Judge’s ‘Bad Actor’ Comments in NY v. NRA Case May Offer Members Hope

The judge appears to understand that NRA lawyers and anti-gun activist and enforcer Letitia James agreeing on something can only mean bad news for members. (New York State Attorney General/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- Questions asked by the judge during oral arguments on Dec. 10 over a motion to dismiss charges by  New York Attorney General Letitia James in her attempt to dissolve the National Rifle Association could indicate that pleas by members not to punish them for leadership failures have not gone unnoticed.

“So should that not matter at all that there are five million members, a number of whom had tried to appear here and have taken the position, well, look, don’t throw out everything just because of some bad actors?” Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York Judge Joel M. Cohen asked the attorneys.

“It’s possible that the motions to intervene by Frank Tait and Rocky Marshall had influence here,” the NRA in Danger blog, an authoritative chronicler of the case speculates.

Such supposition is not without foundation.

In a series of exclusive reports beginning in August 2020, this column detailed an NRA member and attorney’s idea of an intervenor lawsuit on behalf of the members. In June of this year, we reported an intervenor motion was filed by members Frank Tate and Mario Aguirre on behalf of the membership, which the judge subsequently denied.

“But he said the members’ cause needed to be heard, and he would consider other ways of letting them participate,” the NRA In Danger blog reported at the time. “There was a report of a director going to join in [again, from AmmoLand], which would have helped their motion a lot…”

As if in answer, National Rifle Association Director Roscoe B. Marshall, Jr. filed his  Notice of Motion to Intervene in September. In a not-unexpected development, opposing sides showed a rare moment of “unity”:

“NRA’s attorneys of course oppose it. Better to have the organization terminate than be reformed! … The Attorney General likewise opposes Marshall’s motion … She knows where Marshall poses a danger to her plans.”

At this writing, no ruling on the Marshall motion to intervene appears on the court’s case document list.

“It may be the biggest of ironies if the NRA were saved by a smart and fair NY judge, after spending probably millions to ‘dump New York,’ and telling the bankruptcy judge that there was no way it could get fair treatment in NY,” NRA in Danger notes.

A transcript of the motion under discussion is embedded below.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Green Mtn. Boy

The money I used to donate to Negotiating Rights Away now goes to FPC & GOA,not one penny to Negotiating Rights Away until WLP nd his sycophants are purged from the organization.


you left out jailed for theft

Green Mtn. Boy

That works.


swm – and you left out having to make restitution as well. I wonder how many thousand dollar suits he would need while at the gray bar hotel? Not to mention how many Eddie Eagle programs SHOULD have been funded if he had been getting a reasonable salary/benefits package………………….

Wild Bill

I think LaPierre has it set up so that he never can be purged. Maybe dissolving the organization would be a good thing because then LaPierre would be the executive VP of nothing. When setting up the NRA in another state new fair rules could be instituted.


dossolving does not protect the interests of the five Mn. It only protects PeePee la Pair. And it feeds AtG James’ determinatoin to prevail no matter what. SHE is out of line even bringing this action. She SHOULD have gone after PPlP and straightened him out, But no, shes a rabid antigun commie operative and has determined to dismantle the whole shebang. SHE also needs her wings clipped. Her track record as AtG in NY is abysmal.

Wild Bill

Ok, but if the organization does not exist, momentarily, then LaPierre is the head of nothing. Then can we not start over?
Correct me if I am wrong. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New NRA.

Last edited 11 months ago by Wild Bill

WB – dissolving the current bloated bureaucracy and replacing it wit a reasonable and responsible set of volunteers ‘might’ make the organization viable once again. I doubt that such a solution will happen as entrenched self-serving bureaucrats are the hardest thing to get rid of except for federal workers and/or politicians.

Wild Bill

Ok, MC, brother!


It seems like we should be supporting the courageous individuals who are trying not to through the baby out with the bath water. The NRA has done good work, unlike most of the posters here, many members do not know the level of criminality Wayne LaPierre has sullied the organization with. 5,000,000 members are a force, one large enough that any competitor organization will never in my lifetime catch up. IMHO, The NRA is bigger than one dishonest man. Personally I hope the NRA can be saved and I am willing to contribute to that effort. I also think and… Read more »


this has plagued me from the git go in this schemozzle. FIVE MILLION members are being told to sit down shut up and like it. Not right. HOW could any one, or even a group of a thousand, even be ware of WLP’s perfidy then act to end it? Seems it was a perfect storm of subterfuge and theft by some “senior management” that needs to be purged, not the five Mn.
My tuppence ha’p’n’orth


Tio – agreed – I have always been against ‘group’ punishment in any shape, size or fashion. Punish the guilty, certainly but punishing innocents is flat WRONG and I suspect mz james is well aware of that. IMHO she is doing a lot of political scalp hunting and does not care who or what she destroys in her ‘quest’/


Workman $old out in ’97, locking down LaPew’s power to END NRA. In Dec’07, still helping LaPew $ell gun control

HR 2640, NRA’s Latest “Victory”

Never retracted or apologized.

Last edited 11 months ago by Russn8r

This wouldn’t be happening had your hero Workman not saved LaPewCo to END NRA; he never admitted error or apologized.

“We tried to fire Wayne in ’97. Workman turned coat to block the reform 32-33”


The damage the NRA has done outweighs any good they may have done. From writing and helping pass the NICS alone has cause more damage to gun rights in the 30 years than anything. Gun free zones the NRA supported. How many innocent life has been lost over that. Even today they still support Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders. These actions are devastating to individual #2A rights and to a #Militia.


wrong… Wrong….WRONG! if not for the NRA, our 2A rights would have evaporated long ago.


They supported Gun control going back to the 1934 NFA to today supporting Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders, bump stocks, silent on the AA-12 shotgun ban, expanding the Unconstitutional NICS they help write and pass and expanding it that still is keeping over 250,000 retired service members from purchasing firearms based on PTSD with no adjudication ….The NRA have been stabbing the #2A and guns owners in the back for 85 years..No Compromise orgs like the GOA can fight without fighting the NRA too…For you to adore them says more about your loyality and it is not with our rights. It‘s with… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by UncleT

Not sure if you’re suffering from Stockholm syndrome or cognitive dissonance. It’s amazing how you can watch a organization actively work against our rights and still try to convince yourself and others that we wouldn’t have rights without it.