Pro-Gun Groups Sue Philadelphia for Illegal “Ghost Gun” Ban

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Harrisburg, PA – -( Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) along with four Philadelphians have filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Philadelphia’s illegal and unconstitutional prohibition on its residents and citizens from making and finishing firearms for their own private use.

Pennsylvania Courts have told Philadelphia no less than three times that they are not permitted to locally regulate firearms, as defined in PA Code Title 18, Section 6120. However, Philadelphia politicians either don’t listen or don’t care, instead of wasting taxpayer money on ineffectual and illegal legislation.

While Philadelphia is on track for a record number of homicides, the mayor and city council are wasting time and resources on illegal legislation instead of checking their soft-on-crime DA, Larry Krasner.

Under Krasner, Philadelphia’s homicides and violent crime rates have skyrocketed; and while arrests for illegal gun possession have tripled, conviction rates have fallen from 63% to 49%. But instead of focusing on the failure of Krasner prosecuting violent criminals, City officials would rather target law-abiding citizens.

“It’s not that the Mayor and City Council don’t know they can’t pass these laws, it’s that they don’t care” said Andrew Austin, one of the attorneys representing the Plaintiffs. “It’s more important for them to get a news headline by passing an illegal law than it is for them to actually help their citizens. It’s a real shame.”

“Cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh continue to violate the preemption law and attack the Constitutional rights of their citizens with impunity. This latest effort is part of a coordinated strategy with PA’s anti-gun Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, to ban homemade firearms statewide and nationally,” said Dr. Val Finnell, the Pennsylvania Director for GOA.

Gun Owners of America and its foundation are continually bringing lawsuits across the country to defend firearm rights. GOA is unwavering in its defense of gun rights and remains the only “no compromise” gun lobby. Together, they are drawing a line in the sand starting with Philadelphia to protect the rights of a citizens to build their own guns nationwide.

The filed complaint can be viewed here.

Gun Owners of America

Dr. Val Finnell, or another GOA spokesperson, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America, and its sister organization Gun Owners Foundation, are nonprofits dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.Gun Owners of America GOA logo

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Treason is punishable with death. Too bad there are no men left, apparently.


I think the problem started long ago and we let to many states get away with taking away rights and putting requirements on our rights inch by inch starting with finestine. They got away with a little back then and then a little more and a little more and now they want even more which is still not enough until guns are banned entirely. I don’t understand why or how we let people or politicians make laws or rules that do not follow the constitution. How do they even enact it when it is illegal in the first place. Is… Read more »


Well, let me say something probably unpopular in response to the statement “a little more and a little more”. When you see a possible threat approaching you, you loosen your weapon in its holster. When that threat continues to draw near you, you check your surroundings for associated threats. When the threat make eye contact with you, you make decisions about how you can draw to defend yourself. When the threat starts voicing unlawful and unconstitutional commands to you and his strong hand changes position, your strong hand changes position in such a way that the threat sees you mean… Read more »