of touch with a majority of voters,” Gottlieb observed, “and Democrats as a whole actually make up the so-called ‘fringe’ of the electorate when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment.

“We have said it before, and will continue repeating it,” he added. “Democrats have become the party of gun confiscation and prohibition, not just gun control.

“The farther Democrats drift toward an anti-freedom, anti-liberty agenda,” he warned, “the farther the party, and its leadership, move away from traditional American ideals.

“We have been saying for years what a majority of likely voters are now telling Rasmussen,” Gottlieb said. “It must drive Biden and the Democrats crazy—although they would never admit it—to learn a majority of likely voters agree with us rather than with their extremist gun control agenda. Biden and his gun grabbing allies have been wondering for years why they can’t push their anti-gun schemes. Looks like we’re standing in their way.”

During a Friday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that she “couldn’t offer and ‘exact time frame’ on when” Biden will begin issuing executive orders on guns. She noted such orders are “one of the levers that we can use … to help address the prevalence of gun violence and address community safety around the country,” according to Yahoo News.

Biden is taking some heat for having used “cheat sheets” during his presser, and selecting only certain journalists to offer questions. He specifically avoided Fox News. Peter Doocy, but he did have talking points (caught on camera) on a sheet, apparently to use in responses to other reporters. Some critics have already insinuated Biden spoke only with “friendly” reporters.

While dancing around any commitment on gun control, Biden said the next priority of his administration is “infrastructure.” This means gun control will have to wait, which seems likely since Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is so far not supporting gun control packages sent over from the House.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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People who are deranged enough to commit mass murder and plan their actions are nearly impossible to stop. Some have no criminal history that would disqualify them. Those that do have such a history can always find a “black market” firearm or other ways to acquire firearms, even murdering a friend or acquaintance to obtain theirs.

How many more studies do we need that say gun control in ineffective before the idiots in charge take notice? The emphasis needs to be on serious punishments for willful criminal misuse of a firearm, not tying the hands of lawful and law-abiding citizens.


Again, blah, blah, blah……Stopping Mass Killers ain’t their end game. Mass killers are merely a valuable tool to nudge Useful Idiots into supporting their own containment and demise. Stopping Patriots with AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines that finally say “ENOUGH’ to the bullshit destruction of America is the objective.. Gun control is all about controlling the Little Peeps, and eliminating those unarmed dissenters
He who has the Might, determines who has the Right. There’s the gun controllers’ agenda in a nut shell..


If they really want to decrease mass shootings, they need to start by doing two things. 1. Simplify getting a concealed weapon permit for qualifying persons (meaning to change ‘may issue’ states to ‘shall issue’ states. 2. Get rid of ‘gun free’ zones.


I remember DADDY JOE telling us to stand on the porch and fire a couple of rounds in the air to scare off intruders, really Joe??????????????


I remember a story on the news of a guy who did just what Biden recommended. He was arrested.


Only the left pushes that rhetoric. They can’t rule if there’s resistance.


“IT’S THE CRIMINALS STUPID” and old but true quote.

Arizona Don

There are so many guns in the United States of America passing a law that could or would stop a mass murderer is impossible. FYI guns are even now available in a black market here in the US. Usually they are guns that have been acquired in an illegal manner. Furthermore, although it is never talked about illegal guns come into the US across the southern border. Law abiding citizens purchase guns from FFL dealers. Criminals may or may not attempt to buy them legally depending on the degree of their criminality.  Biden says what he proposes is common sense gun controls however there is no… Read more »


Very nice job.


The anti-gunners say that current laws don’t prevent gun violence and that we need tougher gun laws. The problem isn’t that we need new, tougher gun laws. The problem is that the government doesn’t even enforce the laws they currently have on the books, which includes the current background checks. The so-called “Charleston Loophole” term was created because the government dropped the ball on their side of the current background check rules. Had they not dropped the ball, the Charleston Church shooting would not have happened with a store bought firearm… as well as others. One of which was the… Read more »

Arizona Don

Tell me how can any restrictive gun law, a law that takes guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens hands but not a criminals hands, be common sense? No restrictive gun law has ever stopped even one crime! In order to get a tougher gun law it would have to be confiscation which we as citizens must never comply with.

Arizona Don

You are very likely correct!


Leftists re-define the term “common sense” virtually every week, to suit themselves. The ability to unrestrictedly define vocabulary is a powerful tool… that conservatives must immediately and completely remove from Leftists’ tool kit (by force, if the Leftists make that necessary).


Leftists usually spell it as one word… “commonsense.” I think they do that because they realize that their “commonsense” laws have nothing to do with common sense.


The words common sense and Democrat together in the same sentence is an oxymoron.


“Tell me how can any restrictive gun law,…”

Don’t ask me! I think you may have misunderstood my statement. I was in no way trying to justifying the government taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. I was just pointing out that they want to pass laws and then, when they get them passed, they complain about “loopholes” that, in reality, do not exist. The “problem” then is that the government (democrats) does not want to do their part, such as background check information and actually enforcing the laws.


When enough bad people move into a neighborhood, you will have high crime. It has nothing to do with gun control. There are probably more guns
in the suburbs than in most inner cities, yet crimes are rare. Why? because
good people don’t allow the thugs to take over their neighborhoods. They report crimes, and they get involved, also they are working for a living, they don’t have time for criminal activity. Guns don’t commit crimes.

Shame on every gun owner who voted Democrat.

Arizona Don

Frankly I don’t think shame is enough! Do you really?


4033 people shot in Chicago last year with 769 homicides. Virtually all in the poor and welfare black sections of Chicago. Do we have a gun problem? No, we have a people problem. I had lived in North Omaha for 5 years. North Omaha is where the majority of black folks live in Omaha. My truck was vandalized repeatedly, gas taken from the tank, my wife attacked. I saw a black kid, 15 or so, shoot a black man in the chest out in the street during an argument. On Saturdays, after noon and plenty of booze, the locals get… Read more »