Madison Society Foundation Files Brief in Supreme Court Supporting Second Amendment

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Madison Society Foundation Files Brief in Supreme Court Supporting Second Amendment Right to Carry iStock-1055138108

U.S.A.-( The Madison Society Foundation (MSF) announced that it has filed an important merits-stage United States Supreme Court brief in the Second Amendment case of NYSRPA v. Bruen, the latest Second Amendment case granted by the Court. The brief can be found at

The brief, authored by attorney and Firearms Policy Coalition’s Senior Director of Legal Operations, Adam Kraut, provides the Court with key historical resources, arguing that: our nation’s history and traditions should inform the Court’s interpretation of the enumerated right to bear arms; the founding era is the relevant time period for determining the original understanding of the Second Amendment; under a historical analysis consistent with D.C. v. Heller, public places were not understood to be “sensitive places” where arms could not be carried; and because individuals have a fundamental pre-existing right to carry arms in public, the “sensitive places” doctrine cannot swallow the Constitution’s rule.

“An analysis of the Second Amendment’s text, as it is informed by the nation’s history and tradition, dispositively confirms that the right to ‘bear arms’ extends beyond the confines of one’s home,” the brief says. “Indeed, the modus operandi of founding-era Americans was to carry arms in public as part of daily life.”

MSF’s brief goes on to request that the Court “restore the scope of the right [to bear arms] to align with its original public meaning and practices where the other branches have exceeded their constitutional limits.”

“Since our founding, the Madison Society Foundation has worked to promote the fundamental, individual right to bear arms in our legal efforts, education, and training. We believe that this brief is an important element of the Court’s analysis of the Second Amendment and look forward to the Court’s decision in this case,” said the Foundation’s operations director, Doug Welborn.

“This brief provides the Supreme Court with the historical context necessary to understand the contours of the right to bear arms based on the Second Amendment’s original public meaning,” said Kraut. “As the Court has held for many different constitutional rights, the understanding and practices of the public during the founding era guides the analysis. And a thorough survey of the relevant history confirms that the carrying of arms in public was not just an everyday occurrence, but sometimes required by law. With this in mind, the Court should reverse the Second Circuit’s misguided opinion and uphold the fundamental right to carry in public.”

About Madison Society Foundation

Madison Society Foundation ( is a 501(c)(3) grassroots nonprofit based in California. It promotes and preserves the purposes of the Constitution of the United States, in particular the right to keep and bear arms. MSF provides the general public and its members with education and training on this important right.

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Ansel Hazen

It’s time we stopped “complying”.

WI Patriot

Lead by example…


Some of us are.


Only 4% of NY’ers are complying with the NY SAFE Act.


You do, I trust.


Compliance equals subservience. Free men don’t comply; free men follow their conscience. Free men don’t ask; free men tell.

Which are you?

Is that Stockholm Syndrome kicking in? Do you use the phrase, “Law-abiding citizens” in a positive context?


Hey Tiger Boy, why isn’t your name in the papers, arrested telling TSA you’re a free man following your conscience, not asking like a slave, but telling them you’re coming through & boarding a commercial passenger flight with a gatt? Do they bow to your chatroom commando manliness, admit you used the magic words, say they’re not worthy?

Or is it because you’re a federale, informant, infiltraitor, agent provocateur, here to entrap Q-tards?

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Dubi Loo

I have zero confidence in SCOTUS


You don’t trust John Obamacare Roberts & Trump’s 3 “Federalist” Society “justices” who said states have no standing to challenge an election coup d’etat on the federal government by other states? Tsk tsk


I wouldn’t take that bet. And I don’t care what they decide. I am past it.


I don’t understand. Trump nominated three of the supreme court justices. First you said someone would have to be on LSD not to understand that Trump would take office in January (something about martial law that was obvious), after Biden took office you said Trump would retake the office (by August, I believe was your forecast) because of reasons that everyone should understand if they wanted to understand. So, if Trump already has three and he will appoint one or two more, what’s the concern? Also (just like in 2017-2020) Trump will have control of federal law enforcement, prosecution, and… Read more »


Trust The Plan!
Be Patient!
Stay Strong!
Stay Tuned!
The Storm is Coming!
Be Ready!
Something is Happening!
Something Big is happening!
Something very big is happening!
Here we go!
It’s Happening!
Red One!


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Damn Russ. the truth hurt a few feeeelings. lol


Q-tards die hard. They’re not too bright but they do know how to hurt my feelings with the downvotes! Boo hoo!

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