Montana: Governor Signs Second Amendment State Sanctuary & Constitutional Carry Bills

Second Amendment Sanctuary City Zones
Montana: Governor Signs Second Amendment State Sanctuary & Constitutional Carry Bills

Montana –  -( Now that Governor Gianforte has signed the full Constitutional Carry bill (HB 102) and Second Amendment Sanctuary bill (HB 258), that makes, by my count, 70 pro-gun bills that Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) has gotten through the Montana Legislature and enacted into law. This does not include bills vetoed by various governors or that otherwise failed in the process.

You can review a partial list of MSSA’s successes at: I really need to update this list and bring it current. I promise I will as soon as I find that missing “round toit.”

With all respect to Montana’s gun-friendly sister states, such as Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, and Alaska, MSSA’s record of pro-gun success is maybe two to four times as extensive as our closest competitor. That makes Montana Shooting Sports Association the best in the U.S. by a long shot, which also makes MSSA the best at this in the World since they just don’t do this stuff in other countries.

We do give partial credit to the NRA, GOA, CCRKBA, and SAF, all of which support us on selected issues (for example, the NRA did not support HB 258, but did support LR-130, and was very helpful with HB 102). But, these other, national entities don’t imagine or create the pro-gun ideas that Montana Shooting Sports Association does, they don’t survey legislative candidates about these new, pro-gun ideas, they don’t write the bills, they don’t recruit the bill sponsors, and they don’t arrange introduction of the bills into the Legislature. At best, they come along after all that trail-breaking work is done and support MSSA’s leading efforts once the bills are introduced and moving. We appreciate that support, but MSSA and its people do the lion’s share of the work.

So, MSSA is the best of the best at asserting the RKBA. MSSA has an extraordinary string of successes. MSSA has earned and deserves the active support of Montana gun owners. If you agree, please help MSSA recruit new members so we can grow even stronger and get yet more done.

If you are not a member yourself, it’s high time you joined. There is membership information and an application form available at:

Sign up yourself or recruit others, please.

And, yes, we apologize that we have no way for people to join Online with a credit card, yet. We’re still working on that. That’s complicated because of the unusual privacy MSSA feels compelled to offer and assure for our members. It’s also complicated because I won’t provide my personal SSN or obligate my personal assets to sign MSSA up for credit card processing. It’s even further complicated because I won’t cozy MSSA up to anti-gun credit card processors, such as Pay Pal. But, we haven’t given up on this.

Meanwhile, you might imagine how frustrating it is when Montana Shooting Sports Association tries to recruit a Montana gun owner as a member, only to hear, “Why should I spend good money to join some gun group when gun rights are just fine in Montana?” Or the classic, “I don’t need to join MSSA because I’m a member of the NRA.”

It’s hard to not rant about this. It’s exactly because MSSA has gotten 70 pro-gun bills enacted over 30-some years that Montana has great gun rights. Yes, there are people who are happy to ride in the wagon but won’t get off and help pull it. End of toned-down rant.

Those of you who are MSSA members, thanks loads, congratulations, and I believe it’s something to be proud of. Those who are not yet members, it’s time to saddle up, and for good reason.

Finally, about 15% of current MSSA members don’t live in Montana. Maybe they hope to move here someday, or maybe they just want to help support our great work. Whatever, we’re pleased to have non-Montanans as members too.

Feel free to recirculate this message however you wish.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

About Montana Shooting Sports Association:

Montana Shooting Sports Association is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

Montana Shooting Sports Association

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Congratulations to the MSSA on working to get these bills passed AND a personal thank you! After years of Democratic governors in the statehouse, we finally have a man in there with common sense and a commitment to the constitution. Keep up the good work!


Now if Montana can keep this up maybe it will be worth thinking about moving there again. I love Montana, it is beautiful and there is a lot of game and not so many people. Glacier is one of the most awesome places I have ever been, Yellowstone, Deerlodge is a lovely little town, that is where I was going to move before I moved to Oregone which will soon be the druggie capital of the United States. Once the majority or people are all drugged up, they wont care if they come take our guns are not. I am… Read more »


From Oklahoma… I send congratulations, Montana! Welcome to the (sane, and patriotic) club.


Sage Brush Revolution anyone? Now on to an Article V Convention of States to peacefully reset our dual sovereignty and put the federal government back in its proper place.

APG member

The leftards have successfully used “sanctuary cities” to block federal law enforcement of immigration. I like the idea using this tactic for 2A however I am skeptical that if a Montana resident violates the unconstitutional NFA the state wont prosecute.

Last edited 1 year ago by APG member

Thank you MSSA, our legislature, and Gov. Gianforte!


Congrats from Communist NY, where the sesspool of a city seems to control how those of us who live in the fresh air Upstate, live and who gets elected!!! Our Firearms Association works hard for us for sure, but As long as the Demonrats stay in control, we’ll never see any of this happen here! Fingers crossed the Supreme Court calls it like it should be for us. It’ll be a win for the 2A everywhere!!