Will Georgia Murder Spree & Colorado Shooting Spawn Waiting Periods?

Millions of law-abiding citizens submit to background checks, as intimated by the president's comment to reporters. (Dave Workman)
Will the Georgia mayhem ignite an effort to push a national waiting period?(Dave Workman)

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- UPDATE: While Georgia authorities are still investigating the murderous shooting spree at three Atlanta-area spas, President Joe Biden is reportedly considering “executive orders” on gun control, now that there has been another mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

It still isn’t clear whether the accused Atlanta gunman, Robert Aaron Long, will face “hate crime” charges because six of his victims were Asian women, according to WXIA News. But he has been charged with eight counts of murder following the March 16 mayhem

Various members of Congress have been tossing ideas around, including calls for a national waiting period on firearms sales. Biden wants Senate action on two House measures, H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446, which deal with background checks. He has also revived his call for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” following the Colorado shooting. Standing in the way could be Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, a pro-gun lawmaker from West Virginia.

Vanity Fair is reporting that Manchin is not interested in supporting either House measure.

He was quoted by the magazine stating, “I come from a gun culture. I’m a law-abiding gun owner.”

However, waiting period legislation could gain momentum because Long bought his gun on the same day he allegedly committed the crimes. In Colorado, the accused killer there bought his gun a week prior to the Monday shooting.

As earlier reported, the Washington Post quoted Georgia State Rep. David Wilkerson observing, “I think a waiting period just makes sense.” When the Portland, Oregonian picked up the story, it’s headline reflected a possible push for a national wait: “Atlanta shootings could renew push for gun waiting periods.”

But the WaPo included this signal in its story: “Gun control advocates say mandating a window of even a couple of days between the purchase of a gun and taking possession can give more time for background checks and create a “cooling off” period for people considering harming themselves or someone else. Studies suggest that waiting periods may help bring down firearm suicide rates by up to 11% and gun homicides by about 17%, according to the Giffords Center.”

Giffords is a gun-control lobbying group founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords and her former astronaut husband, Mark Kelly, now a United States senator from Arizona.

Gun rights organizations have historically opposed waiting periods. Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, was quoted by the newspaper observing “A right delayed is a right denied.”

Slate, a liberal publication, published an article lamenting that women seeking abortions must wait longer than a potential gun buyer in Georgia.

“Georgia requires no waiting period between the purchase of a firearm and its transfer to the buyer,” Slate complained. “Unlike those in states with stricter gun regulations, lawmakers in Georgia trust that people who buy deadly weapons are responsible enough to decide to buy a gun and receive that gun on the very same day…They do not have the same confidence in pregnant women.”

When it was originally conceived, the National Instant Check System (NICS) was offered as an alternative to a national waiting period. In the years since its inception, the NICS system has conducted more than 380 million background checks. The newspaper said at least four states—Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont—are considering some form of background check.

Earlier, the Durango, Colorado Herald indicated legislation could be on the horizon in the Centennial State, and that was prior to the Boulder mass shooting.

H.R. 1446 is essentially a waiting period bill, allowing up to at least ten days for the check to be completed. While it was not noticed as much as the other measure, H.R. 8, during House hearings last week, following the Georgia incident could thrust it into the spotlight.

Both bills were passed out of the House and now face an uncertain future in the Senate.

The waiting period concept goes back generations, invariably coupled with the “cooling off” sentiment fueled by anecdotal tales of people buying guns and murdering their spouses or committing suicide. While there have been such cases, they are not commonplace.

The debate so far hasn’t touched on what may be the most important consideration, and that is the exercise of a constitutionally enumerated fundamental right—to keep and bear arms—as opposed to treating that right as a government-regulated privilege. Where is the line drawn? Why should anyone’s exercise of any individual right be subject to legislative whim? Do waiting period proponents understand the difference between a right and a privilege?

Out in Colorado, State Rep. Tom Sullivan (D-Centennial), who lost a son to the Aurora theater shooting in 2012, acknowledged in the WaPo story, “This isn’t going to end the crisis of gun violence in our society, but it will help to curtail it.”

But will it? According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2012, the year Sullivan’s son was murdered, Colorado reported 160 murders of which 92 involved firearms. In 2019, the most recent year for which data are available, the state saw 209 slayings including 135 involving guns.

California, which has a waiting period, saw 1,869 murders in 2012, including 1,304 involving guns, according to FBI data. In 2019, the state saw 1,679 killings, including 1,142 involving firearms, the FBI report says.

Whether those numbers are meaningful depends upon interpretation. The nation has seen a downtrend in homicides, although last year may throw the data in the opposite direction, and there is always the slaughter in Chicago to tilt the national data.

Some politicians and interest groups are insisting the Atlanta shooting spree was a hate crime. If that’s the case, it will be hard to convince anyone that a waiting period would have made any difference.

On July 28, 2006, a killer identified as Naveed Afzal Haq drove from the Tri-Cities area of south-central Washington more than 200 miles to Seattle, where he entered the offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and opened fire. He had purchased two semi-automatic pistols and had waited through Washington State’s mandatory waiting period for people who did not possess a concealed pistol license at the time, taking delivery on July 27.

Haq had, according to a history of the incident at Wikipedia, allegedly chosen his target by researching on the Internet. The incident had all the earmarks of a hate crime, with Haq declaring he was a “Muslim American…angry at Israel.” He killed one woman, Pamela Waechter, and wounded four others. After a standoff that unfolded on live television, Haq was taken into custody. He was ultimately sent to prison to life without parole plus 120 years.

If the Atlanta shooting spree was a hate crime, the perpetrator didn’t just act on the spur of a moment. Even if there were a waiting period in Georgia, it may not have prevented what happened. To suggest otherwise would play only to an agenda or a narrative, many in the Second Amendment community would argue.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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you cannot legislate away evil intent otherwise there would be no crime in the world. everyone in the world knows that murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault is wrong but those crimes continue to happen. a firearm is an inanimate object that requires human interaction to function whether for good or evil. every politician swears an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, but many do just the opposite when in office. who has the moral right to decide what, when, where and how i am able to defend myself or someone i want to protect? NOBODY! don’t be… Read more »


but you can legislate victims, gun free zone=targets moving targets at that.

Arizona Don

You are of course correct. If restrictive gun laws worked Chicago would be crime free.


Not just in Chicago, but anywhere, once your rights have been taken, good luck getting them returned.
If the state is completely irresponsible in managing their own legislative laws, what can be done?
How do the honest tax payers make our elected officials do their jobs without stealing our Constitutional rights?
Have you ever heard, “a right withheld is a right denied?”


the fun part is no one remembers “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ” the guy in bolder should be charged as hate crime but they wont targets where white….. and 6 days before … he looked for a soft target. you can bet there are videos of him surveilling places would not have happened in open carry friendly place


“Too bad, Maam, I know yours and your children’s lives are in immediate danger, but you can’t buy this gun until after the cooling-off period.” Do victims really need cooling off? Maybe gun foes mean when those victims are killed and their body temperatures cool off to room temperature. And as to the “Slate” comment about abortion, only a tiny percentage of legal gun buyers will ever commit murder. 100% of abortions do so. Abortion is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for both men and women (more so for women), at about 30% higher than heart disease.… Read more »

Arizona Don

Love your point!

Get Out

And the run on guns, ammo or anything gun related will continue. They’ll never learn. Hmm, the dude in Colorado was known to the FBI.


Then why does the FBI keep allowing the senseless murders of innocent people to keep happening?


The dude in Colorado and his buddy both known to the Federal Bureau of Inaction, both claiming outward affections toward isis.. Is this Garland Texas where said fbi chose not to act and the brave deputy took care of “business” while the “brave fbi” left the scene. And in this case, a brave officer gave and lost his life possibly due fbi lack of action.

Last edited 1 year ago by macdog
Arizona Don

If the past is any indication of what the future may hold for Americans I suspect there will be no violence from the right until Biden comes after the guns which he has promised to do and which may begin in a very few days now.. There is little doubt he realizes he must do that in order to successfully install the Obama fundamental transformation into a socialist communist country. He however, will never succeed!   America has had two wars, with a tyrannical foreign power attempting to control America, on its land in our history. One with England and the other with Mexico. Both… Read more »


Good writing A. Don, just don’t forget to replace the word “democrat” with “politician”, as there are many on both sides that will do and have done the evils that lead to the situation that you describe.



For every instance where a waiting period may have possibly helped you will find one or more instances where the inability to take possession of a firearm immediately upon passing a background check has resulted in the death of spouse, girlfriend, etc. to domestic violence. An order for protection does little good when being stalked by predators intent on violence. How many times must we read the victim had an OFP, Restraining Order, etc but was unable to take possession of the only viable tool to ensure their safety because of a state mandated waiting period?

Arizona Don

You make a very good legitimate point. It however, will fall on deaf ears when it comes to these communists who pose as democrats. The mistake you, I and so many others are making is we, because we are reasonable, think it is possible to reason with these so called democrats. The one thing it seems we have forgotten is it is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person.


That’s because having reason takes common sense of which the demonrat is found to be lacking.

Being a democrat shows that you are mentally unstable and challenged beyond the norm only because of yourself but they don’t realize that. The majority of mass shooters are democRATs. They want guns gone because they don’t trust their fellow man/woman/LGBTQ and more alphabet soup members.

Green Mtn. Boy

If it did it would be yet another Infringement in a long list of Shall NOT Infringe by the Tyrants of the Feral government.


Why do I think that obidens address today is going to contain information about a new executive order saying that he is ordering something illegal in the form of gun control. We will see.


Executive orders cannot remove or restrict an enumerated CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT .


Well i guess I was wrong he skirted around the issue of gun control. Im not sure about him not being able to use the executive order. Obummer used if for DACA and said it was illegal when he did it. Then later Trump challenged it and the demoncrat court said it was ok. when the demoncraps are in charge the will do what ever they want and they stick together and we just keep bending over and taking it.. Look at our election. Sad


Neither can laws…



“The debate so far hasn’t touched on what may be the most important consideration, …” Dave, your column is weak. The most important consideration is: how many lives would a waiting period cost? This is question everyone should ask. Since I live in Virginia, I have known from the very beginning about Lance Corporal Rayna Ross and her successful use of a handgun in defending herself against Anthony Goree. Paul Ebert refused to prosecute, declaring the shooting justifiable. Nevertheless, the Marines attempted to court-martial her. They failed. Only the Washington Times reported the fact she had purchased her handgun only… Read more »


Mack…..”The most important consideration is: how many lives would a waiting period cost?” NOT!! That is a benefit of the Waiting Period Step in the Libtards plan. As did the Nazis pre-WWII, the waiting period step wont prevent deaths. It will cause more, which will drive even more anti-gun laws. It’s a program step. Saving lives is not the agenda. “Saving lives” is the excuse to achieve their agenda. The dead bodies in your local grocery store…..the bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member… Read more »


The main stream media would be a laughing stock if they didn’t hold such sway, the things that they report are frequently ludicrous…adding “hate crime’ to eight murders is soooo dumb. I guess those poor victims will be more dead or maybe Georgia should make murder a crime. I don’t know how to make John Q. aware that he is being played if he is inclined to believe such drivel. Maybe someone with national exposure could make himself available to tell America the truth in the progressives playbook. I for one (bet I’m not alone here) am sick and tired… Read more »

Phil in TX

Don’t give them any more bad ideas, Dave.

Phil in TX


I wish my Gunbroker purchase would hurry up and get here before any more unconstitutional crap passes.


Ditto my ammo order from Optical Planet. Last I looked, they hadn’t cancelled my November order yet – but delivery expectation was May or June (forget which one). Got enough to get me to that point, but would be more comfortable with a far bigger stash.

uncle dudley

Does anyone think that the NICS system would reduce any crime by extending the instant check system to a ten day waiting period, I don’t. I am one of those folks that when I buy a new firearm NICS always delays my purchase and they never call the FFL dealer back to approve or deny me. I have zero faith in them as I have had a conceal and carry license since 2005. Now adding the charge of a hate crime makes no sense to me, murder is murder and if you have the evidence to make the case, to… Read more »


In my state if you have a concealed carry license that don’t call the NICS. My background check has already been done.


What free state are you in. It sure as hell isn’t the left coast.


I agree and start using the damn death penalty. Our biggest problem is that America has gotten to soft on crime. When law breakers start dying and not after they have sat there and rotted 20 fing years, I mean within a week, then things will change for the better. Less law breakers, more prison space less tax dollars wasted.


Commierado’s Arse Spelunker Governor, Pole(up his)Arse and our Commie overan Legislature abolished the Death Penalty in 2020. That means lil’ Ahmad there will spend a good part of his sentence in a Forensic Psych Unit, thanks to his family’s claim that the waste of oxygen is mentally ill.


We’re hearing a lot of “common-sense gun safety” talk. How about these measures: 1. National CCW, not just reciprocity. Licensed CC citizens are statistically less violent than police, and represent a potential large group of new First Responders that we don’t even have to pay a salary. More good guys with guns is probably the most likely effective defense against mass shootings. 2. National, legal gun access. 3. Make CCW and gun safety classes tax-deductable. 4. Restrict “Gun-Free Zones to areas that are protected by robust security measures. Require warning signs at gun free zones that persist (such as, “… Read more »

Phil in TX

Good job, DC!

Phil in TX


“Gun-Free Zones” are an illusion. They do not exist. If someone wishes to describe one I’ll show how it is not.


Of course, it would only logically follow that National Open Carry would be included. Well, we could just call it National Carry, could we not. That way every one would be treated equally, as per the Constitution.


Last edited 1 year ago by HLB
Heed the Call-up

I do not agree with national CCW as the federal government would have a ready list of firearm owners – never a good thing. It’s bad enough each state has that list.

There is no warranted rational for a “permit” to own/carry a firearm. The crime is not owning/carrying a firearm, the crime is the illegal act being committed, regardless of whether or not there was a firearm used, on one’s person, or any other tool, brick, hand, fist, foot, involved in the criminal act.


Giffords is F.O.S.!!! I am just like Gottlieb. A right delayed is a right denied! AS FAR AS BIDEN AND HIS “EXECUTIVE ORDERS” ARE CONCERNED, WE WILL SHOVE THEM RIGHT UP HIS DONKEY IN COURT!!!


NICS Background Checks the week of March 16th were 3 – 4 days due to the overloaded system. That means his actual purchase date was the 12th or 13th.
Waiting period wouldn’t have prevented this perp’s killing spree.
I want to know where he got ammo? The shelves are EMPTY in my neck of the woods 140 miles South of Molder (my nickname for Boulder). Boulder’s been a Tutti Frutti Liberal Schitthole for 50+ years.


I ran across this video tonight and thought I would share:

We WILL get Canceled… Here is our plan. – YouTube


Unprovoked gun violence is always a tragedy and is senseless in the reality of rational people. In past decades, gun owners have looked at California’s gun laws and laughed, smirked, and justifiably made jokes and even made silly innuendos. But with Biden as President #46 and with Harris as his Vice-President, gun ownership as we have familiarly known it, is about to abruptly change. The quotation, “be careful for what you wish for”, could never be applied at a more appropriate time in our nation’s history, as four years from now, after Biden and Harris assumed their Executive Office duties… Read more »






We got to shoot white supremacy into between the eyes in order for us to maintain our second amendment!!


Dave in Fairfax

Dee, You are such a crock that it boggles the mind. Let’s start with some honesty. The real link for what you posted is, https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/25/opinions/boulder-atlanta-shootings-and-gun-control-history-joseph/index.html That should tell everybody all they need to know and is probably why you posted the other link. If people knew it came from the Communist News Network, they’d know that it was crapolla from the git-go. White supremacy is a strawman. It allows the lazy and greedy to project their faults and shortcomings on the people who have invested vast sums on their behalf with no notable improvement in their condition. It also allows… Read more »


Dave we all can write long passages and try to defend our position but the truth to the matter is racism exist and white supremacy continue to perpetuate their belief in this country where former presidents can’t public condemn them, etc. The history of this belief is destroying this country and will burn it down to the ground if we don’t snuff out these organized terrorist groups. Other groups are not going to tolerate it anymore and the government does not have a choice but to intervene. And what make crazy racist white folks mad more, talking bout taking their… Read more »


It’s real! I thought it was just a bunch of SJW hyperbole, but Dee is right – white supremacists shoot 15 Blacks, killing two of them:


Biden doesn’t even care!

Dee, what do you think should be done?


Eight shot, one fatally – they are targeting the south side!


Is it any wonder white supremacists get away with this when:

  • The Police Superintendent is white;
  • The District Attorney is white; and
  • The Mayor is white?

Biden remains silent!


GUN VIOLENCE committed by WHITE SUPREMACISTS is an EPIDEMIC!! MASS SHOOTING – 8 Shot in Philadelphia!

They are organized and attacking the predominantly black areas of multiple cities!


Why isn’t Biden saying anything?


Will – 3/26/21

“Biden isn’t saying anything because the son of a bitch hasn’t been told what to say yet!”

Response to Will:

No argument that he is a puppet, but there is another reason for the lack of comments from him, other politicians, the media, entertainers, black activists, etc.


MASS SHOOTING by WHITE SUPREMACISTS in Austin neighborhood of Chicago (west side). Four shot at 500 block of North Leamington just after noon today, 3/27/21.

Far right extremists continue their assault on Blacks.


Still no word from Biden on the white terrorist groups.

As Dee points out, Blacks will burn down this country if these organized terrorist groups are not stopped. Black Lives Matter!


MASS SHOOTING!! 5 shot, 3 fatally as WHITE SUPREMACISTS make their move in Memphis!


Why didn’t Biden bring this to our attention?

This is genocide!



MASS SHOOTING SUSPECTS in Virginia Beach identified. Yep, you guessed it – WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

Ahmon Jahree Adams, 22,
Nyquez Tyyon Baker, 18; and 
Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr., 20.


They are everywhere!

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Posted link to another MASS SHOOTING (Virginia Beach WHITE SUPREMACISTS have been charged for shooting 10, 2 fatally), but it’s on hold.


Original post wasn’t released, I’ll try again:

MASS SHOOTING SUSPECTS in Virginia Beach identified.
Yep, you guessed it – WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

Ahmon Jahree Adams, 22,
Nyquez Tyyon Baker, 18; and 
Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr., 20.


They are everywhere!


MASS SHOOTING! 30 SHOTS FIRED INTO CROWD BY WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!!!! Six Blacks wounded in Auburn-Gresham neighborhood (south side)


Anderson Cooper, where are you? Why are you not talking about all these MASS SHOOTINGS?

Dee, it’s an extermination!


MASS SHOOTING in Baltimore by WHITE SUPREMACISTS! 3 shot, 1 fatally.

These white terrorist groups are invading every peaceful black urban community in the country!


Dee, where’s the train? Something has to be done about these organized white supremacist terror groups!


OH, the HUMANITY! Now the WHITE SUPREMACISTS are invading the peaceful communities in Detroit! MASS SHOOTING! 4 shot, 1 fatally.


Dee, you wrote:

“the truth to the matter is racism exist and white supremacy continue to perpetuate their belief in this country”

What a poignant, insightful message for all of America. We have to do something!

Anderson Cooper, Shannon Watts, Rachel Maddow, Diane Feinstein where are you in our time of need? Let’s get to the bottom of this senseless gun violence.

Is there no end to these MASS SHOOTINGS?


MASS SHOOTING earlier this month in Chester PA. 4 shot, 2 fatally WHITE SUPREMACISTS would not have had access to firearms if only Rob Pincus’s common sense “enhanced background check” proposal had been in effect. https://6abc.com/chester-pa-pennsylvania-shooting/6000818/ Rob Pincus, thank you so much for your synergistic message, especially at this time of a “wave of mass shootings” that don’t happen all the time. Now you have an opportunity to seize the moment and bring your proposal to fruition. Clearly, your idea would have kept the guns from the people “we all agree shouldn’t have them” (the white supremacists). You have demonstrated… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

MASS SHOOTING! 3 Shot, 1 Fatally
Organized, terroristic WHITE SUPREMACISTS have invaded Texas!


Putting sarcasm aside (just for a minute – it will return):

98% of Democrat voters believe Whites commit a disproportionate number of “mass shootings” (not true – just like robbery, rape, and regular old murder, Blacks commit a disproportionate number of “mass shootings”)

87% of Republican voters think “mass shootings” are rare and are committed by zombies who have been activated by anti-gun Democrat politicians (not true – “mass shootings” happen all the time by common, garden-variety criminals)

The things people believe . . .


53 Express way shootings so far this year in just one county. Guess what county:


In addition to the expressway shootings, there have already been 404 car jackings so far this year (just in the city of Chicago – mostly on the south and west sides). Arrests have been made in only 5% of the cases.

Only a dysfunctional culture produces that kind of psychopathic behavior.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

MASS SHOOTING! 7 shot, 3 critically in mostly peaceful Philadelphia!

I wonder if the criminal “shouted out his intent long before acting?”
Would more taxpayer money funneled into intervention programs have helped?
Or, is it more likely the criminal has a history of violence that stems from low impulse control resulting from growing up in a dysfunctional micro-culture?

What do hundreds of prior incidents suggest?


MASS SHOOTING! White Supremacist Kills 4 and wounds others in Orange, CA.


The article says this was the third mass shooting in just over two weeks (but we know a whole lot of mass shootings occurred – just like always, and they are all being included in the total of “mass shootings” and that total will be hauled out and discussed as soon as one happens that really hits the highpoints of “the narrative.”)

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Yep, whenever they don’t release the description or name right away, you know the murderer is another white supremacist that the white people in charge of the media are tying to protect.

Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez


Ancestors probably fought for the Confederates.


Ha! Cheers.


Ah oh. He used a semiautomatic handgun. Sounds like yet another excuse to call for banning rifles.


Almost all of these “mass shootings” could have been done with a revolver. I know you know that, but I’ve explained that to people before and it takes a lot of effort to convince them that is the case.

The effort is worth it though – at the end they always have that bewildered look on their face.


MASS SHOOTING! 7 gunned-down by WHITE SUPREMACISTS in one incident. 9 more shot (2 Fatally) in other predominantly black neighborhoods, on a mostly peaceful Monday (4/5/21)

Chicago shootings: 16 shot, 2 fatally, Monday – Chicago Sun-Times

Joe Biden says nothing about the carnage.

There are people who defend the dysfunctional culture in these neighborhoods. They claim that pregnant 12 year-olds, fatherless families, drug use, lack of discipline for children (and the resulting low impulse control), and lack of parental involvement in education are all good things and that suggesting the opposite is boomer bullshit mentality that belongs in a museum.


MASS SHOOTING in Detroit! 3 Shot, 2 fatally on 4/5/21. Police searching for 19 year-old WHITE SUPREMACIST!

Detroit police search for 19-year-old in connection to triple shooting; 2 people dead (clickondetroit.com)


MASS SHOOTING! White teenager – loner, bullied at school, had been crying out for help, played video games . . . oh, nevermind:


This won’t be in the news for more than 2 days. Move along – nothing to see here.

Dave in Fairfax

Dee, There are NOT equal points on each side. the article is here, https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/25/opinions/boulder-atlanta-shootings-and-gun-control-history-joseph/index.html I recommend that everybody read it. it is a one-sided argument with misstatement used as the opposing argument. You need to read your comments and edit them before you send them, you really aren’t speaking English. Seriously. WTH does, “truth to the matter is racism exist and white supremacy continue to perpetuate their belief in this country where former presidents can’t public condemn them, etc.” even mean. Are there racists, sure, a lot of them are Black. Is there a white Supremacy movement, sure, but it’s… Read more »


What is your highly edumacated mind trying to say? First off, where is the white supremacy? I don’t see it out here on the left coast. In fact being white has been a disadvantage all my life. Pepo of color when it comes to high paying state jobs with excellent benefits and health care get added points to test scores actually scoring higher than a white person with a perfect score. Since we went to the same schools, had the same teachers and received the same education, the only racist thing that happened was that white people were dined the… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag