‘May Issue’ Permits Make Discriminatory ‘Pay-to-Play’ Concealed Carry Inevitable

Campaigns cost a lot of money and based on experience, Santa Clara County’s top “Only One” knows how to produce results. (Sheriff Laurie Smith/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “A Santa Clara County civil grand jury accused Sheriff Laurie Smith of corruption,” NBC Bay Area reports. “The sheriff is accused of multiple counts of “willful and corrupt misconduct in office.” Six of the seven counts are connected to allegations of trading coveted concealed weapons permits for contributions to her re-election campaigns.”

This is the latest development in a story this column has been following for over two years.

In November 2019 we learned from The Mercury News that Smith’s office was being “investigated over concealed weapons permits issued by her office, particularly one to an executive security agent who made the biggest single donation to support her re-election bid…”

In September 2020 The Mercury News again reported how a former CEO pled guilty, how others had been indicted for “brokering” $90K in campaign contributions, and how Smith and her undersheriff had both pled the Fifth.

In January 2021 we learned four permits were released for security [protecting Apple’s virulently anti-gun (for you) CEO Tim Cook, with what looks like a quid pro quo for 200 iPads.

The following month, we saw how Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department ethics at the top translate down to the rank-and-file when a deputy who claimed to have been wounded turned out to have fabricated the story:

“The question really is: Why wouldn’t [the] deputy think corruption is systemic, lies are rewarded, and the only rule not to break is to not get caught”

Throughout the relaying of “mainstream” (what I call the DSM) accounts, AmmoLand reporting used those to springboard into consideration that “real reporters” not only wouldn’t touch, but they also wouldn’t know to even think about asking.

The fact is, “may issue” permits generally mean “may not,” and make “pay-to-play” and/or currying favor with the elites inevitable, as we’ve seen prove out many times over the years.

Over 20 years ago, I wrote about then-Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca’s “Star Cops” program, resulting in an almost hilarious and potentially tragic incident:

“Depending on whose story you believe, less than a month after being sworn in, celebrity reservist Scott Zacky, 35, a scion of the Zacky Chicken empire, did or did not run out of his Bel-Air house in his underpants, did or did not yell “Stop! Police!” and did or did not point a gun with a laser sight at a couple on a date, causing them to flee in fear from the scene. Mr. Zacky must now answer to firearms charges filed by the City Attorney. Sheriff Baca has yet to explain why a background check failed to detect a 1992 brandishing charge against his protégé resulting in a no contest plea and a 90-day house arrest sentence. Nor has he offered much in the way of explaining a second ‘Star Cop’ recently arrested in an undercover money-laundering sting.”

Going to another bastion of celebrity elites, we find:

“Then there are the reports that [Bill] Cosby himself had obtained one of New York City’s rare, reserved for the rich, famous, powerful, and connected concealed gun permits, joining other celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Howard Stern and Donald Trump.”

There’s one other factor being reported you will find on AmmoLand but not in any “mainstream” reports, and if you think about it, the question “Why not?” becomes self-evident. Asking it would work against the citizen disarmament narrative and start waking people who traditionally vote Democrat up to the fact that their political leaders are swindling them out of their birthrights.

As I’ve asked before in this column, How do the earnings and race/sex demographic numbers and rates for permit recipients compare to the general population in Santa Clara County and in all counties throughout California? Are minority citizens afforded the same opportunities, or is “may issue” permitting controlled by police officials effectively racist?

The Democrat-dominated government in California makes great noise about how “inclusive” they are. How does that work in practice for which citizens are “permitted” by the “authorities” to exercise “the right of the people”?

They have the numbers. Ask yourself, “Why will no one tally them?” Or better yet, ask them.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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This is all a legacy of our Jim Crow past. Even back in the 19th Century under stern Jim Crow laws the ‘talented tenth’ were able to buy exemptions. When government is capable of selling you that which God has already given you it is time for that particular government to dissolve and be reformed by the People. We govern. Public servants serve. It is a simple concept. But when you have a POTUS who has used his relatives to sell access to him in order to make his family very wealthy it is hard to convince local political types… Read more »


arm up and carry on

Wild Bill

Yep, there is no profit in letting us be free men.


All of the animals on the farm are equal…it’s just that some are more equal then others. ~Animal Farm by George Orwell


democratic party defined to a t


dave, dave, dave. inclusive is a very nuanced word. here it clearly means that the ones that scream loudest from their parapets that others shouldn’t have the right the defend themselves get them, but regular citizens don’t “deserve” this constitutional right to protect themselves from two or four legged animals.


The only thing worse than a corrupt Politician, is a “Dirty Cop”


he is just a politician with a gun.


The full scoop is far better:

‘Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.’ – Gen George A Patton

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Some people just can’t handle the truth. Which is why they down vote you. I can handle it so I nullified one of those votes.


I, personally don’t understand what all of this ‘concern’ about down votes means? Or upvotes? I didn’t think we were grading on a curve. I don’t downvote anybody anymore. I only upvote if I agree with what someone points out and it saves me from making a similar comment and my fingers don’t get tired typing. No sense in arguing if I don’t agree so there. I feel we are going back to middle school here and everyone wants to be in the ‘in crowd’. LMAO


I couldn’t say there was anything that slightly resembles ‘social’ in anyone’s vendetta against another member, just because someone has a different outlook on things. I would have to say that I don’t think there is anyone here that has made a post that he/she would not like to take back. Maybe apologies would work better than vendettas?

Maybe you have an updated version of Ammoland that I don’t. I am unable to discern which members are down voting either you or me. I think the vendetta mindset makes one guess a lot, I guess.

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Monkey Mouse

Here in NJ, it is the same way. But you also need to be part of the democrat elite – not just rich or famous to attain an elusive cc. Less than 500 cc in a state of over 9M – less than NYC.




Death to tyrants!!!

Chris Mallory

how Smith and her undersheriff had both pled the Fifth.

Any government employee, especially one in “law enforcement” who pleads the Fifth should be fired/removed from office, be blackballed from all future government employment, and lose all government pensions. If they commit an act that they cannot testify about without incriminating themselves, then they should not be holding government employment.


I live in a free state and we don’t need to play that pay to play game here . No permits required and that’s how it should be in all 50 states . The only ones who should have to apply for CCPs are government officials and elites. The rest of us should be covered under the 2nd amendment . We need a special test for government clowns and rich people who think they are above the law !


Define ‘elite.’ I can find that term no where in our Declaration of Independence or Constitution. Thanks

Chris Mallory

Anyone who has a job where they live off the tax payers.


That doesn’t describe elites in the slightest. I live off of tax dollars as a retired cop. None of us were elites. We were/are just common people doing a job.


better that anyone with a permit would have no gunfree zones, not on planes ,schools or white house tours

Wild Bill

The Constitution already provides us with the equal protection clause. What we need is term limits so that the “elite don’t remain elite”.


Considering the most recent half dozen or more “governators” in that crazy place it would be shocking to establish that there is NO corruption anywhere in government. Got a bossy female powermonger, she’s got sole ocntorl of certain “coveted scarce goodies” and uses them to build her little world. Best thing that could happen is for her “little world” to shrink down to about ten by twelve feet of three solid concrete walls and one VERY unprivate one of grey bars. Occupants must all put on their uniforms, an orange onesie. She’s put enough behingd bars for doing far less… Read more »

The other Jim

Even Robert DeNiro, how about that; then Alec Baldwin is a “shoe-in” for a New York City Concealed Carry Permit for sure.

Wild Bill

shoo-in | ˈSHo͞o ˌin | 
noun informal
a person or thing that is certain to succeed, especially someone who is certain to win a competition: he was a shoo-in for re-election

But we knew what you meant and concur. Merry Christmas and a Happy New elite, movie-star, guaranteed, special New York favor.

The other Jim

Upon searching the spelling beforehand, thefreedictionary.com had 3 sentences (which make one assume “shoe-in” is correct by quoting it as “shoe-in” a number of times and even giving a definition) without clicking to go in. Backtracking now and clicking and going inside thefreedictionary.com, yes they do note this as a common error stating the correct spelling is “shoo-in”. It was a little sneaky the way they did that, almost as if they are trying to make people look bad. Good to see you back, you always have good thing to say and do good research. When Texas got hit bad… Read more »

Wild Bill

It is ok, we knew what you meant! My computer got so old that I could not access ammoland, the net, or my e-mail. But rather than buy a computer, I bought a Christianson Ridgeline in 6.5 PRC and my neighbor and I put a 1200 and a smidge yard rifle range on our abutting properties.
You are very kind. Happy New Year and many happy returns. Oh and yes FJB!


A “may issue to the politically connected” policy in Miami Beach, FL where concealed carry permits were theoretically available but somehow only issued to the Mayor, his wife, a few city council members, and carefully selected lobbyists led directly to Florida’s “shall issue” system in 1987. Another example that if corruption CAN occur, wily specimines of Homo Sapiens Sapiens will make sure that corruption WILL occur. The only way to stop that from happening is to ensure that it simply can’t. That’s why the control of taxi medallions, zoning decisions, liquor licenses, and yes, concealed carry permits need to be… Read more »


Hi, I am very glad to read this interesting news.

Boris Badenov

Smith has been know to be corrupt for YEARS. I’m surprised it’s taken THIS long to indite her.