Second Amendment Wins of the Week : 5/23/2021 -5/28/2021 ~ VIDEO

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Second Amendment Rights
Second Amendment Wins of the Week

USA – -( With so much happening for patriots these days. AmmoLand News wants to leave you with some highlights or wins on the battleground for 2A rights, and a few other patriot efforts,,, with our Friday round-up of Second Amendment Wins-of-the-Week.

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Oregon City Approves Pro-Gun Resolution:

“The Baker City Council approved a resolution Tuesday, May 25 that declares the city a Second Amendment sanctuary and states that the council opposes “any legislation that would infringe upon the rights of the People to keep and bear arms.””

Texas “Constitutional Carry” bill heads to Gov. Greg Abbott’s Desk:

“A measure long sought by conservative activists allowing Texans to carry handguns without a license is on the cusp of becoming law after the Texas Senate approved a compromise on the bill Monday, sending it to Gov. Greg Abbott.”

MT State Supreme Court Declines To Take Up ‘Constitutional Carry’ Challenge:

“Parties in two separate lawsuits challenging the Legislature’s “constitutional carry” law on college campuses will be refiling their complaints in district court, following the Montana Supreme Court’s dismissal of both petitions on Wednesday.”

PA: Wyoming County Commissioners Vote 2-1 To Declare County Second Amendment Sanctuary:

“The Wyoming County Commissioners have voted in favor of declaring the county a Second Amendment Sanctuary. It’s a proclamation that shows the county’s support for second amendment rights.”

Lee’s Signature Makes Tennessee A Second Amendment Sanctuary:

“Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a bill Wednesday that makes the state a Second Amendment sanctuary.”

Gaetz: Second Amendment About Waging ‘Armed Rebellion’ If Necessary:

“Rep. Matt Gaetz told an audience in Georgia on Thursday that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to “maintain an armed rebellion against the government if that becomes necessary.”

Armed Teacher Thwarts Kidnapping At Utah Elementary School:

“Ira Cox-Berry, 41, approached and grabbed a student, an 11-year-old girl, who was playing on the playground, police said. Cox-Berry allegedly pulled the girl away as if he was trying to leave with her, but a school employee approached…”

Texas Senate Has Passed HB 957 Exempting Texas-Made Suppressors From NFA Regulation:

“The bill would repeal the state law criminalizing suppressor manufacture or possession outside of regulation under the National Firearms Act.”

Glock Wins (And Biden Loses) In Major Liability Suit:

“In a little-noticed decision with a major impact on the firearms industry, a federal judge in Arizona has ruled in favor of pistol manufacturer Glock and dismissed a suit brought by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence…”

These are just a few of the best wins of the week. Did we miss some? Include your Second Amendment Wins of the Week in the comments below.

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Capn Dad

Thank you Governor Lee from the great State of Tennessee!


You missed that Texas passed House Bill (HB) 957 declaring that Texans do not need NFA approval for supressors made in Texas with a made in Texas roll stamp.
We’re making our state as uncomfortable for liberals as possible. We also have a bill to remove the NFA requirements for SBR’s. Did I mention we are to elect a new Governor so all the e-mails Abbott is receiving from patriot Texans makes a difference. Thanks to all of us that are doing our part and speaking to our state reps.

Last edited 1 year ago by brickjensen

Can you say YEAH!!!!! Something all of America needs to do. Lets see the government step up and take funds away from Texas for doing what needs to be done when they don’t take away funds from sanctuary states or states that make recreational drugs legal like the entire LEFT COAST breaking federal law. I don’t think states should be allowed to pick and choose which law they are going to support and not support until all states follow all laws and federal law comes first which is what I thought I was taught in school but who the hell… Read more »


Super! Thanks for letting us know!


People really need to think twice about holding contradictory beliefs, such as that: 1) the Second Amendment enshrines the right of the people to protect themselves from tyrannical government, and 2) if the government becomes tyrannical, it has the authority to limit or eliminate the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment. It is time to stop playing this game, where two absolutely contradictory ideas are both true.


Those who know the constitution and abide by it don’t believe in #2. That is for the traitors of our country ignoring the constitution this country was founded on and trying to change it into some other than what it is or was intended to be or our poor uneducated children of today that have been mislead in school. There are some things wrong with this country but tell me which one is perfect. Which country other than ours are people willing to take a chance on dying to get too. If you believe in #2 you are letting them… Read more »

Mike the Limey

Nonsense. 1) the 2nd Amendment protects the natural right to keep & bear arms. 2) A tyrannical government WILL act, without legal authority to limit or eliminate that right & Biden has stated his intention to do just that. It should be noted there are MANY laws appertaining to arms already in the statute books which are demonstrably unconstitutional, thus demonstrating a government doesn’t have to be blatantly tyrannical whilst at the same time illegally restricting rights enshrined in the Constitution. Heck, I’m neither a US citizen, nor resident in the US but I can see the glaring errors in… Read more »