NJ AG Grewal Misusing His Office To Extort & Shut Down Out-Of-State Gun Firms

New Jersey’s anti-gun Governor, little Phil Murphy, has let his radical Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal, target, entrap and harass legal firearms retailers across the country. This is another reason Phil Murphy must lose in his reelection efforts in the NJ governor’s race.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal
New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal

New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- New Jersey’s Attorney General is ordering firearm products banned in the Garden State, and then extorting thousands of dollars from out-of-state firms through lawsuits.

When I worked at a newspaper in Delaware, I was intimately aware that if I strayed across the border into New Jersey with any weapons, ammo, or mags and got caught, I would likely spend the rest of my life in state prison.

Back then, New Jersey officials were content with only targeting individual gun owners, either those who weren’t familiar with their crazy gun laws or those from free states who may have taken a wrong turn.

Nowadays, things are different. New Jersey officials, [under the leadership of rabid anti-gunner Phil Murphy] are actively targeting citizens of other states, who may have never even set foot in New Jersey.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal is using “undercover” detectives to entrap firearms retailers and manufacturers – especially those in other states – in the hopes that the exorbitant fees and penalties he will extort from them will force the owners out of business.

This is a new kind of gun control.

So far, AG Grewal has targeted retailers who sell firearm components designed for home-builds and, of course, those who sell standard-capacity magazines.

Even the judges are in on the AG’s scheme. A New Jersey state court recently ordered a Florida firm to pay the state $150,000!?

Their crime? They refused to turn over their customers’ names and addresses to the Attorney General.

Grewal v. 22Mods4ALL

According to the civil complaint, 22Mods4ALL is a small, mom-and-pop retailer with less than 10 employees located in Longwood, Florida.

22Mods4ALL sells ARs and AR components, as well as the accessories you’d expect. (They actually have 5.56 in stock at $0.66 per round.)

I reached out to them seeking comment for this story, but have not heard back. I can’t say I blame them. They’re up against a team with unlimited resources paid for by taxpayer dollars. Besides, the prosecution seems very personal. Whoever wrote the civil complaint Grewal’s office filed against the small shop has a flair for the dramatic. It’s based upon emotion, rather than facts.

The complaint begins in El Paso, where the author describes a mass murder committed by an AK-47 and “extra magazines capable of holding at least 30 rounds of ammunition each.” Then misdirects the reader on to Dayton, Ohio, and describes “a shooter equipped with an AR-15 style rifle, a 100-round drum magazine, and 250 rounds of ammunition.” Then it’s Parkland, Florida’s turn, followed by Tucson, Arizona, and then, finally, New Jersey, where the author defines “Large Capacity Magazine.”

“To prevent gun violence, and to mitigate the risk of mass shootings, the State of New Jersey has long banned possession of large capacity ammunition magazines (“LCMs”) — firearm magazines capable of holding more than the standard number of rounds provided by the manufacturer,” the complaint states.

You’ll notice that New Jersey’s LCM definition is flawed on its face. AR manufacturers designed 20- and 30-round magazines for the rifle – that’s the “standard number of rounds provided by the manufacturer.” [Standard Capacity Magazines or “SCMs”]

Regardless, the New jersey penalties are very clear: “Any person who knowingly possesses an LCM is guilty of a fourth-degree crime, punishable by fines of up to $10,000, and by a term of imprisonment of up to eighteen months,” the complaint states.

22Mods4ALL – allegedly – sold six 30-round magazines to “to New Jersey undercover detectives from the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice (“DCJ”),” the complaint states. During a second purchase, the gun shop allegedly sold the detective three more. The Attorney General then sent 22Mods4All a cease-and-desist letter, which the gun shop honored. It stopped shipping mags to New Jersey, but that wasn’t the end of the malicious prosecution.

“The Attorney General also demanded Defendant provide the details of all past sales of ammunition magazines capable of holding fifteen rounds or more to any New Jersey address since January 1, 2014, including the name and address of the purchaser and the specific ammunition magazine purchased,” the complaint states.

In other words, the AG wanted the names of any New Jersey residents who may have bought a magazine, which would likely have been followed by a knock on their front door.

That may have been too much for the good folks at 22Mods4All who, evidently, respect their customers’ privacy and don’t want to see any of them carted off to prison.

“Defendant, despite repeated attempts at contact, has ignored the Subpoena for months. As a result, the CFA authorizes the Attorney General and the Director to obtain a judgment from the Superior Court directing compliance with the Subpoena,” the complaint states.

Last week, a New Jersey judge ruled that the gun shop owners must pay a civil fine of $150,000 for not cooperating with the AG’s subpoena and turning over a list of customers’ names and addresses.

Legal Reaction aka Extortion

The New Jersey AG is weaponizing his office to push a political agenda, according to former Florida prosecutor Lisa Chittaro.

Last year, Chittaro ran for State Attorney of Sarasota County but lost during the Republican primary to the incumbent. She had been endorsed by the National Rifle Association in the race.

“This is a crafty and questionable use of litigation,” Chittaro said. “Because of their elected position, this seems designed to impede and attack a legitimate business – a business that did not target the citizens of that state – for the sole purpose of attacking the Second Amendment.

“This attorney general is trying to harness access and regulate the spread of the internet, and hold a legitimate business accountable,” Chittaro said. “This is an attack on the Free Market, an attack on the Second Amendment – it’s an attack. They are using their office as a political weapon. They are pushing through their political agenda of gun control, and they are overreaching into the state of Florida. New Jersey is trying to put a legitimate Florida firm out of business.”


In my humble opinion, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has two reasons for his cross-border shenanigans. First, he wants to make a name for himself. That much is very clear. Second, he wants to close down gun shops – as many as he possibly can – because of his anti-rights political agenda.

As bad as AG Grewal tries to paint them, the good folks at 22Mods4All look like heroes.

They should be commended for protecting their New Jersey customers – if they have any, of course. Standing up to a bully sounds good, but they’re standing up to a bully who can put them out of business. That takes balls – big brass ones. The problem is exacerbated because AG Grewal desperately needs a win – something he can show off to his constituents.

Right now, Attorneys General from 24 states have filed a brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn New Jersey’s ban on standard-capacity magazines.

“The Amici States the Attorneys General serve are among the forty-three states that permit the standard, eleven-plus capacity magazines that New Jersey has banned…and have advanced their compelling interests in promoting public safety, preventing crime, and reducing criminal firearm violence without a magazine ban such as the one here,” the brief states.

I certainly hope the Justices will take up the case. In the meantime, someone needs to take a hard look at Attorney General Grewal. He is clearly misusing the powers of his office to further his own political agenda.

There’s a term for that. It’s called public corruption, and it’s always been a problem in the Garden State.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer”, has been writing about the Second Amendment, firearms, the firearms industry, and the gun culture for more than 10 years. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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Deplorable Bill

Tyranny comes with a very expensive price tag. I wonder if he is ready to pay it. He also swore an oath to protect the people, the nation and THE CONSTITUTION against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Obviously he has disavowed that oath.

Arm up and carry on.

Happy Everafter

What kind of American would vote for this guy?? Wow, talk about ‘deplorables’, Jersey must be full of them.


Yeah we have to many TURDS in this country already. The same kind of idiots that voted for someone with a fading brain. Not that they outvoted us but they sure stole the election and that is about to come to light.


Using the link provided in the story I just purchased a standard capacity magazine from 22Mods4ALL . They deserve support from the 2A community for standing firm.

Boris Badenov

Sadly I reside in a communist state that they won’t ship to. We dodged a bullet with the VTA shooter using handguns instead of a deadly ‘assault rifle’. The leftists were disappointed at that. It was yet another failure of the so called authorities.


“… no law respecting establishment of religion …” does not mean ignore the Judeo-Christian principles on which the country was founded. Without any intention of disparaging Sikhs, the reality is they are devote, “elitists” and they because of their religion and its traditions they cannot honestly take the oath of citizenship to uphold the US Constitution. Grewal’s family left an “ugly” country because they were not in positions of entitlement; so they, like so many other immigrants in the last 30 – 40 years come here and seek to be the “government oligarchs” that they could not be in their… Read more »

Not A. Potato

I thought the Sikh religion literally required them to carry a weapon at all times?

I think this is less a case of religion and more of a case of the typical elite collectivist lefist “rules for thee, not for me”


The Kirpan (a fixed blade dagger) one of five articles symbolizing their faith, manhood and duty to protect others (who can not be so armed). Across the country school districts allow children to carry concealed Kirpans, as they are “essential articles of faith” (i.e., religious exemption (“test”) to weapon bans). … Which is all just symbolic of the problem that Grewal is a “poster boy”.

Ryben Flynn

They carry a “Kirpan” a knife which is carried by all initiated Sikhs.


so ha came here to make the U.S. like the place he came from. send him home.


From 50k-feet….sans parachute…

Monkey Mouse

I reside in NJ – we are not that far away from rolling into Trenton and “fixing the problem” since voting isn’t going to get rid of these anti-2A shitbags.


I would get drunk the second time in my life if I saw a picture of that POS with a dark red blood soaked towel on his head.


SOMEBODY at TAC,, SAF and/or more, needs to sit and READ the US Constitutoin, which binds in this and every other cse. Turn to Atricle Three Section Two Paragraph Two. There it states plain as day that in ALL CASES…. in which a STATE is a party, THE SUPREME COURT have ORIGINAL JURISDICTION. In other words, no lower court can take up cases like this because The State of New Jersey IS a party in the action, and thus ONLY SCOTUS can take it up. SOMEONE needs to file a new casein Federal court within the State of New Jersey… Read more »


Considering he is in New Jersey within the context of the history of what happens to politicians in New Jersey who abuse their authority in extremely nefarious and underhanded ways, I am well and truly surprised he’s still above ground, vertical, and breathing! New Jersey has a history of criminality so underhanded that you have to go back to the days of Tammany Hall in New york, Huey Long in Louisiana, the time of Capone in Chicago, to find the level of graft, abusive power, and outright thuggery by politicians to match what is happening today in New Jersey with… Read more »


Im 56yrs old and have witnessed a lot of what your talking about! Back in the day when things were finally getting cleaned up a lot of them went to jail. These days they are rewarded for breaking our laws and restricting our Constitutional rights. Also why they want to now condition our military in critical race theory! So hen the time comes more troops will shoot their fellow Americans then those that wont! They are the ones that are now cementing their power and trying to ensure nobody but a Dem ever wins the presidency again! The time has… Read more »


I would argue that for the last year, CAIR and its leaders have become absolutely livid by BLM and Antifa sucking all the political air out of CAIR’s sails!!! When that lackluster bunch of Jihadist and Sharianic taqqiya Liars would call for a press conference, the DSM would trip over each other attempting to set up the microphones and the camera tripods to capture it all! These days it’s all about BLM and Antifa!! The origins of the Muslim brotherhood go all the way back to the 1920s and 1930s depending upon which Muslim Nation you look at in historical… Read more »


It’s time for people to stand up for their own rights. NRA-ILA is a joke. Tell these fake authorities no. It’s that simple. Hell, if you just feel like you have to send somebody in another state $150,000, send it to me in Arizona. I’ll take it gladly. And the firearms industry will benefit a lot more than if you give it to this dimwitted AG, or the NRA so they can buy fancy clothes, and DC hookers. I’ll spend it at gun stores….


Vote’em all out..


I just pray as i try to sell my home to flee this state that the people finally wake up and vote these criminals out of office and then demand an investigation of them “all”!!! I get literally sickened when i get our governors voice on the radio running ads for his re-election!! He is a disgrace and should be in prison for his actions! He is shredding our Constitutional rights!!! Hes a TRAITOR to us all!!!

Boris Badenov

Allow me to be VERY blunt, the guy is Indian or close enough to it, they are Socialists, not all but from my experience most. Even if they aren’t full blown Socialists they still have that as part of their makeup. I’m going to bet that this clown is one of Soro’s bought and paid for tools.


Socialists (?) … They are stuck in a period similar to Europe’s “middle ages” with “royalty”, “feudal lords”, social classes and slaves, … called the Caste System (Sikhs will say that is a Hindu “thing” – it’s a India “thing”). … In India the Brits gave legitimacy to warring “princes” in order to extract the wealth that cheap labor (slavery) can generate. India is no one country, there is no democracy, there is no rule of law (no entity of any sophistication invests in India without dictating that disputes will be resolved in English or European Courts), most expats and… Read more »


Don’t forget India were under British colonial rule for a long time… and they managed to work their plan there without provoking open rebellion like they did here back in 1775. Over the years the poeple of India grew content with being worthless subjects of their overlords. Guys like this Grewel are all about payback, evening up the score. I’ll bet high dollars at long odds he sees we Yanks much as they see the Brits. And want to exact their pound of flesh at every opportunitny. He also has well learned the lesson, taught him by the Brits, that… Read more »


Maybe Assassination Politics needs to be put into force and effect by Jim Bell. This type of insanity needs to STOP.


That’s why I don’t buy dog food from Jersey.