Anti-Gun Albuquerque Democrats Introduce “Crime Control” Package Heavy On Gun Control

Mandatory Gun Storage and Magazine Capacity Limits Proposed for 2022 Session

New Mexico Take Action
New Mexico Take Action

Fairfax, VA – -( Even though their so-called “universal background check” and “red flag” laws have been abject failures, anti-gun state lawmakers are continuing their war on law-abiding gun owners by calling for mandatory firearms storage proposals and limits on magazine capacity to be considered during the 30-day session in 2022.

They are asking Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to make these bills germane to what is typically a budget-only session.

Contact your state lawmakers and the governor’s office IMMEDIATELY and tell them NO MORE GUN CONTROL!

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The soft-on-crime policies of Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, Bernalillo County DA Raul Torrez, and progressives in the Roundhouse are to blame for the crime epidemic in Albuquerque — not law-abiding gun owners.

That lawmakers would have the audacity to call for more restrictions on law-abiding citizens while violent criminals run rampant in the state shows how tone-deaf they are and continue to be.

Make your voice heard TODAY! When we are able to obtain the language of the actual proposals, NRA-ILA will be sure to share it with you.


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would be great to have millions of silencers produced in Texas for Texans law for rangers to protect Texans rights in state head butt the feds out of state INTRA STATE COMMERCE IS STATE BUSINESS not federal

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“Contact your state lawmakers and the governor’s office IMMEDIATELY and tell them NO MORE GUN CONTROL!” When did the NRA stop endorsing red flag laws and fix NICS? Did the NRA encourage Republican politicians (and their appointees) to publicly buy a made-in-Texas suppressor on Wednesday? Rather than making a feeble after-the-fact attempt at defending a person with no power who the BATFE persecuted, wouldn’t it make more sense to have dozens of Republican politicians, appointees, and hangers-on who are “fighting for your 2nd Amendment rights” to blatantly disregard the federal suppressor laws and follow the new Texas laws? Would the… Read more »