Intersection of Guns & Mental Health with Michael Sodini ~ VIDEO

GunFreedomRadio EP326 Intersection of Guns and Mental Health w Michael Sodini.

USA – -( Our guest today is Michael Sodini. Michael is the founder of Walk The Talk America (WTTA).

The Walk the Talk America initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to making positive changes in relation to mental health, and firearm awareness. Through organizing a profound team of experts from different fields, and all walks of life, unbiased by politics, media, or personal prejudice – WTTA seeks to input opportunities to enhance communication, compassion, calls to action, and education.

1) You recently helped a woman named Connie Wray overcome her phobia and fear of firearms. Connie of Fox News Reno filmed her experience as part of a show called “The Next Stage”.

2) How does your work with WTTA impact Legislation like HR 127.

3) In what ways does (or does not) the Firearms Industry support the work you are doing?

4) How do people follow you?

5) How do we support you AND get one of the “sexy” WTTA t-shirts?

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