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USA – -( AmmoLand News is seeking brave patriots and disgruntled Americans who are tired of seeing our unique American gun rights undermined and whittled away by government agencies, socially woke brands, anti-gun radicals, or mindless bureaucracies with unnecessary schemes at the state, local and federal level.

If you have access to information and if you want to blow the whistle on someone or something, AmmoLand News is ready to help you expose the truth.

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Whistleblowers are needed in the following business segments to help keep them on their best behavior:

  • Government at Local/State/Federal
  • Anti-Gun Non-Profits or Orgs
  • Banking & Financial Industry
  • Retail, Industry & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education & Higher Learning
  • Mainstream Media and Publishing
  • Big-Tech
  • Hollywood

If you have insider access you can join us and take a stand for the Second Amendment and help fellow gun owners hold them accountable. No contribution is too small.

Be Brave, Be Fearless

Don’t let wrongdoings or injustice that harms our precious Second Amendment go unchallenged or unreported. AmmoLand News has a proven history of confidentiality and secure communications with highly placed sources. All managed under the guidance and patriotic dedication of brilliant legal minds. Brave Americans, don’t sit idly by and stand on the sidelines when you see abuses of power.

Hero Insiders

Do you want to expose injustice or wrongdoing in a place where you have inside access to information? If you want to blow the whistle on someone or something, we are ready to help you pour cleansing sunshine on the dirty anti-gun tactics.

Send Tips & Story Ideas, or Arrange to Speak to one of our Investigative Journalist

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Only the Bravest of the Brave Will Take a Stand to Protect and Defend the Second Amendment for Future Generations, is that You?

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We need to unify, communicate and organize. Your state level gun rights lobby is the best place to start. Look at the numerous Citizens Defense Leagues like Virginia and Arizona for good examples. Direct action is the key. Bombard politicians and bureaucrats with emails, phone calls and personal visits. Challenge them at public appearances. Call out their treason and do so with clear, direct and mature language. “Shall not be infringed” is the word of the era. Put it in their collective faces and do so in large numbers. Please remember one very evident truth about our opposition, the Progressive… Read more »


nr – good comment. They can’t (or won’t) handle the truth but remember that they WILL resort to their usual name calling while claiming that you (us) are making things up and will likely stomp off in a huff – while still calling you (us) every foul name that you can think of and more likely even invent some new ones.


And there’s your sign that you have won. I love and live to see their frustration and their spitting mad language now. They turn all red, start screaming and literally shaking uncontrollably. I would feel sorry for them but they hate us so much and will do anything the can to win that I finally don’t care and find it amusing. I was never that way, I would normally try and console the individual and reason with them but after contact with todays generation of socialist/communist idiots,I realize that common sense does not exist in demonkkkrats and that they have… Read more »


It’s all in the name he has chosen for himself. A Roman emperor who did his utmost to hold the decaying, rotten, disgusting, dead husk of the empire’s remains together for as long as possible. One last grasp to hold onto power.
Just like what he is attempting to do now for the decaying husk of the US empire. Anything to delay the return of the Republic!

Dave in Fairfax

RoyD, I agree that the Emperor, not the commenter, had a hard row to hoe at best. He was desperately trying to hold together an empire on its last legs. For that he has my sympathy as I look around me. The commenter showed by his post that his interest was in the conquest of Judea, not the saving of Rome. Hate is a powerful emotion and it should be used carefully. Hating a person is understandable if dangerous. Hating a class of people regardless of the reason or filter is a waste. I don’t like broad brushes or racists… Read more »


The falling of any empire, as the remains try to stay on life-support for as long as possible, are always interesting. At least to me. Now more than ever, for I judge this to be the last of, not only the US empire, but the last gasp of the whole rotten, fiat currency empire. Babylon the Great was the head of gold, Persia was the shoulders of silver, Greece the belly of bronze, Rome the legs of iron, and we are the feet of iron mixed with clay. The paper tiger, flailing in all directions with threats against the entire… Read more »


The main ingredient used in all small-arms ammunition propellants is nitrocellulose. The Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Virginia is the sole producer of this essential ingredient for all propellants used throughout the Army’s ammunition industrial base. Radford has an acid-concentrator facility that produces the nitric and sulphuric acids that, when combined with cellulose, make nitrocellulose. Ninety-nine percent of all small-arms ammunition used in Afghanistan and Iraq contains nitrocellulose produced at this facility. Finally, the primer in most cartridges is made from over 13 different chemicals, which are mixed at the Lake City plant. Lake City manufactures the primers for all… Read more »

Doug G.

First of all, I find this idea unsettling and maybe it’s due to seeing what a whistleblower goes thru after they “drop-a-dime”. There is no anonymity or privacy, the one reporting the wrong doing is the one who pays the biggest price while the top people or elites usually walk unscathed. The little guy gets the shaft and in a close knit industry it can ruin all their future prospects. Yes, bad actor’s need to be called out, just don’t do it rashly, without thinking it all the way thru. Secondly, the comment made by vespasian is disgusting and uncalled… Read more »