New Jersey’s Epic Gun-Control Failure ~ Letters to the Editor

Epic Fail Failure
New Jersey’s Epic Gun-Control Failure ~ Letters to the Editor iStock

New Jersey, USA – -( Gun crime is up 36% in New Jersey over the past year. How could that possibly be?

After all, Governor Murphy and his band of techno ignorant gun-hating Democrats passed a pile of new restrictions almost immediately after his inauguration. They’d like to blame it on Covid, the catch-all excuse for the laundry list of failed legislation in the state, but that’s a big stretch for the imagination.

My wife was a New Jersey Senior Probation Officer for almost 30 years. She routinely made weapons and drug searches in the homes of felons under house arrest, she was alone, unarmed, all 105 lbs. of her.

Although she had her own firearms and was proficient in their use, people in her position are not allowed to carry firearms. If for some reason she could not make the appointment, it would be performed by two police officers, armed, with ballistic vests. Why the discrimination?

This is just one example of the thousands of asinine New Jersey gun control laws concocted by ignorant (stupid would be a more accurate term) politicians.

Concealed carry by permit or Constitutional right is available in 42 states. New Jersey, with some of the highest violent crime rates in the United States, is NOT one of them.

Armed carjackings are epidemic. In New Jersey, police and a select few special citizens have concealed carry permits. Criminals have Constitutional carry and know the risk of armed confrontation is low.

New Jersey falsely states that gun-related crime is low in the state, that claim a lie. Any probation officer will tell you that criminals arrested with a firearm are allowed to plea bargain down. Since that penalty is severe, liberal prosecutors and judges give the usual repeat offender a break. If you’re a white-collar worker, they’ll throw the book at you.

A few years after I retired, I received an email from work. One of my best friends at work, another scientist, lost his son, an engineer, and his future daughter-in-law in a carjacking. The criminal didn’t need a high-capacity magazine, just two shots at point-blank range. When I called my friend E. M., to express my condolences, he told me the shooter was out on bail for another murder!?

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In a short period of time, the suspected felon was able to obtain a handgun, no permit, no background check, and no waiting period. Odds are he paid less than 25 cents on a dollar for the gun, standard black market rate.

Pay attention here, There is no such thing as a gun control law that negatively affects criminal behavior. Gun control only harms law-abiding citizens. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think a murderer is going to be concerned if he has a “high-capacity” magazine.

During the last 20 years prior to the pandemic, the number of states issuing concealed carry permits has increased and during the same period, violent crime has dropped dramatically.

Gun ownership has steadily increased over the same period. We hear so much about mass shootings but not about that they mostly took place in “gun-free zones”. Another special kind of stupid legislation. The media also shuns the many stories where a potential mass shooting was averted by an armed citizen or when an armed citizen aids a police officer in jeopardy. Most gun crime is performed with the standard 9mm handgun, not an “assault” weapon. Another misnomer. In fact, more murders are done with hands, feet, or blunt objects than those by all rifles and shotguns combined.

In part due to the pandemic, gun sales increased even more than normal. There was a 66% increase in 2020 over 2019 with record numbers of first-time buyers. Sales have already surpassed that number in 2021 over 2020. It’s obvious, people want their Second Amendment right and their representatives are oath-bound to respect that. So much for the value of their word.

There are over 1 million gun owners in New Jersey. Usually, only 1.1 million citizens vote in a gubernatorial election. That means a lot of those gun owners aren’t enthused enough to vote in expectation of reform.

I was born in New Jersey in 1947. In grammar school, I could wear my father’s WWII military knife to class, no problem. I attended high school from 1961 to 1965. We brought our shotguns, rifles, and ammo to school and kept them in our lockers. I took the bus to school with a shotgun, no gun case. My friends and I, as early as age 10, carried rifles and shotguns openly almost anywhere on our way to go target shooting or hunting, even into the department store to buy ammo. Things were a lot safer then and we didn’t even have a local police department. Go figure.

In conclusion, our Constitutional rights have been stolen by despots and need to be restored.  Magazine restrictions, gun variety bans, etc. are equally unconstitutional. Seems much of the crop of current federal judges have no more credibility in constitutional law than your abusive third-world dictator.

John Wrobleski
Green Township, New Jersey

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Autsin Miller III

So criminals don’t care how many laws are passed and only the law abiding citizen is impacted? Imagine that. Do you think maybe the Demoncrats don’t really care about safety but are more interested in control?


Yup. Same reason they are “handling” the ‘Rona the way they are. Contrl control control. Bill Ayers never got close to what they are doing now. Hopwfully one day soon the dems in charge of NJ MD CA IL MI etc will wake up and find they have no one left to control any more. Then, just like the rats in the overcrowded maze, they’ll openly turn on one another and there will be the populatioin reductioin Gates and SOros and their ilk are stumping for. Best hope is that some of the rats will turn on and devour them… Read more »

Monkey Mouse

John brings up some great points – as a NJ gun owner who follows the 2A issues closely, I have some additional information to share: 1) NJ cc permits issued to civilians (not retired LEOs/CO) hovers between 425 and 450 total for the state, lower issue % than NYC in fact. Most of those 450 or so are politically connected democrats who use their influence to get their cc. 2) NJ had 1.4M gun owners 12/31/19, swelling to 2M on 12/31/20. If you went into a NJ gun store last year, odds were they had less than 20 guns in… Read more »


As an FFL and NRA pistol instructor, I hoped to obtain a carry permit to protect my synagogue. No way in Morris County. But all the NJ politicians and Newark hoodlums were – and still are – armed to the teeth. That’s when I finally realized that, unlike like the ghetto thugs and big-shot politicians, we Law Abiding Citizens were not a part of the Democratic Party’s constituency. I moved to Texas six years ago and never looked back. Couldn’t be happier here! Don’t forget to turn out the lights when you leave.

Wild Bill

God is not restricted in his choice of tools. The pastor better sharpen up for when God reaches for him.


I was born in N.J. my parents moved to Pa. in 1961 and I spent my life there until my wife passed away in 2015 and I got a chance to move to Mo. Bought a house out here and have no intension of moving back to either of those states, as Pa. is turning to be like N.J. NOT LOOKING BACK!!!!!!!!!

Rob Morse

This moved me. I hope it moves your neighbors too.


@PS,are you going to help her learn the trade? You might want to start her off with a revolver and graduate from there,

Wild Bill

“Is that a pistol in your pocket? Or are you just glad to see me?” May West


@WB,I think that line is from “My Little Chickadee” with WC Fields around ‘34. I could be way off on that though.

Heed the Call-up

Revolvers are a bad choice for women as a first handgun. The heavy trigger pull, for a typically weaker hand of a woman, makes firing the revolver more difficult and less accurate. Studies have shown that women that are just learning prefer semi-auto pistols, and Glock 19s are more favored than other handguns. Another mis-conception is the LCP; it is so small that manipulating the firearm becomes difficult, especially for new shooters. A woman I was training was given one by her well-meaning BF, but she did not like it as she found it difficult to function and difficult to… Read more »


Except of course you’re forgetting one thing: Wheel guns do not have to be wrecked. Many women of smaller frames cannot rack an average semi-auto, much less some of those that are very difficult because of strong recoil springs. Real guns do not care about your grip: they go bang with a limp wrist just as well as they go bang with a two-handed Popeye the Sailor Man grip. I’ve lost count of the number of YouTube videos where I’ve seen law enforcement have FTFs because of a grip that is described as limp-breasted, or just generally improper. The bottom… Read more »


I try not to “wreck” my wheel guns.


I like my wheel guns, practice is the main thing to being proficient at handling and shooting them!! Not condemning the semi autos, but I enjoy shooting the wheel guns, and they are great starter guns to teach anyone, then let them decide if they want to move to a semi auto!!!!!

Wild Bill

“… moves your neighbors…” Ok, is that a pun?!


Too many people have a simple and basic misunderstanding about “gun control.” “Gun control” is not now, and has never been, about crime or criminals.  Quite frankly, the Left couldn’t give a rat’s behind about crime or criminals.  Gun control is, and has always been, about disarming the citizenry so they cannot represent a threat to the government once the Left establishes the dictatorship they have been working toward for well more than half a century and, thanks to the stolen elections of last November and January, are now in the process of consolidating.  The key word in the term “gun… Read more »


In 1951, in NY CIty, I bought a Winchester Mdl. 61 pump action .22 at a high school friend’s parents’ apartment in the Bronx. I took the elevated train (3d Avenue “El”) back to my home also in the Bronx and carried my prize home with not a concern in the world. How times have changed…

Wild Bill

Freedom that the follow-on generations will never know.