Biden Arms Taliban & Bans Ammunition Intended for Americans

Biden Arms Taliban & Bans Ammunition Intended for Americans

Springfield, VA – -( Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs for Gun Owners of America (GOA), released the following statement today:

The Biden Administration’s failure to competently draw down American forces in Afghanistan has allowed the Taliban to acquire nearly 600,000 American weapons [small arms]. But instead of triaging the Afghanistan catastrophe, and bringing Americans – military and civilian – home, the Biden State Department is trying to score political points.

Biden is once again trying to disarm the American people.

Biden unilaterally, and without a vote in Congress, decided to ban the import of all Russian-made ammunition into the United States.

In the midst of an international embarrassment and humanitarian crisis of Biden’s own making, the Administration announced it would proceed with so-called ‘increased sanctions’ on the Russian Federation.

But, the proposed sanctions on firearm and ammunition exports affect less than 1% of the Russian economy.

It is clear that sanctioning Russia was never the Administration’s only goal. Rather, Americans are the target of Biden’s latest gun control push.

Gun owners are abhorred by President Biden’s direct assault on Americans’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights. This administration should be laser-focused on fixing the military, humanitarian, and moral disaster it caused in Afghanistan.

Gun Owners of America mourns for the loss of at least thirteen brave Marines who gave their lives in Afghanistan this week.

About Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America is a grassroots nonprofit which represents more than two million gun owners who are dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.

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Biden is a complete and total communist asshole. He has, since taking office, done everything in his power to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and convert it to a communist country. He, like all of the other Communist Democraps, is an absolute embarrassment to America! The only way we will EVER get rid of Biden and his Democrap ilk is to vote them out of office! REMEMBER, RETAKE THE CONGRESS IN 2022 AND THE COUNTRY IN 2024!!! ALSO, DEFUND THE ATFE!!!

Qui Bono?

WTF does that even MEAN? Gibberish! Do you really think and talk like that? Do you even know what a “constitutional republic” is? What would you consider to be a superior alternative, a fascist dictatorship? I know I won’t change YOUR mind – you’re an ignorant nut. But how embarrassing that you think that was worth sharing!


Bull fucking shit! Obiden is NOT the ruler of anything other the thoughts in his own mind. If he has a mind. He is only the current leader of a representative republic.


Sell your nonsense on Twitter or FB.


Well, maybe it does. After all, most everyone administering government is a prostitute.


admit it…you’re just trying to get us to click the link so you can show off your tits and ass and try to get us to hire you as a prostitute.


Hey, I wouldn’t screw her with pro bono’s dick.


This ASS has been in Politics for over 50 years and should have been put out to PASTURE years ago, Vietnam on SUPER STEROIDS, take his whole RULING DICTATORSHIP to Jail and throw away THE KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will give all the time in LA-LA Land where he belonged before he got to be our LORD AND RULER (HE THINKS)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t vote for this ass and HE ISN’T MY PRESIDENT LIKE OBUMMER!!!!!!!!!!


Who”s side is he on?


Not ours. And we need to correctly pronounce his name and position. Chairman Xiden. LACKY of the CCP. Purveyor of violence on Americans

Qui Bono?

Enough with the deliberate disinformation. Did the Biden Admin. blow the withdrawal? You betcha! Do you think it would have gone more smoothly if we had withdrawn by May 1st under a Trump Administration? Maybe, in your dreams! Trump and Pompeo set the terms of the withdrawal, then did nothing to plan for and facilitate an early, orderly evacuation. That should have begun LAST summer. Trump was too busy ignoring the pandemic and trying to steal an election he doubted he could win. Were the armaments captured by the Taliban supplied by the Biden Admin.? No, they were supplied by… Read more »


Talk about disinformation. You’re neck deep in it. Get your stomach pumped before the koolaid takes total effect. No wait…don’t bother.

Qui Bono?

You didn’t refute a single thing I said – because you can’t. Just because the truth makes you uncomfortable doesn’t make it less true. You’re suffering from “cognitive dissonance.” Look it up.

Qui Bono?

It is a matter of public record and beyond dispute that Trump and Pompeo negotiated the withdrawal terms with the Taliban, and that they failed to make any plans for evacuations ahead of our withdrawal. If you wish to dispute my claim, the burden is on you to disprove it, but because the truth challenges your own ignorant preconceptions, you refuse to look in to it. Either that, or you are just too lazy. If you think I am wrong, prove it. Put up or shut up!


Koolaid? He’s a lefty. Probably more like Spermaid.


Biden is in charge, not President Trump, this is Biden’s shit show. Don’t blame Republicans, we didn’t vote for this Dumb-ass, you did.

Qui Bono?

I’m no apologist for Biden. He’s screwed it up royally. I think Trump’s initial deal with the Taliban was rotten, and that Biden should have declared it void as soon as the Taliban violated it. You can’t negotiate with them, they’re faithless and can’t be trusted. IMHO, Biden should have subsequently DICTATED the terms of our withdrawal and set a timeline that served OUR best interests, not withdrawing ANY troops until we had gotten our people and allies out. And I did vote for Biden, not because he would have been my first choice, but because Trump was both inept… Read more »


1. Obiden dumped everything President Trump did and you know it. As of 1/21 May 5th was out as a withdrawal date. Obiden set 8/31, not Trump. 2. Obiden left all the ammo, arms, vehicles, equipment and aircraft. It doesn’t matter who brought them. If you knew anything about war you might have kept quiet. 3. Obiden killed the Keystone pipeline on day one of his presidency and then a few months later, allows the Russians to run a pipeline from Russia to Europe. What’s up with that? So now he says he’s going to sanction Russia by not allowing… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob

Sadly not quite true: Comrade Biden didn’t dump the killer vaccines Trump’s so proud of.

Qui Bono?

“You can’t fix stupid.” But Covid can.


Sure thing, Comrade.


Trump is no longer in office. Haven’t you heard? Perhaps TDS….